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Version history for Bandizip (Portable 64-bit)

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Changes for v6.24 - v6.25

  • •Fixed: Security issue when using "Open file location" feature
  • •Improved: Installer
  • •Other modifications

Changes for v6.22 - v6.24

  • SFX-related bug fixes
  • v6.23 June 24, 2019
  • Added support for GARBLE algorithm of ARJ format
  • Added support for obfuscated-deflate algorithm of ALZ format
  • Added support for HTTP Proxy when you update manually
  • Fixed a bug where some damaged ISO files cannot be opened
  • Fixed a bug where file time information of specific ISO is not handled correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Bandizip cannot open SFX(RAR, LZH, ARJ) files that are compressed in DOS
  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes for v6.21 - v6.22

  • New: Support for ACE extraction (Based on Public UnAce Package. unacev2.dll is not used)
  • Fixed: Crash under a certain condition on low memory systems
  • Fixed: The compressed archive is not shown under a specific condition
  • Fixed: Error message is not shown when closing the explorer window during a drag and drop
  • Fixed: Invalid file-time when extracting some specific RAR5
  • Fixed: Cannot extract specific ARJ
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in ZPAQ module
  • Some minor bug fixes

Changes for v6.20 - v6.21

  • •Stopped ACE archive format support due to vulnerability (CVE-2018-20250)
  • •Fixed: Crash problem while extracting specific NSIS
  • •Fixed: Shell extension does not work for the specific case
  • •Some minor bug fixes

Changes for v6.19 - v6.20

  • Fixed: Toolbar image related issue

Changes for v6.18 - v6.19

  • New: EGG/AZO algorithm extraction support
  • Fixed: Recognize some zip files that are compressed with Mac Finder as corrupted files
  • Improved: Enhanced stability during multicore compression
  • Stability improvements and bugfixes

Changes for v6.17 - v6.18

  • •New: "Windows 10 on ARM" support
  • •Improved: Installer improvements
  • •Improved: Precise file time processing for RAR4 format
  • •Fixed: File time is changed while processing Zone.Identifier
  • •Fixed: Internal image viewer cannot process password correctly under the specific condition
  • •Stability improvements and Bugfixes

Changes for v6.15 - v6.17

  • •Update Type: Minor update
  • •Fixed: Vulnerability of the internal image viewer(CNVD-C-2018-107947)
  • •Stability improvements
  • v6.16 Sep 27, 2018 •Fixed: Filename case sensitive related problem when editing ZIP file
  • •Fixed: Recognize empty ZIP file as a corrupted file
  • •Fixed: Internal image viewer resizing related problem
  • •Improved the stability of the program and several bugs fixed

Changes for v6.14 - v6.15

  • New: System security enhancement by copying Zone.Identifier information
  • Improved: File association process
  • Improved: Does not use GDI+ anymore
  • Fixed: Cannot read some settings text when using High Contrast
  • Fixed: The date of the file is not correctly displayed if it is before January 1, 1970
  • Improved the stability of the program and several bugs fixed

Changes for v6.13 - v6.14

  • Fixed: Cannot extract specific RAR5 format file
  • Fixed: Cannot extract specific RAR format file
  • Fixed: Ace format related bugs
  • ZLIB update(1.2.8->1.2.11)
  • Improved the stability of the program
  • Code refactoring

Changes for v6.11 - v6.13

  • Updater bug fixed
  • v6.13 May 24, 2018
  • Update Type: Major update
  • New: Show/Hide Status Bar
  • Improved: Updater
  • Improved: Installer
  • Fixed: 7z handling problem of the internal image viewer
  • Fixed: Symbolic link related bugs
  • Fixed: Does not process RAR5 format's file attributes
  • Fixed: Rare crash during Wavpack extraction
  • Fixed: Codesign related problem with SFX file
  • Several bugs fixed

Changes for v6.10 - v6.11

  • Update Type: Major updateFixed: Can't extract RAR5's redirect attributed fileFixed: 'Compress to custom file name' related bugFixed: Security problem while processing archive passwordNew: 'Use UTF-8 code page when you open a tar file' optionFixed: Can't install with /S parameter in PowerShellNew: Baltic/Thai codepageSeveral minor bugs fixed

Changes for v6.09 - v6.10

  • Update Type: Major updateFixed: Can't extract particular type of encrypted RAR5 formatFixed: Crashes when extracting certain type of LZH formatSeveral minor bugs fixed

Changes for v6.08 - v6.09

  • Update Type: Major updateImproved: Added shortcuts for "Extract Here(Smart), Extract to Current Folder"Fixed: Code page auto detect problem when previewing an archiveFixed: Can't extract particular type of CAB formatFixed: Crash when opening specific type of archiveImproved internal image viewer and updaterSeveral minor bugs fixed

Changes for v6.07 - v6.08

  • Update Type: Major update
  • Fixed: RAR format's VMSF_DELTA related security problem
  • Many language files are updated
  • Improved Find Files dialog box
  • Improved ZPAQ version history processing
  • Improved file open speedMinor bugs fixed

Changes for v6.06 - v6.07

  • Update Type: MinorFixed: Can't extract TGZ that is multiple GZ files are concatenatedChanged: Explorer context menu shortcut key of "Compressed to NAME.ZIP" (R->Z)Improved the stability of the programMinor bugs fixed

Changes for v6.04 - v6.06

  • Fixed: Can't extract subdirectory in an archive with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+VFixed: When modifying a ZIP file, storing filename as UTF8 alwaysImproved the stability of the programMinor bugs fixed

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