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Apple tops computer customer satisfaction for tenth year running

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Sep 2013 0:39 User comments (3)

Apple tops computer customer satisfaction for tenth year running The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has released its annual customer satisfaction ratings for personal computers, with Apple leading the way for the tenth year running.
ACSI includes traditional computers and tablets in their rating, and Apple finished the year with a satisfaction rating of 87, well above the competition.

The ratings take into account customer expectations, perceptions of quality, and perceptions of value.

Apple must be happy with the result as just last month, ASCI ranked the Galaxy S3 above the iPhone 5 for top smartphone satisfaction.

For the PC ratings, Apple topped the list at 87, followed by HP at 80, Dell at 79, and Toshiba at 78.

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3 user comments

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219.9.2013 11:13

Apple has gotten their customers trained to the point that they don't even mind when a $2000 computer can't play a BluRay that point you might as well go to a church and ask people how much they like god. It is very hard to meet expectations when Microsoft is advertising Windows 8 like it is the second coming yet almost everyone who uses it (and about 99.9% of people who have used Windows 95-7) hate it with a passion. I got a new Toshiba laptop this year...with Windows 8. My impression was extremely negative...probably in the 40-50% range at best. Then I installed Windows 7 on it and I'm in the upper 90's...the points only being deducted for the fact that I was forced to do the downgrade...and that's probably not even fair because I expected to have to do a downgrade. Windows 8.1 brings back at least some of what makes Windows 7 better than Windows 8, so in theory the numbers should be very different next time. Then again, Apple users always give high ratings to their devices even before they open the box, and there seems to be something wrong with this survey to begin with...the fact that HP was the best rated PC in spite of being the worst PC by far is a clear indication of that.

319.9.2013 13:13

I'm with you KillerBug. I like new tech like anyone else, but I get easily frustrated doing even routine tasks with Windows 8. I'm also tired of Apple shoving little adopted tech at us, like Thunderbolt and all of these fancy connectors just to hook up a monitor.

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