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Version history for Fresh Download

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Changes for v8.77 - v8.78

  • double-click to excluded site options

Changes for v8.76 - v8.77

  • double-click to edit sound options.

Changes for v8.75 - v8.76

  • delete download history feature.

Changes for v8.73 - v8.74

  • pop-up menu on basket.

Changes for v8.72 - v8.73

  • support for Mozilla Firefox 8 browser.

Changes for v8.69 - v8.70

  • more icons on toolbar for a better interface.

Changes for v8.68 - v8.69

  • support for Internet Explorer 9 browser.

Changes for v8.67 - v8.68

  • support for Mozilla Firefox 4 and Opera 11 browsers

Changes for v8.64 - v8.65

  • toolbar popup menu for quick access.

Changes for v8.60 - v8.62

  • option to create log for every dowload item.

Changes for v8.58 - v8.60

  • option to show category properties.

Changes for v8.56 - v8.58

  • file size display customization.

Changes for v8.52 - v8.54

  • What's new: feature to edit the menus.

Changes for v8.50 - v8.52

  • add and edit feature in Category and Filter window.

Changes for v8.48 - v8.50

  • shortcut keys.

Changes for v8.44 - v8.46

  • feature to customize toolbar buttons.

Changes for v8.36 - v8.38

  • feature to delete history list.

Changes for v8.28 - v8.30

  • preview download item.

Changes for v8.26 - v8.28

  • default button on download properties.

Changes for v8.24 - v8.26

  • shortcut to column settings.

Changes for v8.18 - v8.20

  • settings for dialog box interface.

Changes for v8.10 - v8.12

  • category view.

Changes for v8.08 - v8.10

  • feature to filter the download list.

Changes for v8.06 - v8.08

  • feature to rename downloaded files.

Changes for v7.98 - v8.0

  • activity log feature.

Changes for v7.94 - v7.96

  • feature to feature to auto save file list at specific interval time.

Changes for v7.88 - v7.90

  • support for Portuguese, Italian, German and French languages and a smaller setup file.

Changes for v7.84 - v7.86

  • What's new: feature to redial when disconnected.

Changes for v7.82 - v7.84

  • feature to check for new downloaded file in server

Changes for v7.76 - v7.78

  • more information on status bar.

Changes for v7.74 - v7.76

  • feature to move failed download job to the bottom of the list, tested on Vista operating system, and some bugs fixed.

Changes for v7.72 - v7.74

  • feature to organize the download jobs.

Changes for v7.70 - v7.72

  • feature to limit the download speed, important update for user that still need the bandwidth for browsing.

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