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Version history for Process Lasso Portable Edition (64-bit)

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Changes for v8.2.0.4 - v8.6.4.2

  • Change GUI Fix length of solicitation dialog for PT-BR
  • Change Licensing More next-gen licensing system work
  • Change Core Minor maintenance work

Changes for v6.6.0.56 - v6.6.0.60

  • Addition GUI Added new log filter for easy searching and filtering of the displayed process log entries
  • Fix GUI Fix a user reported crash
  • Fix InstallHelper Fix minor cosmetic issue when upgrading from very old versions and the core engine is configured as a service
  • Fix Core Fix average historical process CPU utilization as shown in termination log events could be represented as '1.#J', a floating point notation
  • Fix Core Crash dumps disabled in final build
  • Change Core Refactored more highly trafficked code blocks for increased efficiency
  • Change Core Improved error handling on log write failure
  • Change Core After so many sequential non-sharing errors while trying to write to the log, give up for the duration of the instance
  • Change GUI Improve graph tooltip text alignment within window
  • Change GUI Remove an unnecessary refresh/repaint of the graph legend
  • Change GUI Set elevation state to true when the user checks 'Manage processes of all users', so that the user doesn't have to toggle both

Changes for v6.6.0.48 - v6.6.0.56

  • Fix GUI Could inappropriately restart the governor after it was stopped by the user
  • Fix GUI Fix to Clear Log's thoroughness
  • Fix GUI Fix application power profile dialog full clear would not immediately save
  • Fix Core Fix issue in top level exception handler appearing in .48
  • Fix Core Minor fix to Energy Saver when used with non-idle power profiles
  • Change Core Disallow Energy Saver when Governor running as a service (can't detect idle time correctly)
  • Change Core Improve Energy Saver logging
  • Change Core Disable logging of process launches and terminations by default
  • Change Core Exception handler will now let you explore to the dump
  • Change Core Don't set high I/O priority for core engine
  • Change Core Priority class of governor children (e.g. keep running, watchdog restart/execute) now set to normal priority class
  • Change Core Several code optimizations
  • Change Core Decreased memory footprint slightly
  • Change Core Replaced process tracking meta-container with a more optimal data structure, improves efficiency (even further reduced CPU utilization)
  • Change GUI Show additional governor startup log entries
  • Change GUI Several code optimizations
  • Change GUI Show additional log entry types
  • Change GUI Show version number in log
  • Change GUI Show governor refresh rate log events
  • Change rcTools Major improvements to our in house localization tools
  • Change Languages Updates to German, Italian, Chinese, and others

Changes for v6.6.0.30 - v6.6.0.48

  • Addition Core Add new watchdog action to launch/execute an application when given threshold is met
  • Addition Core Implement 'reduce CPU affinity by one random core during ProBalance restraint'
  • Fix GUI Fix to 'Reset all configuration to defaults'
  • Fix GUI Fix rar process icon mismatches (a window painting issue)
  • Change Updater Fully transparent and silent automated updates are now enabled, see next change item for more
  • Change GUI Re-enable system tray balloon after an automated update, since there may otherwise not be any indication. Can be disabled by setting HKLM\Software\ProcessLasso\(dword)DisablePostUpdateNotify=1
  • Change GUI Increase time system tray balloon notification for updates is displayed to 20 seconds
  • Change GUI Minor cosmetic changes
  • Change GUI Improvements to Watchdog configuration dialog
  • Change GUI Improvements to ProBalance Configuration dialog
  • Change GUI Allow more process icons to load faster during first start
  • Change SrvStub Do not try to restart governor service after abnormal termination
  • Change Core Do not try to recover from errors (shouldn't be any!), dump and exit
  • Change Core Several micro-optimizations
  • Change Languages Updates to Traditional Chinese, Polish, and others

Changes for v6.6.0.18 - v6.6.0.30

  • Fix GUI Check 'None' when no application power profile selected
  • Fix GUI Fix current 'Avoid non-physical cores' current CPU affinity was acting as persistent
  • Fix GUI Fix 'exit core engine too?' message shown on GUI self-restart on elevation change
  • Fix Core Fix 'log power profile change events' not behaving as expected, nor had full coverage of all pertainent log events
  • Fix All Fix Norton Internet Security's tamper detection triggering when Process Lasso merely looks at its processes
  • Change CPUEater Improvements to accuracy of responsiveness metric
  • Change CPUEater Rewrote 'Wall of Text' on CPU Eater
  • Change GUI Major improvements to accuracy of our unique PC responsiveness metric shown on graph
  • Change GUI Improved responsiveness of the GUI itself during unmitigated high loads
  • Change GUI Reset memory page priority when a persistent memory prioriy removed
  • Change GUI A few small optimizations
  • Change GUI Rename 'Configuration and Log' sub-menu to 'File'
  • Change GUI Remove 'Run GUI and core engine' at lesser priority classes, as we have them tuned to be just right, and rules can over-ride anyway
  • Fix Logger Fix log file pruning was not working
  • Change Logger Misc adjustments
  • Change Languages Updates to Serbian and others

Changes for v6.6.0.12 - v6.6.0.18

  • Fix GUI Fix failure to toggle 'log all executed processes'
  • Fix GUI Fix new automated update checkbox on update dialog would always appear unticked
  • Fix GUI Fix default memory priorities configuration dialog 'Remove' and 'Clear' not persisting
  • Fix GUI Minor fix to the attributes of some configuration dialogs
  • Fix GUI Fix issue where saved main window state (e.g. maximized) could be lost, but position retained, when user closed the GUI without ever opening main window
  • Fix Updater Fix an errant license expired message seen during some automated updates
  • Change GUI Enable previously disabled watchdog rules with CPU affinity actions and virtual memory thresholds
  • Change GUI Remove arg0 (pathname) from process launch log entry command lines to improve clarity
  • Change GUI Remove process memory page priorities 6 and 7 since they aren't intended for application use
  • Change GUI Minor misc
  • Change Languages Update Serbian, Japanese

Changes for v6.5.0.20 - v6.6.0.12

  • Addition All New range specification in CPU affinities, e.g 0;2-4 for processors 0;2;3;4
  • Addition All Add termination log entry type
  • Addition GUI Add 'automatic updates' checkbox to update dialogs for quick application of silent, automated updates for future events
  • Fix Core Fix Energy Saver non-idle power profile initial change upon toggle during core engine session
  • Fix Core Fix 32-bit edition watchdog rules broken in v6.5. The 64-bit edition was not affected.
  • Fix GUI Fixes and enhancements to GUI and Governor startup configuration and toggles
  • Fix GUI Fix single process selection context menu's foreground boost exclusion check state
  • Fix GUI Fix governor status monitoring in certain multi-user environments
  • Fix GUI Fix old log events might be taken into consideration with regards to process restraint history on initial load
  • Fix GUI Fix secondary non-applicable events showing up in some graph tooltips, might appear as duplicated process name
  • Fix InstallHelper Fixes to installer command line specification of GUI and Governor startup type
  • Fix InstallHelper Force GUI to start with elevated permissions when Governor run as a service under *all* scenarios
  • Fix ThreadRacer Fix a cosmetic defect on stop
  • Change GUI Simplification and re-organization of process context menus
  • Change GUI Move log options submenu to 'Configuration and Log' menu
  • Change GUI Further improve accuracy of restraint history
  • Change GUI Re-enable system tray notifications
  • Change GUI Remove 'power profile' prefix from active power profile display overlaid on graph
  • Change GUI Named memory priorities in process context menu
  • Change GUI Prune resource modules
  • Change GUI New code signing certificate
  • Change GUI Speed response time of change to system tray icon to reflect Governor running status
  • Change GUI Standardized single and multi-selection context menu item titles
  • Change InstallHelper Improvements to management of GUI and Governor startup type
  • Change All Code optimizations
  • Change Updater Change initial updater check interval to every 7 days for final builds, 2 days for beta builds
  • Change Core ProBalance ignore processes of non-normal CPU priority class now only applies to CPU priority adjustments by ProBalance. Other adjustments, such as CPU affinity, will still be made.
  • Change Core Add another Symantec process known to have interoperability issues with regards to its tamper detection
  • Change Package Renewed code signing certificate

Changes for v6.0.3.4 - v6.5.0.0

  • Addition All New flat file log format that improves the logging performance, particularly noticeable while in the GUI
  • Addition All New log file rotation allows archiving of old log files, improved pruning performance, and faster log load by the GUI since the current log can be smaller
  • Addition All Add distinct polling interval setting for governor and GUI
  • Addition All Enumerate all log entry types
  • Addition GUI Add active processes column selection to View menu (can also right-click on tab to select)
  • Addition GUI Add check to make sure nobody has disabled the Performance Data Helper for system services (e.g. Processor) that we may monitor
  • Addition GUI Added back debug log toggle in beta versions after code refinement
  • Addition GUI Additional logging optimizations
  • Fix GUI Fix flicker sometimes seen in actions log listview header
  • Fix Core Fix failure to properly manage parking of some power profiles
  • Fix Core Fix EnergySaver forced non-idle power profile not switching to that power profile on startup
  • Fix GUI EnergySaver non-idle power profile was not being forced during startup
  • Fix GUI Fix header of log listview in GUI could appear incorrectly painted or blank
  • Fix GUI Fixes to watchdog configuraton dialog
  • Fix GUI Fix View menu column selection submenu not working in activated installs
  • Fix GUI Fix case where memory metric columns may have appeared blank
  • Fix GUI Fix 'Log application power profile change events' toggle
  • Fix Core Fix case of application power profiles not reverted when the core engine terminates if target processes are still running
  • Fix Core Handle some anomalous configuration scenarios
  • Fix Core Fix Energy Saver non-idle power profile initial switch when core started
  • Change GUI Refactored code in the primary process enumeration loop to improve efficiency
  • Change GUI Show hard page faults by default
  • Change GUI Report hard page faults in page faults column (ignoring soft page faults)
  • Change GUI Show hard page faults and hard page fault delta columns by default
  • Change GUI Adjust display behavior of 0 for some fields (empty instead of 0, as is the standard)
  • Change GUI Re-enable process icons by default
  • Change Core Allow matching process power profile [wildcards] to pathnames as well as PL-basename notation
  • Change GUI Hide log entries with no defined textual description of action
  • Change GUI Remove deprecated ProBalance defaults check
  • Change GUI Optimize system tray balloon notification thread
  • Change All Log can now be written and read at the same time, given the new flat format and file rotation
  • Change GUI Restraint history seconds abbreviation included in process listview
  • Change GUI Added more strings for log action types
  • Change GUI Improved precision of per-process ProBalance restraint historical time
  • Change GUI Don't show system tray balloon tip when automated updates are enabled
  • Change GUI Reduce logging depth options to 'pruned' or 'not pruned'
  • Change GUI Restore warning message overlaid on graph when governor not running
  • Change GUI List some processes previously ignored
  • Change GUI Cosmetic and menu changes
  • Change GUI Add 100ms polling interval option for governor
  • Change GUI Dynamically disable non-applicable log context menu items
  • Change GUI Show more previously ignored (protected or tamper protected) processes when 'ignore problematic processes' is false
  • Change Core Act on some processes not previously allowed to be acted on when 'ignore problematic processes' is unchecked
  • Change Core General code optimizations and improvements
  • Change Core Add several new log entry types
  • Change GUI Double click will also open context menus (continued change proliferating)
  • Change Core Enable logging of new process executions by default
  • Change All Remove inter-process pipes, replaced with log backed mechanism
  • Change All Move the configuration file to a subfolder of its own so that folder change notification events used to detect configuration changes fire only when the configuration has actually changed
  • Change All Move the log files to a subfolder of their own
  • Change All Reduced disk accesses
  • Change All Performance improvements
  • Change All Use VC9 platform toolset on 32-bit builds (only), restoring compatibility with W2K and XP pre-SP2
  • Change All Many optimizations
  • Change Languages Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Italian, French

Changes for v6.0.2.96 - v6.0.3.4

Changes for v6.0.2.82 - v6.0.2.96

  • Language updates
  • Use new application icon of a car (parked)
  • Code optimizations
  • View menu item position shifts
  • Remove option 'place technical columns first' (users can always re-arrange columns themselves, changes in column order and width will be preserved)
  • Remove option to toggle debug log
  • Kill the debug log to reduce CPU utilization in betas (may be forcibly enabled or disabled on whim in betas)
  • Newly improved minidumps
  • Fix a very rare crash in the GUI that could occur as it starts up
  • Fix ParkControl message box when user hits OK without applying, now exits after user chooses yes to apply

Changes for v6.0.2.76 - v6.0.2.82

  • Languages Updates
  • Reduce size of minidumps for easier and more frequent submission
  • Turn off frame pointer optimizations for improved call stack analysis when evaluating minidumps
  • Code optimizations
  • Remove 'system operations' menu
  • Adjust debug output code
  • Make minimum max log lines 500 and remove deprecated '100' menu item
  • Decrease maximum log lines shown in actions view to conserve resoures
  • Fix preservation of child windows for some arrangements that broke after v6.0.2.48
  • Fix missing string in special processes action confirmation message
  • Fix to automated update on some systems (won't be seen until update *from* fixed build)
  • Add option to toggle beta version debug log (off by default), hidden in final builds

Changes for v6.0.2.74 - v6.0.2.76

  • Language updates
  • Only enable minidumps for beta versions
  • Include CHM docs
  • Remove topmost style from automated update download progress dialog
  • Remove submenus from main Options menu for easier finding of configuration dialogs
  • Adjustments to many strings
  • Misc improvements and optimizations
  • Fix to preservation and management of startup configuration in NT6+
  • Fix /showwindow command line switch of GUI
  • Fix new elevation state change mechanism's self-restart showing exit confirmation message box, which interferred with the self-restart

Changes for v6.0.2.66 - v6.0.2.74

  • Language updates
  • Fix failure of GUI to start at user login in 2K/XP/2003 under some configurations (background core engine would start fine)
  • Fix GDI handle leak in GUI that started in with core parking display (could cause GUI to stall, and larger display painting problems)
  • Don't invoke Install Helper dialog on manual elevation state change, simply toggle it, reconfigure start items, and relaunch
  • Remove 'Apply' button from Energy Saver dialog, and instead switch power profiles as the user selects one
  • Change parked core color
  • Fix /showwindow
  • Adjusted compiler settings a bit for a marginal increase in performance
  • Add debug output for config file change event signal and rework a bit of the change detection code
  • Many misc. revisions
  • Add Energy Saver to force active (non-idle) power profile, as opposed to relying on current user setting

Changes for v6.0.2.62 - v6.0.2.66

  • Revert a prior adjustment to the listview process icon management
  • Other misc adjustments and fixes
  • Added physical CPU count to status bar
  • Show core parking status by in core utilization bar graphs
  • Change Process Lasso main icon
  • Added the real-time CPU utilization and core parking display from Process Lasso's GUI

Changes for v6.0.2.58 - v6.0.2.62

  • Adjustments to debug log (only enabled for beta builds)
  • Fix new Keep PC Awake timers
  • List processes that have no accessible base module pathname

Changes for v6.0.2.56 - v6.0.2.58

  • Language updates
  • Add debug output of ignored processes and rationale for ignoring
  • Clear debug log every instance

Changes for v6.0.2.48 - v6.0.2.56

  • Updated several languages
  • Disable Back button when only second dialog invoked (e.g. elevation setting change)
  • Removed informative warning when running governor in system context instead of as a specific user (as a service)
  • Added manual warning if process could not be terminated
  • Remove a confusing 'Restore Defaults' menu option that referred to ProBalance defaults; the global configuration reset still exists
  • Change core utilization graph minimum size and per-core bar width for most systems
  • Cosmetic and string changes
  • Several internal changes
  • Re-enable interprocess pipe (maintenance continues here)
  • Added new option to show previously hidden processes, Ignore Problematic Processes (defaults to true)
  • Added manual keep PC awake for timed periods
  • Added new debug log (not yet used extensively)
  • Add confirmation prompt when resetting defaults from start menu

Changes for v6.0.2.44 - v6.0.2.48

  • Change All: Added inverse operator to wildcards ('!' or '~' must prefix the wildcard string)
  • Change All: Enabled wildcard comparison on usernames in ProBalance exclusions
  • Change GUI: Expanded minimum per-core utilization view horizontal size
  • Change Installer: Minor adjustments
  • Change Languages: Updated German, Polish, Italian, Finnish, others..

Changes for v6.0.2.38 - v6.0.2.44

  • Updated several languages
  • Fix main window position not preserved
  • Fix compatibility with CPUs that don't support SSE or SSE2
  • Fixes theoretical failure to use localized auto update download progress dialog
  • Fixes automated update in XP and Vista+ systems with users who have spaces in their user names (will be seen working again in next update)
  • Double the max length of time we wait for termination of processes to be updated, for high load situations
  • Improvements of interoperability with Windows recovery mechanisms when service failure occurs
  • Better service coordinator process description for use when running the core engine as a service
  • Several unspecified changes and improvements ongoing
  • Make sure srvstub and bitsums are updated (service support) since they have changed

Changes for v6.0.2.34 - v6.0.2.38

  • Fix bug that could cause crash in governor or GUI if use used default I/O priorities AND allowed matches based on pathnames
  • GUI: Fix issue where main window would briefly show at startup before being minimized (depending on its state when you exited it)
  • GUI: A promotion dialog appearance was improved in 2K/XP
  • Installer: Least significant digit in progams list may have been inaccurate in last few versions
  • ParkControl: Adjustment to 'Show CPU parking in Power Options'
  • GUI: Reduced minimum allowed horizontal and vertical saved main window size by 100 pixels each (further work coming)
  • Simplified Chinese: Updated
  • Traditional Chinese: Updated (partly from Simplified Chinese)
  • GUI: Don't use special font for RAM Load for Chinese languages, only Japanese
  • GUI: Unpublished minor adjustments
  • GUI: Server Edition trial expiration handled more gracefully
  • GUI: Font change on CPU usage caption for Japanese, Chinese

Changes for v6.0.2.32 - v6.0.2.34

  • More language updates
  • Attempt to make download dialog less obtrusive when automated updates are turned on
  • Process shell icons not shown by default and this setting reset. See View menu to turn back on.
  • Fix some web links not opening in certain circumstances, especially when PL elevated, and depending on default browser and OS
  • Fix conflict with third-party software in some Asian regions (unrelated to process adjustments, it is a bug in their application that crashes while its code is within PL's process space)

Changes for v6.0.2.30 - v6.0.2.32

  • Updated nearly all supported languages!
  • Misc Internal adjustments and fixes
  • Change copyrights to 2013 (doc refresh pending)
  • Changed some settings to work-around issues with some meddlesome third-party software that uses DLL injection to crash within Process Lasso
  • A couple menu items moved
  • Fixed issue where default memory priorities configuration dialog would clear the list
  • Fixed an uninitialized iterator that could have caused crashes in either the GUI or core engine, theoretically - though this iterator is *never* derferenced, so...

Changes for v6.0.2.28c - v6.0.2.30

  • Continued minidump archival improvements
  • Clear up releaes channel confusion
  • Minor tweaks and polishing to last build and start of new 'ignore excessively minor updates'
  • Slight tweaks
  • Less annoying startup nag for free edition

Changes for v6.0.2.28 - v6.0.2.28c

  • Refreshed list of up to date translations in a-c versions
  • Updated Japanese
  • Old Spanish forcibly removed - was causing crashing where it still existed
  • Russian, Simplified Chinese no longer marked out of date
  • Fixed priority class string too long cauusing crash
  • Updated simplified chinese

Changes for v6.0.2.8 - v6.0.2.28

  • Added Hungarian
  • Other internal changes and adjustments
  • Re-arranged menu structure and renamed top-level submenus
  • Moved system shutdown function to a submenu so not to be confused with shutdown of Process Lasso
  • Numerous internal adjustments and improvements
  • Lots of general polishing
  • Added UAC Shield for ParkControl
  • When silent, automated updates in use, update window or dialog progress is no longer shown (only balloon tip afterwards)
  • Disabled controls not applicable when user changing elevation state
  • Re-designed controls
  • Added function to toggle on/off core parking settings in Windows Power Options
  • Full 'Sticky' (default) Memory Priority support

Changes for v6.0.2.6 - v6.0.2.8

  • Change French Updated
  • Change Japanese Updated
  • Change Russian Switch to alternate Russian translation using text files
  • Fix Core Fix bad looking shell icon in .6

Changes for v6.0.2.2 - v6.0.2.6

  • Updated Japanese
  • Fix bad build

Changes for v6.0.1.96 - v6.0.2.2

  • Fix GUI Fix crashes seen in watchdog, disallowed processes, and other dialogs in the last final (cause was change to the MSVC++ CRT - no more trying VC11-XP without extensive regression testing)
  • Fix Core Fix disallowed processes wasn't working when full pathnames given and drive letter specified (was being truncated due to engine thinking a username specification followed)
  • Addition GUI Allow memory priorities to be set - default memory priorities currently greyed out until implementation complete
  • Addition GUI Added browse buttons to Disallowed Process Configuration Dialog
  • Change GUI Adjust text of some process context menu items
  • Addition GUI Add Memory Priority column for Vista+
  • Change GUI Slight code optimizations
  • Change GUI On elevation request, advance to second InstallHelper dialog and invert elevation setting automatically
  • Change Core/GUI Set memory priority of self
  • Change Serbian Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.92 - v6.0.1.96

  • Updated a few languages
  • Elevation/de-elevation via main menu now invokes InstallHelper to make sure startup config is correct (no UAC prompts should appear, elevated or not)
  • Updated to VS2012 SP1
  • Add hard coded exclusion of winsat.exe from ProBalance restraint
  • Fix 'unlimited' log entries setting may get lost
  • Fix stall/hang of Process Lasso GUI during user induced exit under certain scenarios

Changes for v6.0.1.88 - v6.0.1.92

  • languages Updated
  • Switched back to VC11-XP
  • Adjustment to system tray Exit mechanism (fix potential failure to shutdown issue)
  • Force one time reset of all saved message boxes

Changes for v6.0.1.86 - v6.0.1.88

  • Addition GUI Added option to change activation codes (in Help menu)
  • Change GUI Change some ProBalance option descriptions since they now apply to more than just priority optimizations
  • Change Licensing Change update eligibity check message so that it is better descriptive
  • Change Licensing Changes to improve reliability
  • Change Auto-Update Removed a static file from automated update, reduced size and fixed error seen if 'bitsumms.exe' could not be overwritten

Changes for v6.0.1.76 - v6.0.1.86

  • GUI Adjustment of shutdown code to handle cases of the governor running as a service
  • GUI Fix watchdog dialog may lose % CPU or X MB setting when manipulating rules
  • GUI Fix unused watchdog field may propagate from another entry when using up/down (has no functional impact)
  • GUI Fix other minor issues with watchdog dialog
  • Licensing Fixed some licensing message boxes had OK instead of YES/NO, as their texts indicated
  • Licensing Fixed some keys that were not being processed correctly on server side (very small percent of users affected)
  • GUI Fix system tray 'Shutdown Process Lasso' could fail if saved option for message box question on some systems, depending on uninitialized upper portion of a DWORD of memory - so affected users are random.
  • GUI Licensing changes
  • GUI Adjustments to some message boxes
  • GUI Other internal adjustments
  • Revision history Use javascript to hide older hidstory unless user wants to see it, to reduce clutter
  • Addition GUI Prep for new 'Run' options (not yet enabled)
  • Addition GUI Add system shutdown option to GUI application menu
  • GUI Sped shutdown of Process Lasso
  • Licensing Change some key formats for specialized users (email
  • GUI Clean up log context menu, adding full process context menu to it [a]
  • GUI Small adjustments for pending additions
  • GUI Added version number to INI file for later use
  • GUI Increased default priority class of GUI
  • GUI Improvements to newly restored Windows 2000 compatibility
  • Hungarian Continued improvements as integration is completed
  • Traditional Chinese Updated
  • Serbian Updated
  • Italian Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.74 - v6.0.1.76

  • Addition Core Added custom feature to avoid core 0 in round robin affintiy selection when used with ProBalance
  • Change GUI W2K USERS: THIS BUILD IS COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 2000 & 2000 SERVER! These will be issued from time to time, so grab them up if you are a W2K user and make your money heard through your wallet ;)
  • Change All Misc very minor tweaks and fixes throughout
  • Fix GUI Work on some of the newer languages continues
  • Fix GUI Changes to Process Lasso GUI shutdown procedure to fix system tray artifiact after attempting to close (also related to failure to close under some circumstances)
  • Fix GUI Fix issue with revision history not shown when user clicks on system tray icon
  • Addition Hungarian Added translation from Brechler Zsolt
  • Fix Russian Fixed ProBalance round-robin log entry description
  • Change Traditional Chinese Updated
  • Change Simplified Chinese Updated
  • Change German Updated
  • Change Serbian Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.62 - v6.0.1.68

  • Fix GUI Fixed a slow GDI object leak when main window open and graph visible, under some conditions (seen as severe display corruption of the Process Lasso GUI)
  • Fix GUI Fix to use of critical section in the main graph window painting code (no big functional impact, but could cause problems)
  • Fix GUI Watchdog Dialog: After rule added, process name now always cleared so you aren't prompted if you want to store the current entry, etc...
  • Fix Core Some adjustments to the process watchdog core engine logic
  • Change GUI Sped start up at user login a bit
  • Change GUI Improvements and standardization of some of the graph painting code
  • Change GUI Some tooltip changes
  • Change GUI Changed 'No default ...' to 'None' in all cases for consistency
  • Change Core Adjustments to internal logic of watchdog code - continuing refactor, wanted to test this new incarnation in beta though it should be better
  • Change GUI Increased entropy of config file password digest (if one set by admin)
  • Change Finnish Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.52 - v6.0.1.62

  • Release Date 10-10-2012
  • Addition GUI Added horizontal per-process % memory load graph to active processes (private bytes for NT6+, commit size otherwise)
  • Addition GUI Added support for optional grid lines toggle for main process view
  • Addition Docs Added preliminary documentation for Watchdog Rules syntax in configuration file
  • Fix GUI Improved appearance of per-core metrics
  • Fix GUI Fixed Watchdog Configuration dialog memory metric may not be cleared when unused for the rule while using UP/DOWN (has no functional impact)
  • Fix GUI Fixed GUI recovery system trying to relaunch governor before system shutdown is complete under some rare scenarios where the difference in notification of shutdown between the governor and GUI exceeds a certain time
  • Fix GUI Fixed several Watchdog Configuration dialog malfunctions
  • Fix GUI Fixed Watchdog Configuration UP/DOWN buttons that started malfuntioning due to a recent change that also broke other things in this dialog
  • Fix GUI Watchdog dialog would not properly add I/O priority settings
  • Fix GUI Fix watchdog dialog leaving names of processes in edit box after an add operation
  • Fix GUI Fix improper rendering when memory load graph is hidden under some circumstances
  • Fix Core Fix to 'notify' watchdog rule
  • Change All Renames watchdog rules configuration value to 'Watchdog Rules'
  • Change All Removed extended sanity checks from beta builds
  • Change Dumps Improved debugging subsystem
  • Change All Some optimizations to shared code between all of Process Lasso
  • Change GUI Force some metric for 'notify' watchdog events (reversion of a prior change)
  • Change GUI Improvements to Watchdog configuration dialog
  • Change GUI Increased what it takes to get on the Active Processes list a little
  • Change GUI Increased responsive time of governor watch thread, in the case of system shutdowns
  • Change Italian Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.50 - v6.0.1.52

  • Improved capability for processlasso.exe itself (not launcher) to, when launched, tell an existing instance to open its main window
  • Fixed bad timestamping description on 64-bit server installer setup EXE
  • Fix problem in previous build - main window always opening when Process Lasso GUI started (annoyed some users)

Changes for v6.0.1.42 - v6.0.1.50

  • Fixed issue with 32-bit Server Edition automated updates (affected only recent builds)
  • Fixed inability to add 'log occurrence' events to Watchdog dialog
  • Misc small optimizations throughout
  • Only prevent broad scope on watchdog entries for non-harmful action types
  • Launching GUI will now bring any previous instance in that session to foreground
  • For betas, let user know that beta updates are forced on via message box
  • Allow full wildcards for some watchdog rules
  • When saved child window positions reset, also force graph visibility setting reset, else can have unpainted but shown child graph windows
  • Fixed failure of per-core metrics in some recent builds that had debug code
  • Add new launcher for Process Lasso's GUI to handle invoking existing session instance, or inducing a new one
  • Show 'Preventing PC Sleep' over the GUI when the user is using the temporary 'prevent PC from sleeping' option of the GUI
  • Fix bottom row of memory load graph not being painted sometimes
  • Preserves elevation and other startup config state settings more accurately
  • Several non-critical elevation related fixes due to misnamed external manifest being referenced
  • Fix to a shared function determining elevation state desired by user

Changes for v6.0.1.36 - v6.0.1.42

  • Addition GUI Added temporary rule to system tray and main menu, 'Force PC to stay awake'. This prevents the PC from sleeping while the GUI is running - until that option is unchecked. It does NOT persist when Process Lasso restarts.
  • Fix GUI Process Lasso Window state (e.g. maximized) could be unnecessarily lost after some Process Lasso updates due to change in number of child windows - now is preserved
  • Fix GUI Disable solitician dialog at startup while it undergoes maintenance
  • Fix GUI Further improved painting of memory load graph
  • Change GUI Change process context menu to give top-level access to 'Prevent sleep when running', made copy of those more granular anti-sleep menu items in 'less common actions'
  • Change Licensing Remove license revalidation, now that it served its purpose
  • Change GUI Disable double click on memory load graph to hide it, until we standardize behavior across new controls
  • Change GUI Force reset of listview column positions and states due to changes in prior build
  • Change GUI Remove licensee name from About dialog if not known (activation code identifies license)
  • Change Installer Include CHM Docs in Server Edition
  • Change Serbian Updated
  • Change Russian Updated

Changes for v6.0.1.14 - v6.0.1.36

  • Some processes not terminated or restarted in a timely manner despite being target of a watchdog rule (due to 'polite' termination attempt).
  • Fixed problem with memory load top overlapping its background group control after a size change
  • Fix per-core metrics turned off if any data is unavailable during startup, sometimes resulting in a corrupted right side of graph
  • Experimental painting adjustments for some non-compositing (mostly XP) systems showing artifacts
  • Fix error that caused empty per-core % time utilized graphs to, rarely, be shown a minority of non-English NT5 systems that didn't meet the pre-requisites
  • Fixed Watchdog Dialog assigning 'Working Set' to run regardless of actual user selection
  • Removed unimplemented options, preparing for next final
  • Added shell icons to complimentary executable modules, such as QuickUpgrade and InstallHelper
  • Removed start at login context menu items - at least for now - keeping our focus dedicated.
  • Removed all code to manage processes start at login. Specialied utilies can do this, and Windows itself.
  • Launch InstallHelper.exe in a non-blocking way, then handle its exit code when it is done (for 'Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts')
  • Further painting adjustments for non-composited dekstops (for internal and external testing purposes prior to finalization)
  • Strings finalized for translators to begin work
  • Move Private Bytes beside current total CPU % time graph in Active Processes tab
  • Don't show per-core metrics for single core systems
  • Don't temporarily zero per core metrics while being moved
  • Added border to per-core metrics
  • Don't clear process name control in Watchdog Dialog if entry is rejected (an annoying quirk in prior builds)
  • Enhanced rule verification while intiially adding to dialog
  • Preserve last window state (e.g. maximized or minimized)
  • Adjustments to memory load rendering (work continues)
  • Adjustments to active processes column sizes and ordering
  • Various components reviewed and code being committed for finalization (though much work remains!)
  • Adjusted graph click behavior (more work coming)
  • Made white default color scheme
  • Adjustments and optimizations to vertical array of progress bars control (thus all instances of it)
  • Dynamic size per-core metric graph (grows or shrinks depending on number of cores)
  • Moved per-core CPU % utilization to left, outside main graph - has a flicker in this beta
  • Improved efficiency of graph painting in some situations
  • Graph now 'feels' more smooth
  • Changed apperance of graph (reduced background lines)
  • Server Edition governor and GUI instances now manages all users by default
  • Removed CHM download prompt for registered users (replacing it)

Changes for v6.0.1.12 - v6.0.1.14

  • Other updates
  • Japanese Updated
  • Adjustment to system shell icon
  • Added a small right border to graph tooltips
  • Fixed some link issues with Server Edition
  • Optimizations to per-core metric display
  • Reduced history depth
  • Reduced graph lines
  • This is an interim minor minor update pending larger changes in the next beta series
  • Adjustments to system tray icon code to mitigate issue where it could become unresponsive (and static) in rare scanarios

Changes for v6.0.1.6 - v6.0.1.12

  • Addition Installer Added quick Start Menu shortcut to reset all Process Lasso settings to defaults for emergency user misconfigurations
  • Addition GUI Added button to ProBalance dialog to quickly change elevation configuration of Process Lasso - only shown when Process Lasso is running non-elevated
  • Addition GUI Added 1, 2, 3, and 4 second settings to Energy Saver combo box (though they could be typed in). It is recommended to turn Energy Saver logging off if you use aggressive settings like this.
  • Addition Governor Added safety mechanism to recover changed core parking parameters in rare circumstance of governor improperly terminated during a ProBalance event when core parking is set to be disabled (and that differs from the current setting)
  • Fix Governor Nixed remaining log messages that were emitted despite logging being disabled
  • Fix GUI/Governor Fix NIS 2013 tamper detection problem (and performance penalty)
  • Fix GUI/Governor Fix Comodo tamper detection problem (and performance penalty)
  • Fix GUI Fix possibility of self-recovery system going haywire and causing a repeated restart of Process Lasso (under some worst case scenario)
  • Fix GUI When 'Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts' selected, but no changes made, no automatic restart of Process Lasso is initiated
  • Fix GUI Save 'someprocess.exe has been excluded from ProBalance restraint' message box 'do not show again' setting, which was formerly dependent on the actual process name in the message box
  • Change GUI Change default of Energy Saver to NOT write out log events (conserves resources, and you can see the power profile change on the graph and elsewhere)
  • Change GUI Change recovery mechanism on GUI (only), re-enable minidumps
  • Change GUI Logging/notification action can now be added in the watchdog without any metrics other than filename given
  • Change GUI Disallow or warn about overly broad rules
  • Change GUI Added general warning to wathchdog dialog
  • Change GUI Adjustments to Watchdog dialog
  • Change All Misc small optimizations
  • Change Updater No longer make update dialogs a System Modal (so it won't block everything) - will be first noticed in *next* update you do *after* installing this build or later
  • Change French Updated
  • Change Italian Updated
  • Change German Updated
  • Change Serbian Updated
  • Change Spanish Updated bitmaps, included DLL (prepping for translation)

Changes for v6.0.0.98 - v6.0.1.6

  • Disable process icons by default in listview (can enable in View menu) - existing users retain current setting
  • Added block that ParkControl is only for NT6+ (Vista or above)
  • Removed ParkControl as a Pro-only feature (this was a mistake)
  • Fixed Russian per-core metrics not showing up when they should in Vista+ (localization error) - could affect other languages
  • Fixed typo in 'muiltimedia' [a special kind of media known only to us, lol ;p]
  • Fix Licensed User Name to accept licensee names with spaces (activator quote encapsulation issue)
  • Further improved compatibility of license revalidation with certain keys
  • Fixed issue with lost licensee names during license revalidation
  • Updated ParkControl to v1.0.0.10, with new sliders for easier understanding of the parking settings, and more
  • MANDATE and automatically perform license eligibility check prior to update so the user is not surprised if their license has expired
  • Added back CPU Eater demo (and dependency TestLasso) since it is invokable from within Process Lasso, and provides good demonstrative and testing capabilities
  • Added shell icon
  • Localized EULA/Warning to ParkControl
  • Changed EULA to state 'Power Profile Changes' instead of 'System Registry Changes'
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Updated rcImport and rcExport allow some additional short strings
  • Updated rcImport to show string with error (can be used in localization pack for pre-testing of translations)
  • Internal cleanup
  • Further reduced start menu shortcuts to one
  • Cleanup old start menu shortcuts no longer applicable (though backing files still exist)
  • Updated translations

Changes for v6.0.0.96 - v6.0.0.98

  • Fixed installer asking if user wanted to download CHM docs in Russian in last build (translator mistake)
  • Fixed loss of core parking setting when used in conjunction with ProBalance in some cases (quick build update - second release of .98 minutes later)
  • Fix double colons shown in licensee name in About dialog
  • Updated shell icon with graphics from Graphic Designer Jennifer Cripps -

Changes for v6.0.0.94 - v6.0.0.96

  • Fixed some typos
  • Updated translation
  • Changed a higher resolution shell icon (for better or worse - newer images coming)
  • Fixed behavior when 100% of cores are unparkable (disabled by effect)
  • Don't even start to write log entries when logging is disabled
  • When CPU Parking disabled for ProBalance, fix not always restored to prior state
  • Only change CPU Parking on first ProBalance event entered, and last exited - when concurrent ProBalance events are active
  • Fix a theoretical [silent and recovered] crash when writing log events for instance count limit violations under some conditions

Changes for v6.0.0.88 - v6.0.0.94

  • Updated translation
  • Added some additional strings for translation
  • Adjusted the text of several menu items
  • Added some additional error messages
  • First build under fresh physical install of Windows 8 Enteprise
  • Adjusted some helper code to remove any remote chance of a sparse handle leak in rare situations
  • Fix core parking changes not always applied in real-time by ProBalance (if set to disable core parking)
  • Removed missing metric parameters from Stop Processing Rule in the Process watchdog. It can be used alone without additional metrics or quotas
  • Adjustments
  • Combined gaming mode and multimedia processes
  • Improved highest resolution shell icon (more work remains)
  • Removed above modules, and optimized archive
  • Removed deprecated secondary Japanese resource DLL from different partner
  • Removed TestLasso, will be available as a stand-alone diagnostic tool (part of CPU Eater)
  • Removed CPU Eater demo, left to live as a stand-alone app for downloading on demand
  • Optimizations and size reductions

Changes for v6.0.0.78 - v6.0.0.88

  • Fix Installer Fix English silent/unattended install asking some for CHM download
  • Change German Updated translation

Changes for v6.0.0.76 - v6.0.0.78

  • Updated translation
  • Re-enabled minidumps as opposed to self-recovery, as we want to know of any critical error - not just recover from it
  • Changed bitmaps to new PL images by Jennifer Cripps
  • Adjustmensts to About Dialog controls
  • Added option to change licensed user name (in About Box of licensed copies)
  • Newly activated users were being presented with activation revalidation in some cases
  • Fix rare crash of the GUI seen by some while in Active Processes tab

Changes for v6.0.0.64 - v6.0.0.76

  • Translation updated
  • Change the way the GUI launches the governor on startup in Vista+, if it is found to not already be started
  • Change process context menu to better indicate what the 'Prevent Displays from Sleeping' option does
  • Improvements to internal translation tools
  • Expanded and changed license revalidation dialog - including new bitmap
  • Removed query asking if you want to manage all user processes only once or always
  • Fixed self-delevation in NT6+
  • Fix No Sleep processes would persist even after removed from dialog
  • Fix No Sleep checkboxes on process context menu only allowing one to be shown checked
  • Fixed No Sleep Configuration Dialog appearance and behavior
  • Accelerate updates of per-core metrics
  • No longer require restart if change to 'Manage all users' if Process Lasso already running elevated
  • (beta->beta)Substantial improvements to new license revalidation procedure and dialog
  • Added 'D' rule indicator for new third prevent sleep option (allow display, prevent PC sleep)
  • Added license revalidation dialog
  • Added splash screen by Jennifer Cripps
  • Added 'Allow Display(s) to Sleep, but prevent PC' new (third) No Sleep option
  • Added Japanese Trial Mechanism at behest of Japanese reseller
  • Added 'Allow Display(s) to Sleep, but prevent PC' new (third) No Sleep option

Changes for v6.0.0.62 - v6.0.0.64

  • Translations updated
  • Minor adjustments
  • Fix weblinks not working for a minority of users
  • Fix some of the column justifications (e.g. left or right justified)

Changes for v6.0.0.59 - v6.0.0.62

  • Fixed bug that could cause core engine to crash when a Keep Running process is first launched when logging of these events is enabled. Governor may recover and continue afterwards depending on config, but obviously no crash is acceptable. Caught in extended debugging.
  • Fix 'missing string' error seen briefly by some during auto-update download (won't be seen update *after* this)
  • Removed some now deprecated code in 2K/XP
  • Added safety code to updater to prevent user-induced direct edit misconfiguration
  • Reduced 'don't bother me' (for gamers) to 15 seconds of inactivity before any update announcement is made
  • Add 'default' style to Buy Now button, causing it to glow in/out depending on your visual effects
  • Renamed Disable Thread Priority Boost INI value name (options preserved from old name)
  • Perform additional cleanup in post-update operation (instead of at start of GUI)
  • Updated translation
  • Finnish
  • Chinese-Traditional
  • Chinese-Simplified
  • Serbian

Changes for v6.0.0.58 - v6.0.0.59

  • Cleanup languages no longer included (Indonesian, Dutch, Spanish, ...)
  • Relocated Russian Terminate Always (Disallowed Process) menu item to match English resources
  • Correct Russian Auto-Gaming Mode menu item
  • Updated Translation
  • Improved update migration docs and change log

Changes for v5.1.1.2 - v6.0.0.58

  • Updated Polish
  • Updated version number so service version is shown correctly
  • Last build (RC2) said (RC1) in the subtext of the installer (only)
  • Use service management code to check if governor is configured as a service, or currently running as one
  • Fixed aberrant core engine (governor) management and status when governor is running in a context higher than GUI (e.g. as a system service)
  • Adjusting timing of governor monitor thread
  • Removed message about governor not warning (see BIG RED system tray icon and its tooltip)
  • Fix some installer self-correcting edition anomalies

Changes for v5.1.1.1 - v5.1.1.2

  • Change GUI Change color of memory load when theme toggled (backport from v6)
  • Fix Core Fixed issue with commas in log events, a condition that could cause a crash under rare scenarios. The UNICODE escape character was lost when the source code was converted to ASCII, causing the problem (backport from v6)

Changes for v5.1.1.0 - v5.1.1.1

  • Change GUI Update button disabled after clicking to prevent any incidental double click in cases of high loads that it doesn't immediately disappear on
  • Change Build Changed DS installer names and other DS adjustments
  • Change GUI German language updated

Changes for v5.1.0.96 - v5.1.1.0

  • Change GUI Fixed Japanese Docs
  • Change GUI Adjust Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified Links
  • Change Build Installer security and integrity checks improved

Changes for v5.1.0.90 - v5.1.0.96

  • Fix possible crash on 'locate process file on disk' if said process crashes between click and selection (encapsulated in sync object now)

Changes for v5.1.0.90 - v5.1.0.94

  • Change GUI Improved appearance of per-process CPU utilization graph in Active Processes tab (backport from v6.
  • Fix GUI Fix possible crash on 'search for process on internet' if said process terminates between click and selection
  • Fix GUI Fix possible crash on 'locate process file on disk' if said process terminates between click and selection

Changes for v5.1.0.88 - v5.1.0.90

  • Fix some modules in some distributions not having valid digital certs due to inadvertent modification after signing (e.g. seeing quickupgrade.exe is not signed, etc..)

Changes for v5.1.0.86 - v5.1.0.88

  • Adjustments for unattended/silent install deployment

Changes for v5.1.0.80 - v5.1.0.82

  • Change Installer Improved installer language auto detection
  • Change GUI Reduced GUI memory consumption by approx 50% with default options (further reductions coming)
  • Change GUI Improved more translations that got mixed and matched with v6 branch (e.g. Traditional Chinese)
  • Change GUI Expanded width of unlicensed update dialog, as it was too small
  • Change GUI Better handled cases where certan malfunctioning third-party software may have caused the GUI to hang or crash
  • Change GUI Misc fixes and adjustments
  • Fix Updater Fix auto update malfunction in .80 build due to localization change, manual update to .82 required

Changes for v5.1.0.78 - v5.1.0.80

  • Fix Updater For licensed users, reduced extraneous UAC elevation prompts on 'automated' update when license is valided (changed completely in v6).
  • Fix GUI Fixed a few lost translated strings due to the v5 and v6 branches co-existing (an issue now resolved forever).
  • Fix GUI Further adjusted shutdown ordering and governor recovery mechanism, as some users still had complaints in 2K/XP under rare conditions.
  • Fix GUI Added English placeholders for some untranslated Russian strings.
  • Change GUI Improved localization of automated update dialog that is shown briefly, though this won't be seen until the next update.
  • Change GUI Misc small tweaks, fixes, and adjustments.

Changes for v5.1.0.76 - v5.1.0.78

  • Fix GUI Fix an interoperability issue with some (a specific) security software.
  • Fix GUI Updated translations.

Changes for v5.1.0.74 - v5.1.0.76

  • Change explicit shutdown order to eliminate error message box seen in some 2K/XP shutdowns.

Changes for v5.1.0.72 - v5.1.0.74

  • Signed a couple modules that were not signed in previous few versions (for reasons no longer necessary)
  • Fixed XP/2K system shutdown problems that appeared in .68. An original fix was made to .72, but a back-port complication prevented it from being complete, and its change could have prevented shutdown of some XP and 2K systems unless Process Lasso was closed first.

Changes for v5.1.0.70 - v5.1.0.72

  • Fixed issue that appeared in .68 where the governor might try to restart on systems that are shutting down (only applies to some systems that shut down extremely slowly)
  • Started gradual reduction in minimum size main window can be when remembering last position

Changes for v5.1.0.68 - v5.1.0.70

  • Fixed issue where power profile could be left in selected Energy Saver power profile when using Energy Saver if improper termination of governor occurred without user interaction (backport from v6)
  • Fixed issue where power profile could be left in selected Energy Saver power profile when using Energy Saver and an unattended shutdown occurred (backport from v6)
  • Allow wildcards for watchdog rules (backported from v6)
  • Changed to latest PE tools from Bitsum (backported from v6)
  • Changed to latest internal data structures (backported from v6)

Changes for v5.1.0.66 - v5.1.0.68

  • Added dedicated thread to monitor governor status at all times, and recover from any abnormal condition. Starting 60 seconds after GUI launch, it is self-waiting (meaning it sleeps until there is any problem). Note that in the event of a problem, it does wait a few seconds before taking action, in case the issue is an intentional termination or temporary condition. (backport from v6)
  • Removed deprecated code to monitor governor status, saves a few CPU cycles
  • Misc minor tweaks not large enough to mention

Changes for v5.1.0.60 - v5.1.0.66

  • Addition Added Watchdog Action 'Trim Virtual Memory' by popular request (config dialog only this build)
  • Addition Process Watchdog terminations and restarts will now act in accordance with the process type (service or regular process), transparent to the user
  • Change Upgrades to other governor code (using latest from v6 branch)
  • Removal Removed non-function restraint timer from restriant history column
  • Change Updated a few languages
  • Change Upgraded some components to stable code from v6
  • Addition Issuing a restart on one or more processes that are services will cause induction of a stop/start of the appropriate services
  • Change Encapsulated some synchronization objects in exception handlers to better deal with potential timeout exceptions
  • Change Other fixes and adjustments

Changes for v5.1.0.58 - v5.1.0.60

  • [.60]Backports from version 6 (in development)
  • [.60]Fix.GUI: Fix handling of 'Any memory metric' in some cases in the Watchdog configuration dialog
  • [.60]Fix.Governor: Fixed I/O priority of governor being set too low (due to a background logging thread)
  • [.60]Fix.Installer: Fix inability to press NO on install to continue if edition detected wrong
  • [.60]Fix.Installer: Fix use of /S switch for unattended install as a means to bypass installer self-correction
  • [.60]Fix.Installer: Fix for Windows 2003 Server detection
  • [.60]Fix.GUI: Improved graph a bit during high loads, less jerky
  • [.60]Fix.Core: Eliminated (or greatly reduced) rare cases of crashes due to extended high loads causing inter-process communication lags and critical section

Changes for v5.1.0.56 - v5.1.0.58

  • [.58]Fix.Installer: Japanese now included in standard installer (it was excluded inadvertently after the new merger into a single build)
  • [.58]Fix.Installer: Improved Windows Server detection
  • [.58]Change.Resources: Added a URL for revision history that can be localized/redirected
  • [.58]Change.Installer: Made self-correcting installer have a YES/NO/CANCEL option when wrong edition detected. NO will continue the current install, regardless of the system detected. This is for cases that fall outside the norm, for whatever reason. CANCEL will abort the install.
  • [.58]Change.Installer: Silent installation overrides any auto-correction of installation
  • [.58]Change.GUI: Message box modality adjustments, to help keep them from getting lost behind other windows and such (on-going)
  • [.58]Change.GUI: Moved Trim Virtual Memory to root process context menu
  • [.58]Change.GUI: Updated several languages
  • [.58]Change.GUI: Modalized more message boxes

Changes for v5.1.0.54 - v5.1.0.56

  • Addition.Installer: The installer will now download the correct edition if you have not already selected the correct one
  • Fix.Installer: Added new safety to prevent a certain error condition (crash) seen in user reports. Secondary safeties added to apps for Portable Edition.
  • Change.GUI: Mandates (and automatically does) a check for license validity before update, warning under if they are going to be downgraded to free edition
  • Change.Docs: Slight changes
  • Change.Licensing: Removed some debug code
  • Change.Licensing: Lots of internal changes to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Change.Installer: Misc changes and adjustments
  • Addition.Updater: Added 'Revision History' button to take you to change list on web
  • Change.Build: Removed support for deprecated custom editions
  • Change.GUI: Several languages updated

Changes for v5.1.0.50 - v5.1.0.54

  • [.54]Change.Language: Updated Italian graph legend, which was in the wrong dimensions
  • [.54]Change.GUI: Changes preparing for next major upgrade
  • [.54]Change.Core: Misc optimizations and tweaks
  • [.54]Change.All: Adjusted critical section spin count for improved performance

Changes for v5.1.0.49 - v5.1.0.50

  • Change.GUI: Updated Japanese, Russian, Polish
  • Change.GUI: Process context menu items re-arrangement more intuitively (text not changed, yet, to maintain compatibility with translations)
  • Change.GUI: Removed some depcecrated code found during code anlaysis
  • Fix.GUI: Reset ALL defaults was not clearing process watchdog rules

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