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New Firefox can now hide notification requests

Written by Matti Robinson @ 08 Jan 2020 11:35 User comments (1)

New Firefox can now hide notification requests Firefox has updated their flagship browser with some safety, privacy, and UI improvements. One of the perhaps most requested changes, however, has to do with notification requests that have been bothering people.
Notifications, as you might know, are a good way to increase the frequency users use the app or website. It's essentially advertisement, although can be very useful when done in a non-intrusive manner.

Not every website can sent notifications, and that's where the notification requests come in. Websites request permission to send notifications via the browser, and this might be a burden for some users, especially if this is the first visit and there's other disclaimers to get rid of as it is.

Firefox is offering a new solution to these annoyances with the new feature that hides notification requests. Already you could've blocked all notification requests but the new addition allows you to hide them to the address bar to a small speech bubble in case you want to interact with it.

The bubble jiggles around to inform you that you've received a notification request, as seen below.

Firefox 72 also includes blocking of fingerprinting scripts, picture-in-picture video playback for Linux and Mac, and various security fixes.

You can find more about the update and download the latest Firefox here.

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123.1.2020 02:31

According to thisarticle firefox is on 4th position among most secure browsers. In my opinion, Firefox is agreat browser and I use it like for ever.

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