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Netflix rolls out 'Profiles' feature to help recommendation engine

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Aug 2013 11:10 User comments (3)

Netflix rolls out 'Profiles' feature to help recommendation engine Netflix has rolled out their 'Profiles,' enabling multiple users to create their own profiles within the same account.
Since launch, profiles has been one of the most requested features, as multiple family members (or roommates) often use the same account and have different tastes in movies and TV shows.

Netflix's recommendation engines do not have a chance to make real recommendations when the previously viewed content is coming from a mix of people.

When customers log in now, they will see different colored tiles representing each user on the account. When clicking through, you will be led to your own personal Netflix page and personalized recommendations.

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3 user comments

11.8.2013 12:42

I wonder when this will be rolling out to all current members. I just logged into Netflix on my PC and didn't have the ability to create profiles.

21.8.2013 12:58

My question will be:

Can each profile member rate the movie they are watching separately or is it combine?

37.8.2013 20:51

Must not be fully rolled out yet because I have no such options yet. I need to set this up so the crap TV shows my wife watches does not affect my tastes and recommendations.

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