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iOS 8 adoption now at 72 percent

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2015 0:33 User comments (6)

iOS 8 adoption now at 72 percent Unlike Android, that remains wildly fragmented, Apple's latest operating system has seen mass adoption from iPhone and iPad users.
According to the Cupertino giant, iOS 8 is installed on 72 percent of iOS devices, up from 68 percent last month.

The number is particularly notable because of how many issues iOS 8 has had since launch. The original launch of iOS 8 was met with a few bugs, especially Wi-Fi issues. iOS 8.0.1 was a disaster and even led to some devices being bricked before Apple pulled the update. Subsequent updates have added stability and it appears that adoption has followed.

Google's latest Android, version 5.0, was released in November and is installed on just 1.6 percent of devices.


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6 user comments

15.2.2015 3:52

I updated a iPad at work only to find that they will not let anyone revert to a earlier OS. Seems like that would have something to do with it. Now one of our older iPads is slow and has a shot battery life and nothing we can do about it. All for a update we do not need or want.

25.2.2015 17:26

You can't compare the OS adoption rate of iOS to Android. iOS is on a handful of devices all made by the same company as the software. Android is on hundreds of different devices made by dozens of companies.

I wanna devise a virus and bring dire straights to your environments. Crush your corporations with a mild touch, trash the whole computer systems and revert you to papyrus - Deltron 3030

35.2.2015 18:41

Because all the blind Crapple lovers out there see updates as something "New!"......kinda comparable to getting a new IPhone........but the updates are rarely anything HUGE and aesthetically they are almost identical each time so that's no doubt part of the reason.

Others certainly include what the first comment said about not being able to revert back.

Perhaps it's summed up stating that Apple force-feeds you want they want you to use in some fashion.

45.2.2015 20:40

When I see articles like this I get so annoyed. I have both an ios device and android. Comparing the two in terms of update percentage just doesn't make any sense. The iphone devices that support ios8 are:-

iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Mini
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini retina
iPod Touch 5G

And thats it no other device and they are all made by apple.

Android on the other hand has thousands of different devices from many different manufactures and different combinations of hardware. So to compare that sort of thing makes no sense to me.

56.2.2015 15:56

So Android has thousands of different devices... does that mean we should compare adoption rates to something comparable, say, Microsoft Windows?

Doesn't matter: less than 2% is still pathetic.

618.2.2015 9:03

This is the other side of all the nonsensical stats that everyone likes to throw out. Just like the market share stats. In that one is it really hard to guess that android has a larger market share due to the fact that it is present on so many more devices. So is it really hard to believe that iOS has a larger adoption rate.

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