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Flickr had to delay their new free tier limitation

Written by Matti Robinson @ 07 Feb 2019 1:19

Flickr had to delay their new free tier limitation One of the more popular image hosting services over the years, Flickr, has decided to move towards more restrictive policy.
Perhaps they realized there's no fighting against Google and its unlimited storage on Google Photos. Flickr's new free tier only allows 1000 photos, and they are going to enforce it retroactively.

This means that people with more than 1000 photos on their free accounts will lose portion of their photos if they don't take action. The last date to backup your Flickr library was February 5, but now they've had to push it back.

After an uproar by users, Flickr has informed that a new deadline has been set. Since some people argued that they weren't able to save their photos before Tuesday, Flickr moved the date to March 12.

The new policy was implemented after Verizon sold Flickr to SmugMug. Previously Flickr offered one terabyte of storage for free.

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