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Version history for MozBackup

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Changes for v1.5.1 - v1.5.2 Beta 1

  • Add: New warning when you want to create backup on drive with FAT32 file system where max. file size is limited.
  • Add: Some new files from newer versions of FF/TB.
  • Fix: SeaMonkey wasn't detected correctly when ZIP version of SeaMonkey is used (no info about program in registry).
  • Fix: *.map files were offered as unknown files.
  • Fix: Restoration backup from portable profile to standard profile is now possible.
  • Fix: Creation of profile from app was broken.
  • Fix: Some language corrections.

Changes for v1.5 - v1.5.1

  • Fix: some minor fixes

Changes for v1.5 Beta 1 - v1.5

  • Fix: some minor fixes

Changes for v1.4.10 - v1.5 Beta 1

  • Fix: some minor fixes

Changes for v1.4.10 Beta 1 - v1.4.10

  • Fix one problem with automatic backups

Changes for v1.4.9 - v1.4.10 Beta 1

  • Add support for Firefox 3.6
  • Add support for Thunderbird 3.0

Changes for v1.4.9 Beta 1 - v1.4.9

  • Fix: FS#286 - Progress window contains some unlocalizable strings

Changes for v1.4.8 - v1.4.9 Beta 1

  • Fix: FS#264 - List Index out of bounds
  • Fix: FS#265 - Add finish page to installer
  • Fix: FS#266 - Installer should install MozBackup for all users
  • Fix: FS#279 - MozBackup should be uninstallable from Add/Remove applications dialog

Changes for v1.4.8 Beta - v1.4.8

  • Add: FS#152 - New graphic for MozBackup 1.4.8
  • Fix: FS#143 - ZIP version should contains directory

Changes for v1.4.7 - v1.4.8 Beta

  • Fix: FS#120 - Check Czech localization
  • Fix: FS#123 - language file hasn't applied correctry
  • Fix: FS#141 - Spelling error on component selection screen.

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