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Microsoft releases Anniversary Update for Windows 10

Written by Matti Robinson @ 04 Aug 2016 9:20 User comments (6)

Microsoft releases Anniversary Update for Windows 10

As promised, Microsoft has released the first Anniversary Update for the company's number one product. This is the first major update for Windows 10 but many will struggle to find any visible changes. There are changes however.
The biggest deal amongst the new features seems to be support for Ubuntu software. Other major changes include improvements to the assistant Cortana, Windows Defender, Microsoft's new main browser Edge, Skype, Windows Hello, and digital pens and styli.

The update should be offered automatically or via Windows Update but if you have just recently updated to Windows 10 it won't show up. This is due to the fact that Microsoft keeps an option to go back to your previous Windows version for 30 days.

If you still want the update you can download it manually from Microsoft's website.

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6 user comments

14.8.2016 15:15

If anyone has last generation intel chips while having avast installed steer clear of this update till a fix is found for the bsod conflict issue

25.8.2016 08:27

Originally posted by scorpNZ:
If anyone has last generation intel chips while having avast installed steer clear of this update till a fix is found for the bsod conflict issue

It isn't optional for everyone...or even for most. Yes, you can use wushowhide...but I doubt even 1% of the userbase knows about that. Pro lets you defer updates, but again, most don't know about that...and it is just a defer. The best way to prevent this update from installing is to not have Windows 10 in the first place.

35.8.2016 18:51

Then they will suffer the consequences of yet another mighty balls up

46.8.2016 03:01

The work around. If you get an error at 2% during install, it is b/c M$ servers are overloaded. When the software tries to validate, the status of the machine asking for the
upgrade, it will time out and report an error. The way to get the upgrade to install is to disconnect from the internet, before the starting the upgrade reaches 2%- it will then look as though it is stalled at 2% for 2 to 3 minutes- then the install will start. You can check this work around in greater detail on MS help pages

All things considered, I used a clean install of W10 on 2 computers)- it had the new version, through media creation tool- It was faster than the web based upgrade ( 1 computer).

M$ still makes me feel like a master-beta tester.


58.8.2016 22:15

Two of my PC's did the update/upgrade from Windows Update. The other four had to be done via the media creation tool. I even tried the update application from Microsoft which failed every time. But that was probably because Microsoft's update servers were probably overloaded. I had to do the same last year with some of my PC's to upgrade to Windows 10. Unless the upgrades/updates show up in windows update then use the media creation tool. That's if you want the updates the day they are released.

612.8.2016 10:31

Honestly i would be very cautious of this update i noticed it does speed things up but it turns back on features that also slow things down like super fetch still using 100% disk usage

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