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DirecTV negotiating with Disney for Internet rights to content

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 06 Mar 2014 10:17 User comments (3)

DirecTV negotiating with Disney for Internet rights to content

Following a blockbuster deal with rival Dish Network, Disney is in talks with DirecTV where the satellite company will license the rights to offer Disney's broadcast/cable channels via a new Internet-based TV product.
DirecTV and Disney's current contract expires in December, and the Internet rights would be part of a larger multi-year programming deal.

"The deal and terms are not unexpected as the Dish contract was the most recent in the Disney timeline to expire," DirecTV added. "The DirecTV contract is up next and we're in the process of working with Disney on a similar long-term agreement of our own."

The landmark deal between Dish and Disney was the first time a major pay TV operator gave rights to its content to be viewed via smartphones, tablets, PCs and set-top boxes outside of their already paid for TV subscriptions.

Disney controls ABC, the Disney Channel, ESPN and more popular content.

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3 user comments

17.3.2014 16:45

Given that Dish's disabling of its Hopper ad skipping function for the first 3 days after a show airs was apparently a major factor in its Disney deal, I suppose DirecTV will have to agree to a similar restriction in its ad skipping features.

Neither Dish nor DirecTV are ISPs. Even if I could stream ABC channels over my broadband, these companies can't do anything about data caps from my ISP. As I'm already pushing my limit, streaming networks over broadband has little appeal for me unless my cap can be lifted.

27.3.2014 18:49

Comcast has been restricted from allowing ad skipping too, so you may be correct in that summation.

317.3.2014 15:51

I'd like to know how this works, considering I can't use WatchESPN because my TV provider isn't the same as my ISP. I have Crime Warner as my ISP, but am told that "doesn't count" and I can't use DirecTV with the service. It's frustrating to say the least, when there's a lot of ESPN3 content I would like to access.

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