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Ubuntu Touch OS preview coming next week for certain Nexus devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2013 20:07 User comments (3)

Ubuntu Touch OS preview coming next week for certain Nexus devices Last month, Canonical unveiled details about their upcoming Ubuntu mobile OS, showing off some features running on a Galaxy Nexus handset.
The OS is built on the existing Android kernel and its drivers but will be able to use the "full power of the phone" by not using a Java Virtual Machine. The OS supports ARM and x86 architectures, so phone makers should have little issue adopting it.

Canonical has confirmed today that the first Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview will be made available on February 21st alongside open source code and tools to wipe and flash your device to install the OS.

Additionally, the OS will work on both the Galaxy Nexus and the newer Nexus 4.

When launching the operating system, the Linux maker says Ubuntu will differentiate itself firstly with thumb gestures. Swiping in from the edges of the screen will let users switch apps or use universal search. A quick swipe from the left will bring up a small dock of your most used/favorite apps, while a full swipe from left to right opens a dock showing all your open apps. There will be more gestures added, of course. The home page interface looks to be very different from existing mobile OSs, as well, focusing on our favorites and recently used/added content including music, contacts and apps. Finally, the phone will have universal search and its own Siri-esque voice assistant.

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3 user comments

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215.2.2013 22:51

i am hoping for ubuntu in my next android smartphone...

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315.2.2013 23:20

I have a Nexus 7 tab. I hope someone will port this to it. Fingers crossed.

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