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President Obama says he's not allowed to have iPhone due to security concerns

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Dec 2013 22:34 User comments (8)

President Obama says he's not allowed to have iPhone due to security concerns President Barack Obama may be the last person still using a BlackBerry.
While speaking with youths about his healthcare law, Obama says he is not allowed to use Apple's iPhone smartphone 'for security reasons,' therefore sticking with his BlackBerry. The President does use an iPad, however.

Obama says he fought to keep his BlackBerry after becoming President in 2009, although he said just 10 people have his personal email address. None of our previous presidents used emails during their presidency.

BlackBerry has seen its share of struggles since 2008, losing nearly all of its market share to Google and Apple and seeing senior executive turnover.

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8 user comments

15.12.2013 20:00

It's not about security, he not smart enough to operate it... LOL

25.12.2013 20:56

It is probably full of security holes but being able to track your every move is probably #1. An assassin could hack into where ever and fire off a small guided missile that uses POTUS's GPS in his smart phone while he is in the air. Not a very smart phone is it?

35.12.2013 21:37

A lot of government agencies are going with BB. Google tracks everything on Android. You have to sell your soul on Love my BB Z10.

45.12.2013 23:59

Google tracks everything you do regardless...and they have all the best apps for all three major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). It wouldn't really be an issue if not for DHS/NSA snooping on everyone and (probably) using the same (or less) security that they used for all the stuff now on WikiLeaks. Of course Android can be more secure than BB, as military testing has shown...but for someone so techno-ignorant that he prohibited testing of the healthcare exchange until two weeks before launch (supposedly to keep it from looking bad), the idea of "learning" how to use an Android is probably as frightening as keeping a campaign promise.

56.12.2013 6:29

You are absolutely right Mez as does most companies these days. And most companies will sell that info to the highest bidders.

66.12.2013 19:04

That's a touching photo of him and Biden watching gay porn together.

76.12.2013 19:12

Their trying to find the pickle... LOL

87.12.2013 3:38

Originally posted by Mr-Movies:
Their trying to find the pickle... LOL
LOL... Yeah it's just nice to see him so relaxed before his next round of golf.

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