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Opera (PortableApps) v50.0.2762.45

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Opera is a light-weight browser with many advanced features. Some of the features include:
  • Notes: Write down notes about the page you are viewing.

  • FastForward and Rewind: Opera tries to anticipate the page you want to go next and speeds up browsing by pre-loading the page.

  • Skinning: Changing the look of a browser has never been easier with Opera's new one-click skin install. Just pick and click once on any of the many skins available at MyOpera community.

  • Mouse gestures: Browse backwards and forwards, reload pages, close and open windows etc. with simple mouse gestures.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Triple your efficiency by getting rid of that ridiculous mouse and use fast and convenient keyboard shortcuts.

  • Plus tons more! Definitely worth checking out.


Opera (PortableApps) v12.17 Opera (PortableApps) v12.17

opera internet browser fast quick light browsing

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 11 Aug 2020
Downloads 19,423
File size 41.72 MB (< 6min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

11 Aug 2020Opera (PortableApps) v70.0.3728.95 (Latest stable version)
01 Aug 2020Opera (PortableApps) v70.0.3728.71
24 May 2020Opera (PortableApps) v68.0.3618.125
25 Apr 2020Opera (PortableApps) v68.0.3618.46
26 Feb 2020Opera (PortableApps) v67.0.3575.31
16 Feb 2020Opera (PortableApps) v66.0.3515.95
21 Dec 2019Opera (PortableApps) v65.0.3467.72
18 Dec 2019Opera (PortableApps) v65.0.3467.69
26 Nov 2019Opera (PortableApps) v65.0.3467.48
15 Nov 2019Opera (PortableApps) v65.0.3467.38
08 Nov 2019Opera (PortableApps) v64.0.3417.92
21 Oct 2019Opera (PortableApps) v64.0.3417.56
07 Sep 2019Opera (PortableApps) v63.0.3368.71
02 Sep 2019Opera (PortableApps) v63.0.3368.53
09 Aug 2019Opera (PortableApps) v62.0.3331.109
09 Jul 2019Opera (PortableApps) v62.0.3331.43
23 Jun 2019Opera (PortableApps) v60.0.3255.165
23 Apr 2019Opera (PortableApps) v60.0.3255.55
03 Apr 2019Opera (PortableApps) v58.0.3135.127
30 Mar 2019Opera (PortableApps) v58.0.3135.114
02 Feb 2019Opera (PortableApps) v58.0.3135.53
20 Sep 2018Opera (PortableApps) v55.0.2994.61
18 Aug 2018Opera (PortableApps) v55.0.2994.37
24 Jun 2018Opera (PortableApps) v53.0.2907.106
26 May 2018Opera (PortableApps) v53.0.2907.68
17 May 2018Opera (PortableApps) v53.0.2907.57
02 May 2018Opera (PortableApps) v52.0.2871.99
18 Feb 2018Opera (PortableApps) v51.0.2830.34
31 Jan 2018Opera (PortableApps) v50.0.2762.67
07 Jan 2018Opera (PortableApps) v50.0.2762.45
24 Dec 2017Opera (PortableApps) v49.0.2725.64
18 Nov 2017Opera (PortableApps) v49.0.2725.39
13 Oct 2017Opera (PortableApps) v48.0.2685.39
14 Sep 2017Opera (PortableApps) v47.0.2631.80
17 Aug 2017Opera (PortableApps) v47.0.2631.55
16 Jun 2017Opera (PortableApps) v45.0.2552.898
04 Jun 2017Opera (PortableApps) v45.0.2552.888
19 May 2017Opera (PortableApps) v45.0.2552.812
29 Apr 2017Opera (PortableApps) v44.0.2510.1449
02 Apr 2017Opera (PortableApps) v44.0.2510.857
18 Mar 2017Opera (PortableApps) v43.0.2442.1144
27 Nov 2016Opera (PortableApps) v41.0.2353.69
10 Nov 2016Opera (PortableApps) v41.0.2353.56
28 Sep 2016Opera (PortableApps) v40.0.2308.62
12 Aug 2016Opera (PortableApps) v39.0.2256.48
10 Jul 2016Opera (PortableApps) v38.0.2220.41
10 May 2016Opera (PortableApps) v37.0.2178.43
04 Apr 2016Opera (PortableApps) v36.0.2130.32
06 Mar 2016Opera (PortableApps) v35.0.2066.92
23 Feb 2016Opera (PortableApps) v35.0.2066.82
21 Feb 2016Opera (PortableApps) v35.0.2066.68
12 Dec 2015Opera (PortableApps) v34.0.2036.25
30 Sep 2015Opera (PortableApps) v32.0.1948.69
19 Aug 2015Opera (PortableApps) v31.0.1889.174
23 May 2015Opera (PortableApps) v29.0.1795.60 Rev 2
27 Apr 2014Opera (PortableApps) v12.17
06 Apr 2013Opera (PortableApps) v12.15 Rev 2
08 Feb 2013Opera (PortableApps) v12.14 Rev 2
06 Feb 2013Opera (PortableApps) v12.14
20 Dec 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.12
20 Nov 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.11
11 Nov 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.10
31 Aug 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.02
02 Aug 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.01
15 Jun 2012Opera (PortableApps) v12.00
13 Jun 2012Opera (PortableApps) v11.64
14 Apr 2012Opera (PortableApps) v11.62
19 Feb 2012Opera (PortableApps) v11.61 Rev 2
24 Oct 2011Opera (PortableApps) v11.52
29 Jun 2011Opera (PortableApps) v11.50
26 Jun 2011Opera (PortableApps) v11.50 RC
19 May 2011Opera (PortableApps) 11.11
16 Apr 2011Opera (PortableApps) v11.10
19 Dec 2010Opera (PortableApps) v11.0
04 Dec 2010Opera (PortableApps) v11.0 Beta 1
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