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Microsoft Office now available for Android smartphones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 31 Jul 2013 11:38 User comments (9)

Microsoft Office now available for Android smartphones Microsoft has expanded its Office mobile suite to Android smartphones, but not tablets.
As long as you have Android 4.0 or higher and an Office 365 subscription, you will now have basic editing and reading, The company released Office for iPhone recently, as well, and the Android app is almost identical in looks and functionality.

Logging in the first time will require the 365 subscription to view and edit documents and there will be no free version released.

Office for Android includes very basic editing for Word, Excel and Powerpoint which should allow for correction, formatting, and comments.

All documents are stored in the SkyDrive cloud and Gmail and other email options for sharing are integrated.

The app is available in the U.S. Google Play Store but will "gradually" be expanding to 33 other languages and 117 markets.

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9 user comments

131.7.2013 11:59

Can't find it! Can't edited by ddp find it!!

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331.7.2013 13:39

that's all M$? that' all after so much wait? google drive is way smarter than what you are offering today, so why switch? even free kingsoft is way better.

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431.7.2013 14:00

Yeah. I am using Kingsoft. Its really good. Just wanted to see how it works.


52.8.2013 15:05

post edited due to language.

62.8.2013 22:27

Yawn...What's the point? . I've been using Docs2Go on mobile devices for life a decade now.

75.8.2013 00:23

At least 6 of my clients have moved away from M$ to King Soft and are perfectly happy. It is also free on both platforms.

85.8.2013 00:26

Sorry ddp...


95.8.2013 10:12

no problem, just that we do have young kids on this site.

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