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Microsoft is changing pace with Windows 10 updates

Written by Matti Robinson @ 21 Apr 2017 11:23 User comments (2)

Microsoft is changing pace with Windows 10 updates

Microsoft's recent Creator's Update was in the works for a long time and finally the major update hit Windows 10 earlier this month. Now you might be wondering when can you expect the next significant update for the OS. 2018? 2019?
Fortunately, Microsoft has informed customers and partners about their future update schedule. It might actually surprise, that the company is speeding up the update cycle and the next major update is coming already next fall.

According to the software giant, Windows 10 will be updated every six months in March and September of each year. A steady six month cycle is something Linux world is accustomed to for example, and is certainly a good thing. It might, however, mean that the updates are less thought out or comprehensive.

Microsoft is hoping to ease the work of their partner's sys admins and aims to increase the adoption rate of new OS versions. In related news, Microsoft has announced that Office 365 ProPlus will also change its update cycle to biannual.

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2 user comments

122.4.2017 17:19

I haven't updated since initial install. don't see any reason to. I liked 7 better.

227.4.2017 14:20

Yeah, they keep adding features when all I really want is for them to strip it to the bone. I mean...if they included something really nice as an optional feature I wouldn't have any issue with that, but that's not how Microsoft does need to use regedit to disable half the crap that comes with windows 10 and about the best update they have done to Windows 10 so far was to roll the start menu back a bit towards Windows 7...and even that is pointless since ClassicShell is still better.

The fact that they had to collude with Intel and AMD to not release Windows 7 drivers speaks volumes.

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