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Netflix adds new original kids programming including 'Inspector Gadget' reboot

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2015 22:53 User comments (1)

Netflix adds new original kids programming including 'Inspector Gadget' reboot Netflix has announced today that it will be expanding its original programming for kids with the addition of five new shows, include some remakes of 'classic' shows.
'Inspector Gadget,' the classic 80s cartoon, has been signed up for a 26-episode reboot and the popular British animated show 'Danger Mouse' will also get a remake.

Rounding out the rest of the lineup is an animated series called 'Bottersnikes & Gumbles,' based on books by the same name, the PLAYMOBIL-based SUPER 4 and the live action series about a toy shop called 'Some Assembly Required.'

Gadget will go live on March 7th, followed by SUPER 4 in April and Some Assembly Required in August. The other two shows will hit in early 2016.


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1 user comment

127.2.2015 6:38

inspector gadget tried to brand itself as an animated inspector cleuso (bumbling winner of pink panther fame) or maxwell smart. but instead they wrote it as if males were incapable of doing anything right (like cleuso and smart) but women are needed to get it right every time. a feminist BS show.

why not have the reboot gadget be a black female and the kid be her nephew! (better yet mixed race female gadget with nephew son of the white parents sibling)

then watch how the media blast the message being sent to girls watching - but it is ok to belittle male role models after all, the boys are just going to abandon their families (or worse) anyway... (has anyone ever thought about how that damaged ego could make the males think there wasnt any use trying to be a role model for their kids?)

the fact is that we have seen what the generation that watched the original Inspector as children has become... they are an absent father generation.

qazwiz is qazwiz everywhere. If you see me say HI!

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