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Designer: Working with PS4's 8GB RAM is 'great'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Mar 2013 0:00 User comments (4)

Designer: Working with PS4's 8GB RAM is 'great' 'Dishonored' lead designer Christophe Carrier says he is delighted Sony decided to add so much RAM to its upcoming PlayStation 4 console.
The console will have 8GB of RAM, 16 times the 512MB available to PS3 developers.

"We were PC gamers at the beginning. We love PC games, and we had to make games on consoles. But the main problem was memory. The processors are good, but the memory, for our games, is the most important. So it's great," added Carrier.

Additionally, the PS4 will use an AMD x86-based processor, just like the Wii U, and supposedly the Xbox 8, as well, which should make cross-platform streamlining easier.

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4 user comments

112.3.2013 10:36

good stuff

212.3.2013 17:27

i.e. We don't have to optimize our code!

312.3.2013 19:54

Awesome, about time we got more memory!

413.3.2013 9:29

Bad thing...

"same processor as the wii u and xbox "

And we all know how bad the wii u processor is right now....

Big deal more ram does not a console produce

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