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Microsoft files dispute over domain

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 May 2013 22:16 User comments (11)

Microsoft files dispute over domain Microsoft has filed a dispute over the, hoping to regain control of the domain.
The dispute was filed with the National Arbitration Forum, an ICANN-approved organization for such matters.

While cyber squatting is a problem, this is not necessarily the case in this situation. The owners of the domain, UK residents, purchased in December 2011, likely some time before Microsoft decided on naming its Xbox 360 sequel.

Right now the domain is not being used for anything, so Microsoft should have a decent case. Additionally, the software giant is expected to claim the site would be confusing to consumers if not owned by Microsoft.

For now, the dispute will go to the organization, with the result expected before the console's launch in November or December.

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11 user comments

128.5.2013 23:13

F**kem, M$ should have to go through all the same bulls*it every1 else has to if they want to use a domain like we (the common folk) all do.. offer a bid on the domain an hope they accept it.. otherwise their SoL an need to come up with an alternative just like many of us have had to.. Tip to M$ - try a .co or a .us .. i hear those have become the new .coms (lol)... too bad if people would be confused.. if their smart enough to operate windows 8 they will manage.. if not well, too bad.. the strong survive an hopefully the weak shall perish leaving more 4 the remaining.. good luck M$ im sure u will get ur way..

reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where bill gates "buys Homers company out" by trashing everything he had..

229.5.2013 2:44

A friend of mine owns lol

329.5.2013 8:29

wish i owned the domain i would be offering the domain to microsoft for a billion dollars.

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429.5.2013 10:53

wish i owned the domain i would be offering the domain to microsoft for a billion dollars.

You could offer, but they wouldn't take it: they would do what they are doing now and enforcing the take over for next to nothing. I believe there are some bi-laws or bills in place that state if the site isn't doing anything they have to give it up. Also I pretty sure to buy a site just to enforce a company to have to pay for it now, is considered irrelevant and rights to the site would then be handed over to the company fighting for it.

I could be wrong, but I won't actually be surprised if MS gets it.

529.5.2013 13:39

Gold diggers

629.5.2013 15:14

$M Just show me the $$$....

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731.5.2013 15:42

Originally posted by Mysttic:
I believe there are some bi-laws or bills in place that state if the site isn't doing anything they have to give it up.
Too bad Copyright Law doesn't work that way, eh?

When laws allow unlimited ownership of ideas, it is to a society as iron fusion is to the core of a star.

When verified realities lead us to anger, we must learn to reevaluate our beliefs.

88.6.2013 16:03

If the domain owners would have just put up some semi-approriate content, they would have a better claim on keeping it and made millions more.

98.6.2013 16:11

that domain was registered in Dec of 2011. Xbox one was not announced until a couple months ago. I would say Xbox has no right to the domain, as it was registered clearly 1.5 years before the xbox one was even announced. Domain holder owns the xbox one name IMO as a poor mans copyright.

108.6.2013 16:34

Wanna see what can really happen? Check out
Nissan motors suing Nissan computers. No easy money.

118.6.2013 17:35

The article capitalizes the domain name but names are always lowercase. Unlikely, but it could be for something else, such as XB Ox One. Regardless, Microsoft doesn't really have a legitimate claim to it; They didn't trademark the XBox One name yet or even publish it. They'll probably win though...

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