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Yahoo killing off even more services

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Apr 2013 20:45 User comments (4)

Yahoo killing off even more services Yahoo has announced this week that it will be killing off even more services this month as it continues to streamline.
The company will shut down Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids, older versions of Yahoo Mail and J2ME apps for Mail and Messengers.

Earlier this month, the company killed off seven products, including Avatars, the Yahoo BlackBerry app, Clues, app search, Sports IQ, Message Boards, and its Updates API.

Says Yahoo: "Ultimately, we're making these changes in an effort to sharpen our focus. By continuing to hone in on our core products and experiences, we'll be able to make our existing products the very best they can be."

Additionally, Yahoo breaks down the product kills (via TNW):

Here's the breakdown:

Upcoming: On April 30, it will be shut down along with support for the Upcoming API. If you have uploaded events to the site, you can download your information here.
Yahoo Deals: On April 30, it will be shut down. If you have coupons, you can find instructions on how to save them here.
Yahoo SMS Alerts: On April 30, it will be shut down. Yahoo is instead pushing users to stay up-to-date via its mobile apps including Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and horoscope alerts on You can still go to and select to receive your alerts via email or Yahoo! Messenger.
Yahoo Kids: On April 30, it will be shut down. Yahoo recommends its users who are under 13 can instead register for a Yahoo ID through the company's Family Accounts program, use Yahoo Mail, Messenger, and Movies.
Yahoo Mail and Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps: On April 30, they will be shut down. Yahoo will continue to support Yahoo Mail and Messenger via mobile web for feature phone users. Everyone else is told to use Yahoo Mail apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 or Yahoo Messenger apps for Android and iOS.
Older versions of Yahoo Mail (including Yahoo Mail Classic): Beginning the week of June 3, they will be shut down. Users will be switched to the new Yahoo Mail. Users on dial-up or an older browser will be moved to a basic (HTML only) version of the new Yahoo Mail.

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4 user comments

120.4.2013 20:51

I am still mad they shut down Yahoo auctions years ago. I bought and used all the time. it was a good alternative to E-bay

221.4.2013 0:58

i think yahoo is in the right direction. after all, if people don't show interest in your service, you don't make profit, and you gotta focus on other services. yahoo mail still rocks despite MS is trying very hard with outlook after they killed crappy hotmail.

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321.4.2013 23:46

someone still uses dial-up?

426.4.2013 14:35

I just can't stand the new homepage. Almost everything one the front page you have the ability to get rid of..... Except their link section. I have and will never use any of their services except for email..... And that's only because I have been using it for so long that everyone I know sends my email there.

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