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Codec is essentially a piece of software needed to open/play a video or audio file that is compressed using the same codec.

As there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different audio and video codecs available -- and pretty much each one of them incompatible with each other -- the ability to choose the right codec is quite essential. We have listed most popular and commonly used codecs here in our codecs section for you to browse through and download. Category also contains several "all-in-one" solutions and so-called codec packs that should ease the process of finding the right codec.

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GSpot v2.70a

GSpot is a nice little tool that allows you to see what codecs your video file uses in order to determine what you need to install on your system to watch it.

Date updated:02/22/2007 Downloads:337,732 Filesize:401.86 kB

ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7/8/10 v13.8.2

ADVANCED CODECS for Windows 7/8 (formerly known as Win7codecs) installs all the necessary audio and video codecs to your Windows 7.

Date updated:08/11/2020 Downloads:284,431 Filesize:28.08 kB

Huffyuv v2.1.1

Huffyuv is a lossless video codec that is highly recommended to use in tasks that are done prior encoding to a lossy formats, like DivX or VCD. Must-have codec for video capturing, etc.

Date updated:01/01/2005 Downloads:254,592 Filesize:14.74 kB

XP Codec Pack v2.7.2

XP Codec Pack is one of the most complete codec pack which helps you to play all major audio and video formats.

Date updated:04/22/2015 Downloads:250,276 Filesize:25.53 MB

DivX ;-) MPEG4 Codec

DivX ;-) is a hacked MPEG4 codec that allows you to watch and encode DivX ;-) video clips. You really need this one, trust me...

Date updated:04/28/2000 Downloads:213,939 Filesize:569.10 kB

K-Lite Codec Pack Update v15.7.0

K-Lite Codec Pack is a free software bundle which contains everything you need to be able to playback the most popular audio and video formats.

Date updated:08/23/2020 Downloads:193,691 Filesize:27.72 kB

Ogg DirectShow Filters v0.9.9.5

With Ogg DirectShow Filters you can watch and if you want to, create, .ogm wrapped videos.

Date updated:03/27/2003 Downloads:140,483 Filesize:464.69 kB

FFDSHOW 64-bit v1.2.4422

FFDSHOW 64-bit is 64-bit compatible version of the super-fast, open source codec that can decode virtually all popular/known video formats, including AVC, .mkv, MPEG-4, MP4, DivX and XviD files.

Date updated:09/30/2014 Downloads:129,213 Filesize:4.80 MB

Illiminable Ogg Directshow Filters for Speex, Vorbis, Theora and FLAC (32bit & 64bit) v0.85.17777

With These Directshow Filters you can play Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg FLAC and native FLAC with Windows Media Player or any other directshow application.

Date updated:01/13/2011 Downloads:108,251 Filesize:2.53 MB
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DivX (Win98/ME) v5.2.1

The latest version of the DivX codec for Win98/ME platforms. You need to have this codec installed in case you want to watch or encode DivX movies.

Date updated:09/09/2004 Downloads:100,185 Filesize:7.29 MB
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