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Windows 10 apps on the way for Xbox One owners

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Mar 2016 9:11 User comments (2)

Windows 10 apps on the way for Xbox One owners

Microsoft has said this week that there are plans to allow developers to build and port Windows 10 apps to the Xbox One later this year.
Exec Jason Ronald said the company will reveal more at BUILD later this month, but did confirm that Windows 10 apps will work on the Xbox One starting this summer.

What remains unclear is exactly how the Xbox One app store will work and whether or not the company will allow all apps to be included, or whether it will be curated (like Amazon does).

Microsoft has made a major commitment to universal apps - apps that are built for PC, tablet, phone, console with the only changes required being the screen size, and this is the logical next step. It will be interesting to see what the company has to add at BUILD on March 30th.


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2 user comments

117.3.2016 23:38

I still have trouble believing Microsoft wants cross-platform ANYTHING. This is a company that has a hugely successful FPS franchise that is developed on Windows, yet only available on Xbox. If they can't even be bothered to release the non-ported version of a Halo game for Windows (a platform they also own), can we really expect them to get behind actual ports by other companies?

218.3.2016 12:19

MS apps are horrid! They really need to broker a deal with Android and Apple to benefit from their stores.

MS store apps just suck! I gravitate to about 3. Netflix, Flixter, GasBuddy.

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