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Android Silver program to replace Nexus line of devices?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Apr 2014 10:46

Android Silver program to replace Nexus line of devices? According to multiple reports, Google has an "Android Silver" program in the pipeline, one that will replace their own Nexus devices.
OEMs invited to the Silver program will build reference devices (like the Nexus 5 and Google Play Edition devices) and the partnerships will be incentive-driven.

Reportedly, the incentives include indirect payments through marketing and in-store displays with trained Google employees. To be part of the program the devices must be as close to stock as possible, or potentially if there are apps pre-installed, that they can be uninstalled easily.

For consumers, this means that Android updates will come a lot quicker than current methods, where some smartphones and tablets needs months if not years to receive the latest Android operating system update. Additionally, Google is said to be spearheading hardware advancements, as well, including better water proofing, better voice recognition and improved display resolutions.

Early partners are expected to be LG and Motorola, companies that have not invested tens of millions in their own Android user interfaces (like Sony, HTC, Samsung).


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