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Microsoft update for Windows Phone 8 leaked in screenshots

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Sep 2013 11:19 User comments (2)

Microsoft update for Windows Phone 8 leaked in screenshots Microsoft is preparing General Distribution Release 3 for Windows Phone 8, a new update aimed at upcoming hardware and current-gen high-end devices.
A poster in the WP Central forum says he purchased a device from Craigslist that includes the new update.

Taking a ton of screenshots, the poster showed off a new Driving Mode, which will mute calls and texts automatically when you are driving and connected to a paired Bluetooth.

Additionally, there is a new ability to close apps in the multitasking view, one of the operating system's most requested features. Microsoft is also adding support for custom sounds within texts, voice mails, emails, and reminders.

Finally, the OS will now allow Windows Phone 8 users to restore from backup using Wi-Fi.

Some pics:

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2 user comments

19.9.2013 12:15

I have a Windows 8 phone and while it's way cool in its own respect..........I would be much happier with an Android. More flexible and just better.

Frankly an update won't mean much for most............especially for those like myself with a low-end Nokia Lumia 520.

29.9.2013 18:40

What i'm curious about, how long will it take Amaz0n's phone out pace and out sell M$'s Phone... Will be a great test to see how bad M$'s phone really is :)

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