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Version history for FFDSHOW

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Changes for rev. 4507 (20130426) - rev. 4513 (20130525)

  • [r4513]
  • Fixed compilation warnings/errors when using Windows SDK 7.0 (e.g. VC10's WSDK)
  • [r4512]
  • Sync with IntelQuickSync Decoder 0.43 (rev90)
  • - D3D11 decode + VPP is not default will be used only when needed.
  • - D3D11 performance enhancement
  • - Codec name now specifies which HW acceleration is ued (D3D9/11)
  • [r4511]
  • Fix possible deadlock with downstream filter.
  • Based on patch of Mark Opaskar.
  • [r4510]
  • sync with QS decoder r88 - compilation issues when win8 SDK wasn't installed.
  • [r4509]
  • updated blacklist
  • [r4508]
  • Sync with IntelQuickSync Decoder 0.42 (rev87)
  • - D3D11 decode + VPP. Windows 8 only feature. May not work on switchable graphics solutions.
  • - Fixed some minor issues with VPP (time stamp interpolation).
  • - Fixed AVC1 frame constructor. No longer will it process AnnexB streams. This should fix TV streaming. It doesn't support fragmented streams (NALs that span more than 1 packet).
  • - Made legal license identical across my files.

Changes for rev. 4399 (20120322) - v1.2.4422

  • Bugfixes
  • Lots of updates for libavcodec that bring bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security fixes.
  • Disable "Detect soft telecine and average frame durations" if 3:2 pulldown is being applied in AviSynth filter.
  • IAMStreamSelect: fix duplicated subtitle list in case of multiple ffdshow instances
  • If a matroska container had hidden leading chapter and Haali's splitter was used and tray icon was right-clicked, ffdshow crashed.
  • Various fixes regarding input mediatype handling, strides, and pin re-connection.
  • Various fixes regarding H.264 SPS parsing
  • Fixed decoding of 96khz 32bit audio with libavcodec
  • Fixed decoding of AAC audio with libavcodec when extradata is missing
  • Better handling of non-mod4 resolutions
  • Workaround for freeze in Powerpoint 2010
  • AC3 encoder was producing improper bitstream when connected to file writer filter
  • Various fixes for audio bitstreaming
  • New and improved features
  • Support for H.264 10-bit 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4/RGB
  • Support for H.264 8-bit 4:2:2/4:4:4/RGB, 4:2:0 was already supported
  • Support for various 10-bit and 16-bit colorspaces
  • Optimized YV12 to NV12 conversion
  • Enabled high quality RGB32 conversion by default
  • Added option to select a preferred output colorspace
  • Added Intel QuickSync decoder. This provides hardware acceleration decoding of H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2. Requires the integrated GPU of Intel Sandy Bridge processors.
  • Added DXVA video filter for hardware accelerated decoding. Supports H.264 and VC-1 video. Also includes subtitle support.
  • Various additions to the application blacklist and whitelist
  • Added support for Blu-ray PGS subtitles
  • Removed support for USF subtitles
  • Various improvements for the handling of ASS/SSA subtitles. More tags are supported now, but not yet all of them.
  • Various improvements for the rendering of text-based subtitles
  • By default now only subtitle files are shown that match the video filename. This behavior can be adjusted through an option on the "Try, dialog & Paths" page in ffdshow settings.
  • Created new format option in ffdshow audio decoder for the QT PCM variants (such as TWOS). They were previously part if the Uncompressed audio option.
  • ffmpeg-mt has been merged into libavcodec
  • Multi-threaded decoding is now used by default for H.264, MPEG-1/2, FFV1, and DV video.
  • Added decoding support for Indeo 4 and Indeo 5 video
  • Floating point output for libavcodec AAC, AC3, E-AC3, DTS, Vorbis, and Nellymoser decoders.
  • Added option to disable jitter correction for audio decoder
  • Improved performance of Deband filter
  • Removed some encoders for which the interface that ffdshow provided was outdated and unmaintained, such as Xvid and H.264. You should use the official codecs instead.
  • Removed some encoders that were considered obsolete or unstable.
  • Updates
  • Updated Boost library to v1.49
  • Updated zlib library to v1.2.6
  • Updated minilzo library to v2.06
  • Updated unrar library to v4.10
  • Updated libsamplerate to v0.1.8
  • Removed mp3lib
  • Removed xvidcore

Changes for Beta 6 - rev. 3154 (20091209) Beta 7

  • Bugfixes
  • Various H.264 and MPEG-2 seeking issues fixed
  • Several memory leak fixes
  • Subtitle fixes:
  • Don't show closed caption if "Subtitles" is not checked
  • Non-DVD subtitles: check if "Subtitles" is checked before showing subtitles
  • Setting "Maintain outside text inside screen" was not always applied correctly
  • Subtitle file could not be disabled during DVD playback
  • Duration of SSA move tags was randomly applied
  • Various fixes to alignment, line spacing, movement and positioning of ASS, SSA and SRT subtitles
  • Several crash fixes
  • Fixes in the Audio mixer and LFE crossover filter:
  • Center and LFE were too loud when downmixing 5.1->2ch
  • If the original sound had LFE channel, it was overwritten
  • If the center channel existed, left and right channels were ignored
  • Several MLP/TrueHD/LPCM decoding fixes
  • Playing a CSS-protected DVD using MPC or MPC-HC caused a crash in certain scenarios
  • Fixed DVD menu positioning and freeze issue
  • Fixed several crashes in WMP11 and Media Center
  • failed to register when a registry key was missing
  • Removed black lines in Perspective Correction filter
  • ffdshow would crash when using the Grab filter and the Resize filter with aspect ratio correction
  • Many fixes across multiple ffdshow components including OSD, deinterlacing, remote API, DVD and MPEG-2 playback
  • New and improved features
  • New multi-threaded H.264 decoder: ffmpeg-mt
  • DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD bitstreaming support for the ATI Radeon HD5000 series, ASUS Xonar sound cards and Intel Clarkdale CPUs
  • New color space converters:
  • Supported input color spaces: progressive YV12, progressive NV12, YV16, YUY2
  • Supported output color spaces: RGB24, RGB32
  • High quality chroma upscaling
  • Added dithering to reduce "banding"
  • Support for color primary parameters such as ITU-R BT.601/709, input and output levels
  • RGB conversion done in 11-bit or higher
  • Significant improvements in YV12 -> YUY2, YUY2 -> RGB, and YV12 -> RGB conversion performance
  • Requires SSE2-capable CPU; for better performance multi-core CPU recommended
  • New RGB conversion options:
  • Output levels ("Computer monitor" or "TV/Projector")
  • YCbCr specification "Auto" (uses H.264's VUI or width > 1024: BT.709, width <= 1024: BT.601)
  • Various improvements in the Subtitle filter:
  • Improved rendering quality, memory usage and performance
  • General code cleanup
  • SSA/ASS subtitles: better compatibility (support for position & move tags), better calculation of line wrapping, new dialog to configure ASS specific options. Also support added for ASS tags within SRT subtitles (SubViewer)
  • FFDShowAPI: .NET wrapper around FFDShowRemoteAPI allows integration of ffdshow with third-party applications
  • FFDShowRemoteAPI:
  • Improved subtitle/audio streams detection; now compatible with most filters handling the IAMStreamSelect interface
  • New command to disable FF/RW OSD
  • When using absolute positioning, x and y coordinates are now representing pixels instead of percentages
  • Added new parameter to determine the duration in which a message will be displayed
  • OSD settings are now based on the current ffdshow preset; this allows turning OSD on/off using the "Automatic preset loading" mechanism
  • Buffered video RAM access improves video memory access in certain scenarios
  • AviSynth filter now uses AviSynth's frames for buffering which improves performance and reduces the filter's memory usage
  • "Max. amplification" in the Normalization filter will only be applied after pressing "Apply"
  • Better handling of DVD menus
  • Improved autocrop algorithm
  • Added RealVideo 8 (RV30) support
  • Added soft telecine detection
  • Added several new preset autoload conditions
  • libavcodec is now used by default to decode Theora videos
  • libavcodec is now used as Dolby TrueHD decoder instead of MLP
  • Various updates to libavcodec

Changes for rev. 3008 (20090618) - rev. 3014 (20090620)

  • Notes:
  • MSVC 2008 SP1
  • MinGW GCC 4.3.3
  • ICL 10

Changes for rev. 2992 (20090609) - rev. 3004 (20090614)

  • MSVC 2008 SP1
  • MinGW GCC 4.3.3
  • ICL 10

Changes for rev. 1606 (20071114) - rev. 1611 (20071116)

  • ### Compilers used ###
  • * MSVC71:
  • * MSVC71 + ICL 10.0.027:
  • ff_libdts.dll
  • ff_libmad.dll
  • ff_libfaad2.dll
  • ff_liba52.dll
  • ff_realaac.dll
  • libmpeg2_ff.dll
  • ff_samplerate.dll
  • ff_theora.dll
  • ff_tremor.dll
  • ff_unrar.dll
  • kerneldeint.dll
  • TomsMoComp_ff.dll
  • * GCC 4.2.2:
  • libavcodec.dll
  • mplayer.dll
  • xvidcore.dll
  • ff_x264.dll
  • ### Notes ###
  • - Supports both ANSI and Unicode.

Changes for rev. 1375 - rev. 1376 (20070728)

  • update xvidcore
  • update libavcodec

Changes for rev. 740 (20070105) - rev. 756 (20070109)

Changes for rev. 736 (20070103) - rev. 740 (20070105)

Changes for rev. 731 (20061230) - rev. 736 (20070103)

Changes for rev. 723 (20061229) - rev. 731 (20061230)

Changes for rev. 705 (20061222) - rev. 723 (20061229)

Changes for rev. 696 (20061215) - rev. 705 (20061222)

Changes for rev. 684 (20061211) - rev. 696 (20061215)

Changes for rev. 673 (20061210) - rev. 684 (20061211)

Changes for rev. 664 (20061209) - rev. 673 (20061210)

Changes for rev. 657 (20061209) - rev. 664 (20061209)

Changes for rev. 654 (20061207) - rev. 657 (20061209)

Changes for rev. 497 - rev. 514

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