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The high-end Nvidia Titan Z GPU to cost $2999, include two Kepler GPUs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2014 10:15 User comments (2)

The high-end Nvidia Titan Z GPU to cost $2999, include two Kepler GPUs Nvidia has reached new levels of technological superiority with its Titan Z GPU, but that kind of power comes with a steep price tag.
The card has 5760 cores, two Kepler-based GPUs and 12GB VRAM.

Nvidia says the video card can produce 5K content without issue (forget 4K, that's old) with support for every game and video intensive program on the market on multiple monitors.

"If you're in desperate need of a supercomputer that you can fit under your desk, we have just the card for you," CEO Jen-Hsun said.

The company also says that "unlike traditional dual-GPU cards, Titan Z's twin GPUs are tuned to run at the same clock speed, and with dynamic power balancing. So neither GPU creates a performance bottleneck."

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2 user comments

127.3.2014 19:04

It sounds nice but do you think it could play GTA5


213.4.2014 15:04

The smartest thing that nVidia did was to open up their GPU with CUDA. So not only do their products function as high-end GPUs, but their processing power can harnessed for high computational needs. Innovative and out of the box thinking.

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