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Android activations pass 900 million

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 May 2013 3:56 User comments (4)

Android activations pass 900 million Google revealed at the I/O 2013 conference that there has been more than 900 million Android devices activated so far.
With such an astonishing figure, it's not difficult to understand why Google Play has just passed 48 billion apps delivered. At time of typing, Apple's App Store is approaching 50,000,000,000 apps delivered since it was launched (about 3 million to go at the moment).

With so many Android devices on the market, Google Play is more or less guaranteed to chase down and surpass Apple's app tally very soon. This month alone, more than 2.5 billion apps have been delivered from the Google Play store to Android devices.

Such colossal numbers really underline the rapid growth of smartphones and tablet PCs over recent years. Google only purchased Android in 2005, with the first major commercial Android device released in late 2008.

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4 user comments

115.5.2013 22:18

So it begins.

215.5.2013 23:40

Originally posted by PraisesToAllah:
So it begins.
I think it began a long time ago. :)

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316.5.2013 11:52

Originally posted by PraisesToAllah:
So it begins.
What... the apocalypse?

That happened after 666 million. :)

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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416.5.2013 12:12

I always thought that Apple store would never be beaten by Android because Google was late in the game. So I always assumed that Apple would always win the app-race. That's why.

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