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GameStop to buy and sell retro games and consoles

Written by Matti Vähäkainu @ 18 Apr 2015 7:31 User comments (4)

GameStop to buy and sell retro games and consoles

GameStop has revealed that it will buy off your dusty retro gaming consoles, games, and accessories for in-store credit, reports IGN.
Beginning next week, April 25, GameStop's 250-ish stores around NYC and Birmingham will start accepting your old gaming hardware and software.

Reports say that amongst accepted systems are Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES), SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, N64, and SEGA Dreamcast. The devices will go through GameStop's refurbishing and will be resold with a warranty like the other (new) hardware.

Two months after starting the buying of retro games the stores will start reselling them. That means that you can expect to buy your own NES maybe in late May or early June.

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4 user comments

119.4.2015 02:53

They are way to late to the party, I don't think they get the concept that Retro Collectors are in complete opposition of their business model, buying games for pennies and marking them up 300%+

We are long past the point of people having stacks of these laying around with absolutely no idea of their worth and selling to some reseller who takes advantage of situation. This will lead to nothing but Gamestop offering pennies for expensive titles and trying to jack them up to eBay prices and in return the consumer will be smart enough to sell them themselves and leave them with all the unwanted common sports titles.

219.4.2015 19:06

It's a good idea it keeps the games & consoles in circulation instead of the dump

320.4.2015 01:26

Originally posted by scorpNZ:
It's a good idea it keeps the games & consoles in circulation instead of the dump
EBGames/GameStop have put more retro consoles/Games in the dump than any other retailer.

this is just a base greed decision made hastily that will back fire unless they can come across people stupid enough to sell there $300 copy of terranigma for 50 cents. when it back fires those retro consoles can be found for free at your local gamestop dumpster.

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420.4.2015 23:20

I agree the pennies on the dollar model will fail.... maybe they can become a brick n mortar eBay by instituting a consignment area, or even an online model that will give free delivery to another store via their transport system... that would give them maybe 20% of the sale without investing a penny

post pic on website, then when bought deliver machine to nearest store that will test to see it works and then send out on next empty delivery truck which transfers to buyers nearest store

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