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HTC has yet another awful quarter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2014 17:46 User comments (3)

HTC has yet another awful quarter HTC, once the poster child for smartphone growth, has had yet another awful quarter.
For the fourth-quarter, net income was NT$310 million ($10 million), well below the analyst expectations of NT$694 million. The income even included the company's very profitable sale of its stake in Beats Electronics. The company had an operating loss of NT$1.56 billion ($50 million).

Despite the launch of the One Max phablet and adding Robert Downey Jr. as a promoter of the brand, sales continued their nine-quarter-strong slide.

The Beats sale netted the company a large $85 million pre-tax profit, but it appears falling revenue and operating costs erased most of that gain.

Revenue fell to NT$42.9 billion and the company has posted its first full-year annual loss, ever.

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3 user comments

15.1.2014 19:43

This is sad to see... :(

25.1.2014 23:08

HTC make pretty decent phones, the problem as far as I am concerned is that they don't seem to want to let us have our own internal storage via a micro SD card or allow us to swap out/upgrade the batteries.
So long as this remains the case I won't consider their products.

For me it's Samsung all day long as the best spec/price and they do let us use our own card storage & swap out batteries.

36.1.2014 9:40

Sucks, but it happens I have an HTC one now and I really love the UI and the look and feel of the phone but the removable battery and sd is a big miss for real. The had all the leverage and just eased up and now samsung is like the only recognised android brand to non tech swavvy people.

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