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Kim Dotcom: RIAA, MPAA, DOJ deserve some thanks for Mega's explosive growth

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 May 2014 11:06

Kim Dotcom: RIAA, MPAA, DOJ deserve some thanks for Mega's explosive growth Kim Dotcom's latest venture, MEGA, has seen explosive growth in the last six months, with uploads tripling and now totaling 500 million per month.
The founder, always one to challenge authorities, has thanked industry trade groups RIAA and MPAA, (as well as the US Department of Justice) for their lawsuits and added publicity for the sites. The entertainment industry was key in shutting down file sharing colossus Megaupload in 2012.

"There are several growth factors. People spend more time at the computer due to the cold weather, the lawsuits by MPAA and RIAA which advertised Mega, and the ongoing advertising from the dumbest ever U.S. Department of Justice case," Dotcom noted.

"We are experiencing massive growth. We can't add new servers and bandwidth fast enough," Dotcom concluded.

MEGA, which has prioritized security and privacy, also started to get a boost when it was revealed that the NSA was using surveillance techniques on U.S. and foreign citizens. MEGA uses encryption on all files and servers.

"The people of the Internet love us. And we haven't even launched our encrypted communication suite yet. That's like a point-to-point encrypted Skype on steroids, running in your browser," Dotcom teased.


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