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Microsoft significantly updates its $249 activity tracker, the Microsoft Band

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Oct 2015 1:08 User comments (2)

Microsoft significantly updates its $249 activity tracker, the Microsoft Band The fitness tracker is now smarter, sleeker and slimmer.
Microsoft announced the second-generation Microsoft Band fitness tracker this week, a wearable with a curved, touchscreen OLED display that also includes Cortana integration.

The tracker offers GPS, heart rate tracking, calorie tracking, sleep tracking, has a barometer for hiking/stairs, and it will even guide you through workouts. Cortana will yell at you if you forget to workout, as well.

Additionally, the Band records serious athletic metrics like VO2 max, has shot detection for golfers and supports popular apps like Uber, RunKeeper, Starbucks, Subway and Twitter which makes it pretty versatile.

Band works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone and will cost $249, more expensive than last year's model, which is generally considered a flop.


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2 user comments

18.10.2015 14:07

249 for a fitness tracker?????????

Moreover, 249 for a tracker that was a brutal flop in previous generation????

No one is gonna buy's cool as Hell.

214.10.2015 15:16

I will buy it, as I sit here wearing the first generation one. Much better than the Fitbit and the Vivofit my wife has. It does a lot more than just track fitness.

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