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First time in decades: Windows market share drops below 80 percent

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 16 Feb 2021 6:51

First time in decades: Windows market share drops below 80 percent

Many of the younger generation can't even figure when was the last time that Microsoft Windows wasn't the de facto home computer operating system. Since the launch of Windows 95 26 years ago, Windows has dominated the desktop OS game without any real challengers.
Many remember the early 2000s when there was hope that one day Linux might truly challenge Windows on desktops. Didn't happen. Only Apple's macOS has managed to carve some kind of market share - and even that is mostly in United States and handful of other countries.

However, things have changed - quite dramatically - over the last few years: Chromebooks have finally managed to create a viable alternative to Windows dominance. Sure, that is mostly in budget-friendly laptops, but it is still a feat that no one else has managed to do in decades.

Recent statistics from TrendForce claim that in year 2020, Windows market share in notebook computers dropped below 80 percent, first time since mid 1990s. TrendForce also expects the slide to continue in 2021, with Windows marketshare slipping to 70 - 75 percent.

Company estimates that global market shares will stabilize in coming years so that Windows would have 70-75 percent market share, Chromebooks 15-20 percent share and macOS just under 10 percent share of global shipments.

Chromebook market share is boosted by COVID-19 pandemic, distance working and online education.

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