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Google launches Keen, AI-powered interest-based service

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 22 Jun 2020 11:04

Google launches Keen, AI-powered interest-based service Google has pretty silently launched a whole new product, dubbed as Keen. At first, it seems that Keen is sophisticated attack on Pinterest, a service/app that tries to make topple Pinterest's de facto status among various hobby groups.
But looking at deeper level, Keen might be something else too. It basically is a interest-based system, where users can create interest groups, then add content (images, links and more) to those groups. Google's own search algorithms and its in-house AI will then add further content, automatically, to the group.

Keen was born out of Google's Area 120, a project where Google engineers can test and invent new products - and was then promoted as a public product, over the past weekend.

As far as the Pinterest comparisons go, Keen could be used for something entirely different too: some wonder if it could become a sophisticated, personalized, interest-based "search bubble" for specific topics, that Google feeds with new content. Bit like partially crowd-sourced version of existing Google Discover service.

Google's Keen is now available as a web site and also as an Android app. Currently, the app hasn't received very positive reviews: its rating average is, as of now, at 2.1/5.0 stars in Google Play.

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