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Giant crop circle actually a Nvidia CES stunt?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2014 18:34 User comments (8)

Giant crop circle actually a Nvidia CES stunt? A massive crop circle shaped like a computer chip appears to have been a Nvidia stunt for the upcoming CES event.
The crop circle, in a field outside of San Francisco in the town of Chualar, is shaped like a Nvidia Tegra 4 chip and if true, was likely a publicity stunt in an effort to boost interest in the upcoming Tegra 5 system-on-a-chip.

Tegra 5 chips combine a CPU, GPU, and memory controller and should be much more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Scott Anthony, the owner of the field in which the crop circle was pressed, returned home from a trip and quickly hired a crew to plow the circle.

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8 user comments

16.1.2014 1:40

New post on NVIDIA blog
"The Story Behind Project 192: How a Salinas, Calif., Crop Circle Became a Worldwide Puzzle"

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26.1.2014 3:23

If I was the farmer, I'd sue nVidia hardcore.

36.1.2014 11:55

No way it was aliens....and the Illuminati....and Reptilians....

46.1.2014 13:16

& the gorgons.

56.1.2014 15:56

Originally posted by Bozobub:
If I was the farmer, I'd sue nVidia hardcore.
You really don't think he knew about it? I'm sure he made a nice deposit to his account when he let them do this. They probably told him to keep mum on the subject until after CES.

66.1.2014 15:59

I'd say it's definitely not a given.

76.1.2014 20:36

The idea that the Nvidia corporation would blatantly break the law and not only trespass, but technically cause property destruction seems highly unlikely. I think we would have heard about charges by now if this were true.

86.1.2014 21:49

i agree as a co-operation by the farmer & nvidia after farmer was paid in cash for loss of crop.

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