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Sandboxing solution Sandboxie acquired by Invincea

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Dec 2013 17:04

Sandboxing solution Sandboxie acquired by Invincea Invincea, the venture-backed security software company, has announced its acquisition of the premiere sandboxing solution Sandboxie.
Reads the press release:

The two pioneering brands in Windows Containment technology are Invincea and Sandboxie. Not coincidentally, they are also the leading brands by market share [footprint & sales] in Windows Containment globally. Invincea's acquisition of Sandboxie consolidates these two market leading brands and provides a tremendous opportunity for advancement in endpoint security.

Sandboxie has been an early pioneer in Windows Containment with a global deployment of hundreds of thousands of users and over 1,000 firms trusting it to secure its endpoints. Adding Sandboxie to Invincea's portfolio was a strategic move to expand our business globally, to address the small and individual market, and provide a pathway for Sandboxie fans to an enterprise ready solution – Invincea FreeSpace™. Sandboxie fans have no need to be concerned by its new ownership. You've been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now and we have been working with Sandboxie Founder, Ronen Tzur, to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership. We will grow Sandboxie's user base and continue to support and enhance the Sandboxie solution.

Sandboxie creates a transient storage between your programs and your hard drive. It allows programs to read data from the hard drive but when they try to write something back, the data is captured to sandboxie's transient storage (sandbox).

When you throw away the sandbox, everything that is written to it will be lost. This is extremely useful when you try out suspicious software. If the software contains malware or you just don't like it, just throw away the sandbox and the program disappears completely. In case you do like it, just install it again outside the sandbox. Same thing goes for web browsers. Use sandboxie to intercept your browser's disc activity, throw away the sandbox and all your recent activity disappears, including cache, history etc. Sandboxie intercepts changes to both your files and registry settings, making it virtually impossible for any software to reach outside the sandbox.

Invincea says Sandboxie will remain exactly the same, with a free version and with subscribers keeping their lifetime access.

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