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Amazon launches its own enterprise email service: WorkMail

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jan 2015 22:41 User comments (2)

Amazon launches its own enterprise email service: WorkMail For years, Microsoft's Exchange has been the defacto service for the enterprise world and now Amazon wants to take a bite out of the monopoly.
The e-commerce giant has announced the launch of WorkMail, an enterprise secure email and calendar platform.

Similar to existing services, you can use WorkMail with existing email clients including as far back as Outlook 2007, you can share inboxes, share calendars and add a global, company-wide address book, an important perk for small or larger companies.

On the security end, Amazon took its experience from AWS and is ensuring the service is as secure as possible. The company uses encrypted private keys and will be even let clients choose the geographic region to store their emails. Scared of the NSA spying? Store them elsewhere, no problem.

For pricing, Amazon does not break the mold and will cost $4 per user per month for a 50GB mailbox. Amazon expects WorkMail to launch in the Q2.


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2 user comments

130.1.2015 11:22

Come on Amazon, break the price barrier. Good business class email is expensive to purchase, or expensive (in cost and time) to support with your own server.

21.2.2015 8:25

They probably bought one legal copy of each, then it was probably passed around to several machines. The companies concerned probably became suspicious when the software was updated more than once.

I've used software like Photoshop, when I got a free version with some hardware I bought.

These days I use GIMP - a free download (you can make a donation to them); it has most of the features of Photoshop (and possible some others as well). It's great software but doesn't have the 400 plus price tag of some other software. Having said that, the makers of GIMP would probably expect more than a token donation if it's going to be used for commercial purposes.

- TekPete -

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