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Version history for Fresh UI

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Changes for v8.84 - v8.85

  • service settings.

Changes for v8.81 - v8.82

  • file and print sharing settings.

Changes for v8.77 - v8.78

  • ICS connection and keyboard's NumLock settings.

Changes for v8.75 - v8.76

  • "Advanced" shortcut on desktop.

Changes for v8.74 - v8.75

  • feature to change IPv6 settings.

Changes for v8.73 - v8.74

  • feature to change print spooler directory.

Changes for v8.71 - v8.72

  • Internet time server settings.

Changes for v8.70 - v8.71

  • New: options for Malicious Removal Tool

Changes for v8.69 - v8.70

  • UAC (User Access Control) settings.

Changes for v8.68 - v8.69

  • superfetch settings.

Changes for v8.67 - v8.68

  • animation and system cache for prefetch settings

Changes for v8.66 - v8.67

  • What's new: Welcome window settings.

Changes for v8.65 - v8.66

  • Internet connection settings.

Changes for v8.62 - v8.63

  • Windows log-on wallpaper options.

Changes for v8.60 - v8.61

  • system section settings.

Changes for v8.56 - v8.57

  • active desktop settings.

Changes for v8.55 - v8.56

  • auto restart settings.

Changes for v8.54 - v8.55

  • more system log settings.

Changes for v8.52 - v8.53

  • system log settings

Changes for v8.46 - v8.47

  • Active Desktop settings.

Changes for v8.44 - v8.45

  • desktop settings.

Changes for v8.42 - v8.43

  • Internet Explorer settings.

Changes for v8.38 - v8.39

  • options to change thumbnail.

Changes for v8.37 - v8.38

  • options to change icons title.

Changes for v8.35 - v8.36

  • more settings to change icons.

Changes for v8.34 - v8.35

  • More settings for Appearance colors.

Changes for v8.30 - v8.31

  • options to change Icons.

Changes for v8.26 - v8.27

  • more settings for Appearance colors.

Changes for v8.25 - v8.26

  • more settings for Appearance colors.

Changes for v8.21 - v8.22

  • wallpaper settings.

Changes for v8.20 - v8.21

  • visual effect settings.

Changes for v8.16 - v8.17

  • Options for taskbar

Changes for v8.12 - v8.13

  • settings for Start Menu.

Changes for v8.11 - v8.12

  • settings for Start Menu.

Changes for v8.08 - v8.09

  • settings for Spider game.

Changes for v8.06 - v8.07

  • settings for Spider Games.

Changes for v8.05 - v8.06

  • settings for thumbnail cache.

Changes for v8.04 - v8.05

  • settings for error reporting and support for Italian language.

Changes for v8.03 - v8.04

  • more settings for Windows Firewall and support for Latin/Greek language.

Changes for v7.97 - v7.98

  • hidden settings for Display tab on Control Panel and support for Japanese language.

Changes for v7.96 - v7.97

  • Hidden settings for taskbar
  • Support for Chinese language

Changes for v7.95 - v7.96

  • hidden settings for taskbar and support for Dutch language.

Changes for v7.94 - v7.95

  • hidden settings for Start menu.

Changes for v7.90 - v7.91

  • hidden settings for Spider game application.

Changes for v7.89 - v7.90

  • Support for French language

Changes for v7.88 - v7.89

Changes for v7.87 - v7.88

  • more hidden options for Media Player.

Changes for v7.80 - v7.81

  • hidden Windows Explorer settings.

Changes for v7.79 - v7.80

  • hidden Network (WINS) settings.

Changes for v7.78 - v7.79

  • hidden Network (LMHOSTS and WINS) settings.

Changes for v7.77 - v7.78

  • TCP/IP settings.

Changes for v7.74 - v7.75

  • What's new: more hidden Network (TCP/IP) settings.

Changes for v7.73 - v7.74

Changes for v7.72 - v7.73

  • more hidden Network (TCP/IP) settings.

Changes for v7.71 - v7.72

  • hidden Network (TCP/IP) settings.

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