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Version history for Registry Finder (portable)

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Changes for v2.34.1 - v2.35

  • Feature: Ability to search favorites with specific substring in any field: key, value, description, etc.
  • Feature: Ability to show favorite items from subcategories
  • Improvement: Status bar in the Favorites window shows number of keys, values and selected items
  • Fixed: Truncation of binary data when importing from .reg file. Reported by Stefan Waldmann
  • Fixed: It was required to reopen Favorites window in order for the font changes to take effect.
  • Fixed: In the Find dialog, folding and unfolding controls by one of the "+" buttons incorrectly enabled some disabled controls.

Changes for v2.34 - v2.34.1

  • Fixed possible hang up after deleting a favorites category.
  • Fixed possible crash after the Modify or Replace command in the Find Results window. Reported by Yozakura-Hage
  • bugfix: If a key or value is in favorites, its icon may not contain the favorites mark. Reported by KLASS
  • bugfix: Fixed: Invoking the Favorites/Import from File command and canceling file selection dialog causes the subsequent invocation of the command does nothing. Reported by KLASS

Changes for v2.33.1 - v2.34

  • Added ability to import favorites from Registry Workshop
  • In normal installation mode, the InstallPath value is added to the HKLM\RegistryFinder key. This prevents accidental deletion of the key by 3-rd party registry cleaners, that led to switching to portable mode and loosing settings. Reported by Martin.
  • Fixed wrong highlighting of matches in the Find Results window. Reported by Yozakura-Hage
  • Fixed: as result of importing favorites, all items are replaced with imported ones. Now, new items are added to existing ones. Reported by Nelson (t-bone)
  • Fixed: changing favorite properties during adding a favorite item has no effect - item is added with default properties. Reported by tudr74
  • Fixed incorrect renaming of favorite categories. Reported by tudr74

Changes for v2.32.1 - v2.33.1

  • 2.33 failed to start on fresh installation. To work properly, it required the UndoHistory folder from a previous version.
  • 2.33 (March 03, 2019) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • Improvement: Reworked Favorites (separate window, hierarchical categories, ability to set color and description per favorite and more). Suggested by tudr74
  • Improvement: Address bar accepts keys with the "Computer\" prefix (easies copy/paste from regedit's address bar). Suggested by Ozgun Oztekin
  • Improvement: При создании нового значения сразу включается режим переименования. Suggested by Harald Welkovics
  • Fixed crash in some circumstances.

Changes for v2.31 - v2.32.1

  • Fixed broken search in 'Entire Registry' (regression in 2.32). Thanks to Louis Moerman for quick report.
  • 2.32 (December 09, 2018) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • Added ability to use custom toolbar icons. See for more information.
  • Fixed crash when invalid path is specified in the Find dialog.
  • Fixed possble error "Failed to load an undo history operation: the file '...' is corrupt" on startup.

Changes for v2.30 - v2.31

  • Ability to search by data size.

Changes for v2.29 - v2.30

  • A search criteria can specify time, not only date. Proposed by Ludwig W.
  • Ability to specify multiple search keys (keys are separated with ';' (semicolon))
  • Fixed incorrect search results in some conditions
  • Fixed possible crash on closing Registry Finder

Changes for v2.28 - v2.29

  • Improved the search speed on Windows 10 update 1803.
  • Hidden keys are displayed with a special symbol (•). Suggested by klepp0906
  • Fixed crash after copying in the address bar a path to a key that you do not have permissions to read.
  • Fixed crash invoking Clear History command when there are no Registry windows opened.
  • Fixed wrong order of tabs when switching by Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Reported by Pavel Novikov
  • Fixed crash after editing registry in some circumstances.
  • Fixed freezing UI after activating a key when the key contains thousands of subkeys.

Changes for v2.27 - v2.28

  • Increased the search speed. Thanks to Louis Moerman.
  • Added support of autocompletion in the address bar.
  • Added ability to create a key from the address bar.
  • Pressing Enter on a key in the right pane opens that key.
  • Pressing Del in the History window invokes the Delete command.
  • Multiple selection in the History window. Suggested by Harald Welkovics.
  • Added the New Data column in the History window. Suggested by Harald Welkovics.
  • The close button on the right of the address bar, that is shared by all tabs, is removed. Instead, each tab has its own close button.
  • Improved look of tabs on DPI higher than 100%.
  • Now, command line parameters are case insensitive.
  • Fixed crash copying keys/values into the clipboard.
  • Fixed crash when the command line contains unsupported parameters. Reported by Pavel Novikov.
  • Fixed possible hang up searching HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT if a hidden key is encountered.
  • Fixed: when all operations are undone, performing a new operation must delete undone ones.

Changes for v2.23 - v2.24

  • Fixed crash when version 2.23 is used with the language file from any previous version.
  • Fixed text cutoff in German translation.

Changes for v2.22 - v2.23

  • Feature: Displaying subkeys in the right pane.
  • Feature: Ability to specify data types as a search criteria.
  • Feature: The Paste and Go command in the address bar. Suggested by Michael Miloslavsky.
  • Improvement: Automatic key expansion on navigation by the --navigate command-line option, address bar and Go To command in the Find Results. Suggested by Mehdi Alimadadi
  • Fixed: Failure to find data in particular system keys. Reported by tmang.
  • Fixed: There is no search indicator (small triangle) on window tab when the same Find Results window is reused for subsequent searches. Reported by Michael Miloslavsky.
  • Fixed: Incorrect caret positioning in the Edit binary dialog in some scenarios. Reported by Matt Christian
  • Fixed: Typing A in the Edit Binary dialog cleared all data.
  • Fixed: Possible crash if Registry Finder closes while search is in progress.

Changes for v2.21.1 - v2.22

  • Improvement: When exporting a key, initial file name in the save dialog is set equal to the key name. Suggested by Michael Miloslavsky
  • Improvement: Address bar accepts keys enclosed in square brackets. This easies navigation to a key path copied from elsewhere. Suggested by Michael Miloslavsky
  • Feature: Added accelerator for the New Key command (F7). Suggested by Pavel Novikov
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash after pressing F5 when current key is deleted in external program.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash when user do not have enough rights to read a key.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed possible crash on pressing ESC after the search is already canceled.
  • Improvements in Edit Binary dialog:
  • Highlighting of found text when invoked from the Find Results window
  • Import/Export
  • Saving window placement
  • Window resizing
  • Scrolling with mouse wheel
  • Fixed various discrepancies with the standard edit control
  • Support of standard key combinations Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
  • Fixed MakeLang failure on Windows XP. Reported by Harald Welkovics
  • Fixed MakeLang -i erroneously reported success when actually it was not. Reported by PeterK Peter
  • Fixed search in large data. Reported by Louis Moerman

Changes for v2.20.1 - v2.21.1

  • Fixed crash when specific string value is encountered. (Introduced in 2.21)
  • 2.21 (August 21, 2017) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • The search progress indicator shows a real search progress. Suggested by bxstover at
  • The search can be canceled from the keyboard (Esc). Suggested by PeterK
  • The Export command issued from the Find Results window exports keys with all of its subkeys. Suggested by bxstover at
  • Fixed text truncation in the progress bar on large UI fonts. Reported by PeterK
  • Fixed wrong display of milliseconds of the search duration. Reported by PeterK
  • The --newTab command line parameter did not work. Reported by joebotched at
  • Fixed creation/loading of the the language ini/dll on Windows XP x6

Changes for v2.19 - v2.20.1

  • Fixed error "Language ini file is invalid. Extra format specifier." on startup if language file from a previous version is used.
  • 2.20 (June 19, 2017) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • Added toolbar button to go up one level.
  • Tooltip for toolbar buttons displays keyboard shortcut.
  • Added Copy Key Path and Properties commands for search result items.
  • Improved replace algorithm.
  • Ability to run from write-protected media.
  • Fixed crash on double-clicking left/right scroll buttons in the tabs bar.

Changes for v2.18.2 - v2.19

  • Feature: search in search results.
  • Feature: search and replace in REG_DWORD/REG_QWORD.
  • Improvement: Address bar: ignoring leading and trailing spaces.
  • Improvement: clicking on unoccupied space opens new Local Registry window.
  • Improvement: Increased font size in the Edit Binary dialog on high screen resolution.
  • Fixed: Possible crash on startup.
  • Fidex: Possible crash when canceling search.
  • Fixed: when issued from Find Results, the Delete command does not delete all selected items.

Changes for v2.16 - v2.18.2

  • Crash on search if the language file were used.
  • Fixed hangup on deletion from the Find Results window.
  • 2.18
  • Feature: Searching is performed in non-blocking fashion.
  • You can browse/edit registry or do other tasks while search is in progress. The results are displayed on the fly, you can work wih them immediately. You can event perform multiple searches simultaneously.
  • Feature: "greedy" deletion.
  • When deleting a key, Registry Finder do not stop on the first subkey it fails to delete. It tries to delete as much subkeys as possible.
  • The same is true for deletion of multiple items from the Find Results window. It tries to delete as much items as possible.
  • Fixed: for the Export command, the Registry Hive file format was unavailable.
  • Fixed: possible crash when deleting a key that cannot be opened for read.
  • Fixed: possible crash when searching for hidden keys.
  • 2.17
  • Ability to export keys and or values for deletion (importing the resultant .reg file deletes exported items instead of creating).
  • Do not connect to remote registry until a tab is activated.
  • The Save command is renamed to Export.
  • Added the Export command to the list pane in registry window.
  • Fixed crash on middle-click on unoccupied area of the tabs bar.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, update may not work (pressing the Install button in the Update Available dialog have to effect).

Changes for v2.15.1 - v2.16

  • Ability to change font.
  • Ability to navigate to a key from the search results in a new tab.
  • New shortcut for activating the History window: Ctrl+H.
  • Shortcut to close the History window: Shift+Esc (works only when the window is active).
  • Just after opening the History window it is scrolled to make the last operation visible.
  • Correct restoring of the placement and pin state of the History window.
  • Collapsed/expanded state of controls in the Find dialog is saved even when the dialog is dismissed by Cancel.

Changes for v2.14 - v2.15.1

  • Fixed possible crash or hang up during the replace operation.
  • 2.15
  • Added ability to use regular expressions in the search and replace operations.
  • The Replace command replaces all occurrences of the matched substring, not just the first one.
  • Added the --newTab command line parameter to force opening a new tab.
  • Double click in the the address bar outside any tab opens new local registry tab.
  • Fixed possible crash on refreshing the view.

Changes for v2.13.2 - v2.14

  • Added ability to change user interface language. The Check for Updates command also checks for updates of the language file.
  • Fixed: Undoing the Delete key operation did not restore key values.
  • Fixed: Creation of a binary value in network registry leads to the "A null reference pointer was passed to the stub (1780)" error.
  • Fixed: With --navigate command line parameter, initial displaying of values was incorrect.

Changes for v2.12 - v2.13.2

  • bugfix: Renaming of keys and values did not work.
  • Fixed typo in menu (Atl+Enter)
  • 2.13.1
  • Fixed right-to-left layout of dialogs when translated to left-to-right reading language. (If upgrading from 2.13, it is required to remove existing RegistryFinder_lang.dll in order the fix to work.)
  • 2.13
  • Added dialog that shows properties of the selected key. Is is combined with the Security dialog in one property sheet.
  • Added support for translation to right-to-left writing languages. When translated, UI is properly displayed right-to-left.
  • Reduced flickering of the History window on resizing.
  • Reduced flickering of the drag rectangle when moving floating History window.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect initial tree scrolling when the --navigate command line parameter was used.
  • Bugfix: When the Rename command is disabled it was possible to enter inplace editing mode by pressing F2.

Changes for v2.11 - v2.12

  • ◦Ability to navigate to a key specified with the command line (--navigate keyPath) or a key path taken from the clipboard (--navigate clibboard).
  • ◦Added prompt for user name and password if current account does not have permissions to connect to the network registry.
  • ◦If the connect to network registry fails, the Refresh button stays enabled.
  • ◦Added accelerators to the Open Local Registry (Ctrl+N) and Connect Network Registry (Ctrl+Shift+N) commands.
  • ◦Ability to close tabs by the middle button click.

Changes for v2.10.5 - v2.11

  • ◦Added ability to copy-paste regisrty keys and values through the system clipboard.
  • ◦Added shortcut to activate the address bar: Ctrl + L
  • ◦Fixed: Standard accelerators for edit control (such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Z and so on) did not work in the address bar.
  • ◦Fixed: When renaming were not possible the Rename command in the main menu was enabled.
  • ◦Fixed: It was possible to start renaming the Default value by clicking on it when it was already selected. Then pressing Enter lead to crash.
  • ◦Fixed: The Refresh command could crash in some conditions.

Changes for v2.10.4 - v2.10.5

  • ◦Ability to specify whether to reopen previously opened windows (the --reopenLocal and --reopenRemote command line arguments).
  • ◦Ability to start Registry Finder connected to remote computer (the --computerName command line argument).
  • ◦Fixed: Crash when a remote registry window is closed before the registry is connected.
  • ◦Fixed: Just after creation, the size of Dword and String values is zero. (Should be 4 and 2 respectively.)

Changes for v2.10.3 - v2.10.4

  • Removed the 32 item limit in the Favorites menu.
  • The New Key command is disabled for HKLM and HKU (Windows does not allow to create keys there).
  • Fixed: View did not get updated after the Import command.
  • Fixed crash on renaming key or value when the new name is the same as the old one.

Changes for v2.10.2 - v2.10.3

  • Added ability to enable/disable the automatic updates (a command in the Help menu).

Changes for v2.9.1 - v2.10.2

  • Fixed: MakeLang -d produces incorrect menu sections in the language ini file (all are [Menu_#1]). (Introduced in 2.10)
  • 2.10 (April 23, 2016) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • Feature: Multiple Find Results windows.
  • Feature: Automatic checking for update once a week.
  • Enhancement: Added the Rename command to the main Edit menu.
  • Enhancement: In the Find dialog, the Search keys and Search only hidden keys checkboxes are mutually exclusive.
  • Enhancement: New column in the Find Results window: Found In.
  • Fixed crash on Windows XP after modifying one or both dates in the Find dialog.
  • Fixed crash when the undo history got corrupt (basically, because of editing it manually).
  • Fixed crash after typing in the address bar a path with two consecutive back slashes.
  • Fixed incorrect sizing of the Undo History window when it is floating or docked to top or bottom side and unpinned.
  • Fixed not working hyperlink in the Update Available dialog.
  • Fixed: any REG_DWORD data and any zero-length data are missing in the search results when searching with an empty string.
  • Fixed: When exporting the search results to a text file of copying to the clipboard the Type column is missing.
  • Fixed: When exporting the search results to a text file of copying to the clipboard the column order differs from the order in the Find Results window.
  • Fixed: After editing a value in the Find Results window the Size and Date columns are not updated.
  • Fixed: Incorrect navigation to a key from the address bar if the root key is specified in the short format (HKLM, HKCU, etc).
  • Fixed: If the Find dialog is invoked from the Find Results window, the search scope was set to the entire registry.
  • Fixed: When there were no search results, it was possible to invoke the Replace dialog by pressing Ctrl+R combination.
  • Fixed: The context menu in the History window does not contain Undo/Redo commands when invoked from the keyboard (the menu key or Shift+F10).

Changes for v2.8.1 - v2.9.1

  • Fixed crash when searching with no date range specified.
  • 2.9 (February 21, 2016) [Download 32-bit 64-bit Installer (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit)]
  • Added ability to search keys modified within a date range.
  • Fixed possible crash applying permissions under non-administrative account in Vista+.
  • Fixed "stuck of history" when unable to undo or redo the last operation.
  • In context menus, unavailable commands are removed rather than got disabled.

Changes for v2.8 - v2.8.1

  • Fixed "Couldn't create crash report directory" error when Registry Finder is installed in normal (not portable) mode and started as not administrator.

Changes for v2.7 - v2.8

  • Clicking the toolbar pops up a context menu.
  • By default, search in the entire registry.
  • Added window index in the tab, when multiple windows are opened for the local registry or for the same remote computer.
  • Slightly reduced time of opening the search results.
  • User friendly message on attempt to navigate to not existing address through the address bar.
  • Improved the update procedure.
  • Moved UnsentCrashReport into the same directory where user settings are stored (%APPDATA% subfolder for normal installation, application directory for portable).
  • By default, the uninstaller removes settings, history and unsent crash reports.
  • Fixed: on some conditions text in search results may end with garbage
  • Fixed line endings when copying text to the clipboard from Find Results and Local Registry (was in UNIX format (LF)).
  • Fixed crash when Alt+Left or Alt+Right are pressed in the Find Results window.
  • Fixed: when deleting a key, if an error occurred for a subkey, the undo for successfully deleted subkeys is not available.
  • Fixed possible data loss when renaming a key.
  • Fixed the Wrong Parameter (87) error exporting the entire registry to a file.

Changes for v2.6.2 - v2.7

  • Reordered and grouped items in the View menu.
  • Find Results, the default command is changed from Modify to Go To.
  • Ability to lock toolbars.
  • Fixed possible fatal error undoing the import operation.
  • Fixed fatal error issuing Back/Forward commands from the Find Results window.
  • Fixed fatal error undoing Delete multiple items operation (that is deletion from the Find Results window).
  • Fixed possible fatal error on pressing the Browse button in the Find dialog if path in combobox ends with '\'.
  • Fixed errors during creation of keys in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
  • Fixed the “The system cannot find the file specified. (2)” error after undoing a key deletion (the fix is not applied to operations created by previous versions).
  • Fixed highlighting of matches in the Find Results window on Windows XP.
  • Fixed highlighting of matches in binary data.
  • Fixed searching in binary data when data is ANSI-encoded.
  • When searching with the Search data option turned off, the Data column could contain garbage.
  • On Windows XP, the maximized state of the main window was not restored.
  • In Find Results, the icon for data-matches corresponds to the data type.
  • In Find Results, items containing the ampersand (&) was displayed incorrectly.
  • In Find Results, the View | Grid Lines command had no effect.
  • Right after the Find command, the keyboard focus is moved to the Find Results list.
  • In the Replace dialog, the Replace button gets disabled if both Find what and Replace with controls are blank.
  • In the Replace dialog, the Selected items option gets disabled if no items selected in the Find Results window.
  • Added sort markers in column headers in Find Results.
  • When a key selected in registry tree was renamed, the address bar did display new name.
  • Fixed the Save Selected command.
  • The file created by the Save command did not have .reg extension.
  • After restarting Registry Finder with two registry windows opened, the keyboard focus was in inactive window.
  • The Go To command did not always work.
  • Opening a favorite key did not always work.
  • Fixed loosing the undo history after all Local Registry windows are closed and Registry Finder is restarted.
  • Fixed hiding the address bar after closing all windows and restarting Registry Finder.
  • Fixed always-English tooltip text of tab Close button.
  • When there were multiple Local Registry windows, the Load Hive command caused the loaded key to be selected in all windows. Now, it is selected only in the active window.
  • Fixed “The system cannot find the file specified. (2)” error creating a value in a key right after the key was renamed.
  • If renaming in find results fails for a key or value, the whole operation continues for remaining keys/values. On completion, there is an ability to view failed operations.
  • Added an error message if failed to create the language dll.

Changes for v2.6.1 - v2.6.2

  • Ability to hide the tabs bar.
  • Ability to navigate visitation history by back/forward mouse buttons.
  • Cosmetic UI improvements (added missing shortcuts, tooltips and status bar hints).
  • Fixed empty Undo History window immediately after the Find operation (after switching to Registry window and back to Find Results, the Undo History items get restored).
  • Fixed fatal error during undo/redo of deletion of a value.
  • Fixed fatal error during the New Key command if the root Registry node is selected in the tree.
  • Fixed fatal error during adding the root Registry node to favorites.

Changes for v2.6 - v2.6.1

  • Feature: Address bar.
  • Feature: Back and Forward buttons to navigate through previously visited keys.

Changes for v2.5.4 - v2.6

  • Ability to connect to remote registry.
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v2.5.3 - v2.5.4

  • Added ability to show grid lines in Registry, Find Results and History windows.
  • Added the --dataFolder command line parameter to specify folder to store settings and undo history.
  • Fixed crash in portable mode when user does not have permissions to write to the application directory.

Changes for v2.5.2 - v2.5.3

  • Bugfix: Crash after deleting key through context menu.
  • Bugfix: The Delete toolbar button does nothing.

Changes for v2.5 - v2.5.2

  • ◦Crash displaying Find Results.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash invoking Permissions menu command from the main menu for the Registry root node.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash if translation file is outdated.

Changes for v2.4 - v2.5

  • Ability to import reg and hive files.
  • Added the Type column in the Find Results window.
  • Toolbar and status bar visibility is restored after restart.
  • Tooltip if text in list view is not fully visible (Registry, Find Results, History, Remove from Favorites windows).
  • Only a single instance of the application is allowed to run.
  • Ability to send support a detailed information about crash.
  • Bugfix: if toolbar was hidden, it cannot be shown until restart.
  • Bugfix: possible crash after clearing the undo history.
  • Bugfix: an error message after the Replace operation.

Changes for v2.3 - v2.4

  • The undo history is saved across sessions.
  • Pressing ENTER in the list pane opens the edit dialog.
  • Bugfix: crash when double clicking outside of any item in the list pane.
  • Bugfix: favorites imported from regedit refer to parent key of original favorite.

Changes for v2.2.1 - v2.3

  • Ability to view and edit permissions.
  • Keys with no read access are marked with "No entry" sign.

Changes for v2.2 - v2.2.1

  • ◦Bugfix: in localized versions, some texts in dialogs are truncated.

Changes for v2.1 - v2.2

  • ◦Ability to load/unload hive.
  • ◦Selecting all items in a list by Ctrl+A.
  • ◦Switching between tree and list panes in the Registry window by Tab or F6.
  • ◦Bugfix. The Refresh command adds new keys as child of the Computer node.
  • ◦Bugfix: In the main menu, commands in the New Value submenu are always disabled. (Though, were available though context menu).
  • ◦Bugfix: Incorrect initial state of the View|Registry Tree command.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash on Windows XP when displaying context menu.
  • ◦Bugfix: Dark background of disabled toolbar buttons on Windows XP.
  • ◦Bugfix: Crash after the Go To command if the key was deleted.

Changes for v2.0 - v2.1

  • Favorites.
  • Status bar displays full path of the current key.
  • Images in menus.
  • Bugfix: unable to edit the default value if it is not set.
  • Bugfix: after the default value is deleted it disappears from the list.
  • Bugfix: some commands in menu are enabled/disabled incorrectly.

Changes for v1.7 - v2.0

  • In the Registry window you can: browse your local registry; create, delete, rename keys and values, modify value's data; perform search and replace operations.
  • It is allowed to open multiple Registry windows. Next time you start Registry Finder, those windows will be reopened on the same keys as before.
  • In the left pane, the values can be sorted by clicking column header.
  • Current key path can be copied to clipboard.
  • Behavior of the Go To command changed. Instead of starting RegEdit, it navigates to key/value in the Registry window.

Changes for v1.6 - v1.7

  • Ability to save only selected search result items.
  • Bugfix: when multiple search result items are selected, the Delete command deleted only the first one.

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