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After nine months, new Google Maps comes out of beta

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Feb 2014 12:49

After nine months, new Google Maps comes out of beta Google has boasted that its new and updated Google Maps is out of beta and will be rolling out over the coming weeks.
The Maps went into preview/beta mode last May.

As part of the update there are a few notable updates:

Make smarter decisions. Simply search for "coffee" in your neighborhood, and you'll be able to see results and snippets right on the map. When you click on a cafe, the map will suggest related results that you may not have known about.

Get where you're going, faster. Car? Bike? Train? Find the most efficient route for you, with your best options laid out on the map, including the time and distance for each route. And with the new real-time traffic reports and Street View previews, you'll become a commuting ninja.

See the world from every angle. Rich imagery takes you to notable landmarks, sends you flying above mountains in 3D, and gives you a sneak peek of businesses you plan to visit. The new "carousel" at the bottom of the map makes all this imagery easy to access, so you can explore the world with a click.

Check out the new maps here.

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