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Media players

Media players are tools that can play, well, media. To put it simple, media players usually either focus on doing one thing very well -- dedicated MP3 players, for example -- or focus on being "media players that play pretty much everything". From this section, you can download both types, albeit "players that play music _and_ video" are nowadays the most popular ones.

It should be noted that, specifically with video players, the player itself rarely does the actual "playing" (i.e. decompressing) of the video, but instead, acts as a graphical user interface and lets a dedicated piece of software, called codec, to do the heavy lifting. Thus, typically there are no video output quality differences between different video players, as the quality itself depends on codec in use, not the player. As a notable exception to this rule, we must mention VLC that comes bundled with most common codecs and therefor relies on its "own" codecs rather than those installed to your PC.

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Style Jukebox v2.2.0

Style Jukebox is a free app that automatically keeps your music in the Cloud and lets you play it anytime, anywhere, no matter the device.

Date updated:09/29/2016 Downloads:170 Filesize:5.02 MB
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WV Player v1.2.1.0

WV Player is a multimedia player for Windows that plays most file types (audio and video).

Date updated:03/04/2014 Downloads:169 Filesize:510.81 kB
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PlayIt Live v1.06.0.610

PlayIt Live is audio playback software aimed particularly at DJs.

Date updated:10/01/2014 Downloads:168 Filesize:8.33 MB
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Free DivX Player v1.0.0

Free DivX Player is a simple video player that supports DivX video files.

Date updated:12/11/2013 Downloads:166 Filesize:611.84 kB
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MediaFreeware Free 3GP Player v1.0.0

MediaFreeware Free 3GP Player is a free video player that supports 3GP files, which are often output by mobile devices.

Date updated:12/11/2013 Downloads:166 Filesize:611.84 kB
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SWF File Player v1.0

SWF File Player is a free player that can play Shockwave Flash files.

Date updated:10/10/2013 Downloads:166 Filesize:405.40 kB
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Discoverbit Desktop Edition v1.0

Discoverbit Desktop Edition is a tool that lets you listen to music and watch videos online.

Date updated:05/01/2014 Downloads:165 Filesize:44.41 kB
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Miam Player v0.8.0

Miam Player is a cross-platform open source music player

Date updated:02/22/2016 Downloads:164 Filesize:51.02 MB
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Free Media Player v1.0.0

Free Media Player is a free video and audio player from Media Freeware that supports common formats.

Date updated:12/11/2013 Downloads:164 Filesize:611.84 kB
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DeskCom (portable) v1.0.2

DeskCom is a Desktop Companion adding features to the Windows Desktop, including an App Launcher, Window organizer, Quick access to Windows apps and more. This version is portable.

Date updated:04/07/2015 Downloads:163 Filesize:177.77 kB
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