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Version history for FileMenu Tools (portable)

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Changes for v7.3.3 - v7.4

  • The commands can be sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed issues with very high resolution displays with high DPI.
  • Custom commands: changed property "Only one element" by "Number of elements". Now you can specify the number of elements that must be selected in Windows Explorer to show the command in context menu.
  • Custom commands: when testing a custom command of type "Program", a window will be showed to see the arguments to be passed to the program.
  • Advanced Renamer: increased the number the batch items from 5 to 10.
  • Fixed: the icon of "Send To..." commands could not be set correctly.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.3.1 - v7.3.3

  • Fixed crash on Sync Folders.
  • Fixed some crashes.

Changes for v7.2.1 - v7.3.1

  • Bug fixes.
  • v7.3
  • 28 May 2017
  • Added a command line tool to run the commands of FileMenu Tools from command line. So you can create automated tasks to run any command of FileMenu Tools from scripts, bat files, shortcuts, scheduled tasks, etc. For 32bit systems the tool is named "cmdfmt.exe" and for 64bit systems the tool is named "cmdfmt64.exe". You can generate easily the arguments for this tool from "Tools->Run From Command Line" or by running cmdfmt.exe/cmdfmt64.exe with no arguments.
  • Improved Split Files. Now the files may be also splitted without adding additional data to the files and they don't need to be joined later. This is useful for example to open in memory portions of very large files with a text editor.
  • The commands can be tested directly with double-clicking.
  • When application crash occurs, allow to send the crashdump with data to be analyzed by the developer and fix the issue sooner possible.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.2 - v7.2.1

  • Now the icon field for custom commands is editable in Properties panel. You can specify relative paths and environment variables for the icon file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.1.4 - v7.2

  • New actions to expand or collapse all submenus.
  • New action to test the selected command and to check if it runs correctly with the configured options.
  • Improvements in custom commands:
  • You can add custom commands automatically by dragging and dropping either executable files or shortcuts to FileMenu Tools window.
  • When the custom command is displayed with specific folders, all child folders can be also included.
  • Included new option in variables menu to add system environment variables (for example APPDATA, ProgramFiles, SystemRoot, etc).
  • Now you can specify line breaks with \n in the variable @message@.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.1.3 - v7.1.4

  • Fixed (custom commands): relative paths was not handled correctly.
  • Fixed (custom commands): sometimes browse for executable file or browse for icon file didn't work correctly.
  • Fixed (Change Icon): sometimes browse for icon file didn't work correctly.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.0.4 - v7.0.5

  • Fixed bug: sometimes the separators was not enabled.
  • Fixed bug in Calculate and verify checksums: the calculated checksum field was not updated when calculating a new checksum.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced renamer: the preview was not updated when changing the selected item of combo boxes with mouse or keyboard.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v7.0.3 - v7.0.4

  • Fixed bug in Calculate and Verify Checksums: CRC32 checksum was not generated correctly.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the separators was not displayed in the context menu.
  • Fixed bug: in Windows 7 with the classic theme the submenu Attributes was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug: custom commands could not be enabled/disabled.

Changes for v7.0.1 - v7.0.3

  • Fixed memory leak that may cause instability in Windows Explorer.
  • v7.0.2
  • Monday, 28 December 2015 00:00
  • Bug fixes:
  • Issue with Total Commander: the copy window was showed always when running any command of FMT.
  • Crash when right-clicking on Library icon of Windows Explorer.

Changes for v7.0 - v7.0.1

  • Bug fixes.

Changes for v6.8 - v7.0

  • Improved the appareance of the icons of FileMenu Tools, similar to the icons of Windows 10.
  • Added hotkey to submenu FileMenu Tools.
  • Improved Find and replace: it could take a long time to respond the window at the beginning of the search if the folder had a lot of subfolders.
  • Fixed bug in Create new folder: the folder name was limited in length.
  • The option "Convert paths to URL format" of the custom commands now works also with variables %FILENAME1%, %FILETITLE1%, etc.
  • Delete empty folders: you can choose the folders to delete.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced renamer: it may fail when renaming folders recursively.

Changes for v6.7.1 - v6.8

  • Added hotkeys to the commands of FileMenu Tools in order to run the commands from the keyboard. If you press Shift+F10, then the context menu will display the commands with a underlined character. If you press this character, then the command will be run.
  • Copy/Move to: if you active the option "Open target folder after copying", then the copied elements are selected in the new window.
  • Calculate and verify checksums: added new algorithms: CRC32, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512
  • Advanced renamer: new variables to add checksums (MD5, SHA1, etc) to the file name.
  • Bug fixes.
  • v6.7.2
  • Thursday, July 02, 2015
  • Fixed crashes on Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Changes for v6.7 - v6.7.1

  • Fixed painting issue of the context menu on Windows XP.
  • Advanced Renamer: improved conflict detection.
  • Custom commands: the character @ was added at the end of the file types with the variable @SAVEFILE@.
  • Custom commands: the new variable %INSTALLFOLDERPATH% did not work for the file path of the program.

Changes for v6.6 - v6.7

  • Added option to custom commands to convert the paths in arguments to URL format.
  • Improved Create New Folder: multiple folders may be created at the same time and variables may be specified for the folder name.
  • Pack to Folder: several folder levels may be specified with the backslash character.
  • Advanced Renamer: the profiles are sort alphabetically.
  • Copy to: the modification time of the copied folders is kept.
  • Added variable %INSTALLFOLDERPATH% for the custom commands. This variable is the full path where FileMenu Tools is installed.
  • Improved Delete empty folders: the system protected folders are ignored.
  • Improved Delete empty folders: you may set if ignore the hidden files.
  • Fixed bug in Copy Internet Path: when the scheme was "file", then a slash was added at the end incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug in Split files: did not work properly for files with little size.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: the time of selected folders was not changed, only the subfolders.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v6.5 - v6.6

  • Improved the custom commands of type "Run program". A new option added to enter recursively in the subfolders when the custom command is configured to secuential execution.
  • Folder Size: in FileMenu Tools 6.5 was added the analysis of hard links. So the real size in disk is calculated correctly if a file has referenced several hard links. The disadvantage is the process is slower. Therefore now is possible to choose if analyze the hard links or not.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: in specific time zones may exist a offset of one hour.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Renamer: when renaming folders recursively a message box was displayed continuously because the renamed folder was not found.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Renamer: did not convert correctly to lower case or upper case with special characters like , .
  • Fixed bug in Sync Folders: the time of target files was not changed correctly and therefore always the origin files was detected as modified files.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v6.3 - v6.5

  • The languages can be downloaded or updated from the application. You now do not need to go to website to download your language and install it manually.
  • Command Line From Here: this command will be run as administrator if either the key CTRL or the key SHIFT are pressed.
  • Attributes: added a new option to show/hide the file extensions.
  • Size of Folders: now takes into account the hard links and therefore calculates correctly the real size in disk when a file has several hard links referenced into the folder or subfolders.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: does not read correctly the time of folders.
  • Improvements in custom commands:
  • You can create a copy of the custom commands or a complete submenu.
  • Now you can specify relative paths for the executable files. If the full path is not specified, then the file is searched into the folders in PATH environment variable.
  • The variable @OPENFILE@ lets you now select several files.
  • The variables @OPENFILE@ and @SAVEFILE@ can be configured to specify the file types displayed in the dialog box.
  • Improvements in Advanced Renamer:
  • Added new variables to insert into the file name:
  • Added two new conversion types:
  • Encode to URL format. The special characters will be converted to %XX
  • Decode from URL format. The special characters will be decoded from the form %XX
  • Now the preview is updated automatically and is more efficient than in previous versions

Changes for v6.2 - v6.3

  • FileMenu Tools can automatically check for new versions (never, every day, every week and every month). This can be configured from "Options" menu.
  • Advanced Renamer: two new variables to add in the file name: RANDOM and SEQ.
  • RANDOM adds a random string.
  • SEQ adds a numeric sequence, starting in 1.
  • Two new variables for the arguments of the custom commands: RELPATH y FOLDERNAME.
  • RELPATH adds the path of the parent folder without the drive letter.
  • FOLDERNAME adds the name of the parent folder.
  • Calculate and Verify Checksums: now the checksums can be appended to a existing file.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: an error was displayed when the time was near to 24:00.

Changes for v6.1.2 - v6.2

  • New tool: Delete Empty Folders. This tool deletes recursively all the empty subfolders that the selected folder contains.
  • Improved Size of Folders: your can see the top file list in order of size.
  • Improved Calculate and Verify Checksums: now you can save all the checksums in an only file and verify the checksums from an only checksum file. The checksum file now have a format compatible with third-party checksum apps.
  • Improved Copy Internet Path: now you can specify the schema (http, ftp, etc.) and the hostname, and replace the base folder with other base folder in the server.
  • Fixed bug in custom commands: the variables TARGET... did not work correctly with shortcuts.
  • Fixed bug in Change Time: in summertime the file time was changed with a delay of one hour.
  • Fixed bug in Attributes: show/hide hidden files did not work correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Send to Mail Recipient: did not work with 64bit systems.

Changes for v5.8.1 Beta - v6.1.2

  • Copy Content: now it works with multiple files at once.
  • Fixed bug: on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista the commands did not work with more than 16 files selected in Windows Explorer when the visual styles are disabled.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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