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Version history for ExtractNow

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Changes for v4.8.0.0 - v4.8.3.0

  • - Fixed rar datetime bug
  • - Updated rar extraction library
  • - Fixed crash when running a program without args
  • - Added module macros to macros menu
  • - Updated 7zip library to 16.04

Changes for v4.8.0.0 - v4.8.1.0

  • Added support for RAR5 archives
  • Added icon to group context menu item
  • Added polish translation from tomasz gasior
  • Fixed bug in progress on certain archives
  • Fixed filename bug with xz archives

Changes for v4.7.9.0 - v4.8.0.0

  • - Fixed problems when archive in set does not exist
  • - Fixed delete archives when read-only
  • - Added ability to run program after extraction
  • - Added deep archive detection option
  • - Added touch destination option
  • - Added swedish translation from mikael gronholm

Changes for v4.7.8 - v4.7.9.0

  • Added new icon theme
  • Fixed history button not showing in certain instances

Changes for v4.7.7 - v4.7.8

  • Fixed rare crash when exiting

Changes for v4.7.6 - v4.7.7

  • Fixed bugs monitoring directories
  • Fixed some bugs in the status bar
  • Added misc tab to settings
  • Added ability to change default language
  • Added 'Open Config Directory' menu item in system menu

Changes for v4.7.5 - v4.7.6

  • Fixed drag and drop of folders

Changes for v4.7.4 - v4.7.5

  • Added French translation by colok
  • Fixed rar, r00 archive detection bug
  • Fixed browse for folder dialog when no trailing slash
  • Fixed all archives overwrite options

Changes for v4.7.3 - v4.7.4

  • Added clear button to history view
  • Added move to dialog
  • Added configurable password list timeout
  • Added support for cbz, cbr
  • Added ability to sort listview items when not extracting
  • Added German & Chinese translations
  • Fixed when moving archives it won't overwrite existing
  • Fixed creating new folder in browser for folder issues
  • Fixed exclude files to extract hanging
  • Fixed clicking write to file caused crash
  • Fixed not saving settings after closing settings dialog
  • Fixed bug in archive filename macro
  • Fixed inserting destination macro
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed rare rar file decryption bug
  • Fixed localization bugs
  • Fixed sound not playing in certain instances
  • Changed file monitoring to fix weird crash
  • off auto scroll in listview by default

Changes for v4.7.2 - v4.7.3

  • Fixed installer copying context menu dll
  • Disabled context menu options if dll doesn't exist
  • Added check for app open in installer
  • Added Br Portuguese translation by Igor Ruckert

Changes for v4.7.1 - v4.7.2

  • Added more new macros
  • Fixed bugs in browse for folder
  • Added ability to use macros in password list
  • Added drop handling for shell context menu
  • Fixed bugs loading localization
  • Fixed monitoring directories crash

Changes for v4.7.0.0 - v4.7.1

  • Fixed drag and drop with certain rars
  • Added hungarian translation by ZityiSoft
  • Fixed bugs in the installer

Changes for v4.69 - v4.7.0.0

  • Improvements to drag and drop functionality
  • Improved write performance
  • Added rename option to overwrite dialog
  • Added macro button to external add dialog
  • Added localization support
  • Added korean language support from Young-Cheon Kim
  • Moved open destination folder option to diff. group
  • Changed extract only unextracted option to be default
  • Fixed bug in overwrite dlg with delete broken files
  • Fixed bug loading certain settings
  • Fixed bug identifying .rar with .part in their name
  • Changed installer to NSIS for Windows 95 support

Changes for v4.68 - v4.69

  • Changed destination paths to use macro expanders
  • Added option to timeout the password dialog
  • Added tool tips to browse for folder dialog
  • Added ability to go to website to download updates
  • Added yes&no to all archives option in overwrite dialog

Changes for v4.671 - v4.68

  • Changed progress bar color during test mode
  • Fixed ask for folder dlg during test mode
  • Fixed program not closing options
  • Fixed cleanup options saving
  • Fixed add archives not working

Changes for v4.66 - v4.67

  • Added list of files to exclude from extraction
  • Added cancel button to overwrite dialog
  • Added option to hide minimize balloon tooltip
  • Fixed bugs in extract automatically context menu option
  • Fixed test mode so it doesn't try to do any post extraction options
  • Fixed about dialog crashing
  • Fixed issues with sit extraction
  • Fixed backwards compatibility with Windows 95
  • Cleaned up settings

Changes for v4.65 - v4.66

  • Added -minimize command line parameter
  • Added test archives mode option in right-click menu
  • Added extract only unextracted mode in right-click menu
  • Fixed extract automatically when there is only one folder
  • Fixed missing files in the portable zip
  • Fixed destination directory creation /w archive name has space at the end
  • Fixed leap year bug

Changes for v4.64 - v4.65

  • Added 'Extract Automatically' option to context menu
  • Added Tango icon set by Vlatko Boskoski
  • Renamed several options in the post extract tab
  • Updated to Lua 5.2

Changes for v4.63 - v4.64

  • Added 'Decide archive fate during recursion' option
  • Fixed 'Delete archive folder' to not delete special paths

Changes for v4.62 - v4.63

  • Added more support for unicode including unicode passwords
  • Added extraction for IMZ
  • Added 'Delete archives folder' option
  • Added systray balloon tips when minimizing to tray
  • Added systray balloon tips when extraction complete
  • Added 'Assume one password per archive' option to speed up password list
  • Fixed deletion of archives in recursive extraction when option checked
  • Fixed unicode filename being cut off when specifying password list filename
  • Fixed path field disabled in passwords tab when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed line endings when adding password to password list
  • Fixed file modified date detection when extracting .tar.gz
  • Improved support for ISO extraction
  • Improved handling of inclusion drag&drop mask when empty
  • Updated to 7-Zip library 9.22

Changes for v4.611 - v4.62

  • Fixed target parameter when specifying a directory
  • Fixed overwrite dialog not displaying when main window minimized

Changes for v4.60 - v4.61

  • Fixed parsing of arguments when using external commands

Changes for v4.59 - v4.60

  • Fixed crash bug with browse dialog on windows xp
  • Added rename single file after archive folder name option
  • Fixed delete broken files option

Changes for v4.58 - v4.59

  • Fixed external processing when no argument specified
  • Fixed external processing for supported file types
  • Fixed monitoring directory not detecting moved folder
  • Fixed detection of split archives
  • Added macro support to favorite folder

Changes for v4.57 - v4.58

  • Fixed monitoring directories on file transfers
  • Fixed window shown in taskbar when minimize to tray
  • Fixed bug in target command line parameter

Changes for v4.56 - v4.57

  • Fixed 'Remove duplicate archive name folder' option
  • Fixed monitor directories on long copy operation
  • Added ability to launch external extraction tools
  • Improved monitoring directories tab interface

Changes for v4.55 - v4.56

  • Fixed dropping archives that have no extension
  • All settings now stored in extractnow.ini
  • Automatic extraction of .tar with-in .gz or .bz2
  • Fixed assert error when disk space is full
  • Added support for .squashfs and .cramfs
  • Updated to 7zip library 9.20

Changes for v4.54 - v4.55

  • Fixed dropping archives that have no extension
  • All settings now stored in settings.lua
  • Automatic extraction of .tar with-in .gz or .bz2
  • Fixed assert error when disk space is full
  • Added support for .squashfs and .cramfs
  • Updated to 7zip library 9.20

Changes for v4.53 - v4.54

  • Modified password list to be specified via a text file
  • Fixed password list resetting overwrite option
  • Added custom browse for folder dialog
  • Added remove duplicate archive folder name option

Changes for v4.52 - v4.53

  • Fixed corruption of paths if certain options enabled

Changes for v4.51 - v4.52

  • Fixed issues detecting split(.001) archives
  • Fixed dropping nth volume in set does not add first volume
  • Fixed window position saving/loading issues
  • Fixed .tar.gz extraction bug
  • Fixed issues with associating wrong file type extension
  • Speed improvements when searching for archives

Changes for v4.50 - v4.51

  • Fixed extraction to network paths
  • Fixed monitoring directories for archives
  • Added 'Elapsed' column to determine total time elapsed
  • Added 'Log history' option in settings
  • Various speed improvements

Changes for v4.49 - v4.50

  • Added 'Extract to folder...' context menu item
  • Added 'Close program if successful' option
  • Added display of attempted password in history view
  • Fixed context menu settings being overwritten
  • Fixed overwrite dlg not shown when main dlg minimized
  • Fixed path column cut off on long paths
  • Fixed context menu help text being garbled in Win7
  • Fixed icon bug in startup minimize to tray option
  • Fixed stop button not working due to Win95 compat.
  • Changed file assoc list to show exts rather than formats

Changes for v4.48 - v4.49

  • Added option to never overwrite files in destination tab
  • Moved 'Rename single file..' option to post extraction tab
  • Cleaned up the destination tab in settings
  • Fixed progress bar on RAR archives
  • Fixed tab selection bug when selecting Monitor tab
  • Fixed directory creation error on '.'
  • Improved extraction speed

Changes for v4.47 - v4.48

  • Added thread priority type Low option
  • Fixed file type registration problems in XP
  • Fixed progress bar exceeding 100% on .bz2 archives

Changes for v4.46 - v4.47

  • Added recursive archive extraction option
  • Added time column to extraction list view
  • Fixed drag&drop for rar archives with .r## format
  • Fixed crash bug in overwrite dlg when file has no valid time
  • Fixed crash bug in overwrite dlg when file has no extension
  • Fixed history view status message blank when file size is 0
  • Fixed file type assocation settings in Windows XP or lower
  • Fixed windows 95 compatibility broken in 4.44

Changes for v4.45 - v4.46

  • Added "Add to password list" option in password dialog
  • Added ability to script events via Lua (see extractnow.lua-sample)
  • Added option to delete broken files
  • Added inclusion/exclusion filter type to Drag&Drop tab
  • Fixed filter mask only being respected when searching
  • Fixed selecting not to overwrite still resets file time
  • Modified password dialog text so it can be selected/copied
  • Reworked post-extraction tab interface

Changes for v4.44 - v4.45

  • Fixed password list traversal bug
  • Fixed issue where long password list not saving
  • Improved file type assocation registration

Changes for v4.43 - v4.44

  • Fixed clear archives option
  • Fixed open containing folder from menu
  • Added ability to monitor directories for archives

Changes for v4.42 - v4.43

  • Added window auto-switch to history option
  • Improved history error reporting
  • Fixed browse for folder selected path
  • Fixed sound not working
  • Fixed extraction with empty password list
  • Fixed stop/resume buttons not always shown while extracting

Changes for v4.41 - v4.42

  • Fixed crash bug in context menu extension
  • Fixed split extraction

Changes for v4.40 - v4.41

  • Fixed multiple volume extraction
  • Fixed favorite folder message in settings
  • Fixed problems with update notifications

Changes for v4.40 Beta - v4.40

  • Added file signature detection
  • Fixed crash when disk space low
  • Updated to lzma sdk 9.13 beta

Changes for v4.38 - v4.39

  • Fixed search dialog not closing properly

Changes for v4.37 - v4.38

  • Added theme drawing to custom button controls
  • Added manifest file for windows theming
  • Added limited backwards compatibility (Windows 98)
  • Added true color icon image formats (Windows 98)
  • Fixed Add Archives menu item (Vista)
  • Fixed context menu Enqueue not working
  • Fixed context menus not appearing (Vista)
  • Fixed search dialog hanging when pressing Stop
  • Increased font size on various controls
  • Merged eta information into progress column

Changes for v4.36 - v4.37

  • Fixed problem with read error during rar extraction

Changes for v4.35 - v4.36

  • Added option to turn off all sounds in settings
  • Fixed context menu right-clicking on folder works
  • Fixed extracting files to the root of hard drive
  • Fixed extracting of files to and from network paths

Changes for v4.34 - v4.35

  • Fixed invalid zip crc's being generated
  • Updated unrar library

Changes for v4.33 - v4.34

  • Added zip AES encryption support
  • Added tar support
  • Added first error shows under status in listview
  • Fixed bug in Show Default File Type Icons

Changes for v4.32 - v4.33

  • Redesigned settings dialog with tabs
  • Fixed bug in checking for new versions
  • Fixed rare context menu/explorer crashes

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