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Windows Phone outshipped the Phone in seven countries

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2013 23:56 User comments (3)

Windows Phone outshipped the Phone in seven countries According to Frank Shaw, the head of public relations at Microsoft, Windows Phone outshipped the Apple iPhone in seven countries during the fourth quarter.
While Shaw did not reveal the countries, NYT did some digging with research firm IDC and found the nations. The countries were Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Croatia.

The numbers are not all that impressive, however, given that South Africa, Ukraine and Croatia each saw less than 100,000 Windows Phone unit shipments during the quarter.

Argentina would be a large win for Microsoft, but the IDC does note that high government levies and taxes have lead to a huge gray market for phones, most notably the iPhone, which means the numbers could be skewed.

Russia and Poland are traditionally big Nokia fans, and it appears that has not changed.

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3 user comments

128.3.2013 17:27

Whats the saying.. if you have not got anything good to say dont say it... come on in the case of india many vendors push nokias due to the way the supply chain is put together, from wha ive heard in poland there is basically no providers really offring things like the ibone with contracts and most that find there way into the country are shipped unofficially back into the country from abroad...

So far ive seen two windows phones in users hands near me, lots of droids, ibones, nokias, bb... when i asked about their experiences with the wphones neither were over the moon and moaned about missing features, like call barring (blacklisting) etc..

229.3.2013 12:56

Great, anyone can out ship something. My question is how many have they sold compared to the competition? That is the true sales number. Shipping is a meaningless number, unless there is such a demand where you cannot supply enough. In the case of phones I do not see that trend.

329.3.2013 22:48

I've never seen a zune phone in the wild only iPhones and hemorrdroids.

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