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Apple's new privacy settings at odds with web VR

Written by Matti Robinson @ 06 Feb 2019 2:51

Apple's new privacy settings at odds with web VR

Apple is about to release a new version of its mobile operating system iOS. It's going to add some hotly anticipated features, including a new version of Safari, but there might be some problems with the improvements to the browser.
The Verge reports that Safari's new Motion and Orientation Access setting is going to be off by default. This should improve privacy and security, but also might be consequential to online VR and AR apps.

The setting, previously on by default, allows websites to get information from device's accelerometer and other sensors to determine position and motion.

Many of the VR and AR web apps use this information to function. Many of the developers of such software have expressed their concern, Digiday reports.

At this point it's unclear whether the user has to enable the setting by hand from the settings for it to function at all, but it is likelier that the website can ask the user to enable it in a popup just like location information.

After the backlash from developers, and adverse effects to likes of Sony's First Man website and the Samsung Within ad campaign, perhaps Apple is making it easy to enable.

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