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Oculus purchases LED maker InfiniLED

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Oct 2016 8:09

Oculus purchases LED maker InfiniLED Facebook's Oculus VR has acquired low-powered LED maker InfiniLED with the ultimate goal of using the tech in their virtual reality headsets.
The Irish company was founded in 2010 and is known for their ILED Display technology that "outperforms widely available standard display technologies, resulting in significant reductions in power use."

According to the company, InfiniLED displays use 20x less power than a standard OLED and 40x less than the average LCD, with the ability to produce more light with better contrast and better colors.

"It is exciting to see that Oculus, a vibrant and leading-edge company, appreciates both the technology and the strength of the ecosystem that the InfiniLED team sits in," said Tyndall National Institute chief executive Dr. Kieran Drain. "A key impact of this acquisition will be to increase global awareness that Ireland has technology and research of this calibre, and we anticipate further interactions with companies looking to merge hardware and software in efficient solutions, particularly for new devices that advance consumer electronics and the industrial internet."


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