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Apple's device lock can be bypassed with a simple trick

Written by Matti Robinson @ 03 Dec 2016 4:03 User comments (3)

Apple's device lock can be bypassed with a simple trick A new video has surfaced that shows how simple it is to bypass the iPhone and iPad device lock activation. This means that a thief that got their hands on your iDevice could get in with a simple trick.
Apple's devices provide a device lock feature which allows to lock out the device even after it's been lost. The remote lock however seems to be far from perfect, because of a bug in device lock activation.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube this bug can be exploted so that the activation will be bypassed. Normally the device can be unlocked only with Apple ID and password.

To unlock the device user can join a WiFi network of choice. By entering network name and other fields that exceed a certain limit the software crashes and for a split second shows the home screen. If you are quick you can enter the device by pressing the power button or accessing Siri.

Both iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1 are vulnerable with this type of exploit, Security Week reports.

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3 user comments

15.12.2016 10:16

But this just can't be.........Apple products are perfect, flawlessly operational and NEVER have vulnerabilities.....especially security ones.

This according to the majority of their blind-faith fanbase.

27.12.2016 07:52

Here comes the 10gb update. Let's hope you have enough space.

ZX Spectrum 128K

38.12.2016 00:02 comes the update, let's hope you never had to have your phone repaired (and that it also doesn't think it was repaired when it wasn't).

I thought apples had encryption? If that's the case, shouldn't crashing a lockscreen just get you garbled data or something?

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