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Version history for ScreenToGif (Portable)

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Changes for v2.22 - v2.22.1

  • • The French and Russian translations were updated.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ Fixed a bug with the Gifski encoding which resulted in skewed frames.
  • ♦ The text box that accepts only integers could cause a crash when trying to parse the text.

Changes for v2.21.2 - v2.22

  • What's new?
  • • It's more apparent that a new update is available.
  • • Added an updater, which automatically downloads and installs new updates (optional), even for portable releases.
  • • You can now manage the presets of the encoding parameters of FFmpeg for Gif and Apng too.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The DirectX capture method was crashing in some machines when trying to record with the cursor visible.
  • ♦ The installer was crashing when the user had no .Net Framework 4.7.2 or newer.
  • ♦ When inserting a new media into an existing project, the app was saving the state to the action stack twice, which caused a crash when trying to undo twice.
  • ♦ When exporting as images, the app was not resolving the date/time format of the filename.
  • ♦ The text of 'Help' button was missing.

Changes for v2.21.1 - v2.21.2

  • ♦ The app was not being able to load the SharpDX libraries.
  • ♦ The DirectX capture mode could fail when finishing the capture of a frame.

Changes for v2.20.3 - v2.20.4

  • • Just a small bug fix.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The app was crashing if the system had no .NET Framework 4.8 installed, without warning first.

Changes for v2.19.2 - v2.19.3

  • • German translation was updated.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ When adding a task, if you selected the KeyStrokes you would actually select the MouseClicks and vice-versa.
  • ♦ The gif encoders had an issue with the timings of the frames.

Changes for v2.17.1 - v2.18

  • • Added support for presets/profiles for FFmpeg video encoding feature, separated by file type.
  • • Keystrokes: The app will display "Ctrl" instead of displaying "Control".
  • • Updated the Korean translation.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The process that checks if there's already a file with the same name was changed. Now it should be smoother.
  • ♦ In Options > About, the Gitter link was opening other website by mistake.
  • ♦ The task that alters the delay of frames was not working.
  • ♦ The transition "Fade to color" was ending with a frame not 100% of the selected color.

Changes for v2.15.2 - v2.16

  • • Added FFmpeg as an optional encoder for Apng.
  • • Updated the German and Russian translations.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ A message about a missing FFmpeg instance was not interactive.
  • ♦ When loading images, if those images were not in the correct format, the app would not encode properly as Apng.
  • ♦ There was an issue with one of the numerical input fields not working as expected (with numbers being typed).

Changes for v2.15.1 - v2.15.2

  • • Updated the Russian, Italian and Dutch translations.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The Apng export option was not working properly, the transparency and the repeat mode were broken.
  • ♦ When selecting a folder to save a Apng file, only the extension *.apng was being displayed (the extension *.png was left behind).
  • ♦ The keyboard shortcuts for the recording were not working when in full screen mode.

Changes for v2.14 - v2.14.1

  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ For some users, the app would simply close when stopping the recording and opening the Editor.

Changes for v2.13.2 - v2.14

  • What's new?
  • • You can now set up to avoid receiving a confirmation message before closing the app via the tray icon.
  • • Added the ability to get updates for the translations.
  • • The color picker hexadecimal field now supports pasting/typing without specifying the alpha/transparency value.
  • • You can now review your feedback before sending it to the developer.
  • • It's now possible to personalize the size of the mouse clicks highlight. Also, you can apply it even after the recording.
  • • You can now let the app start minimized to the system tray.
  • • You can now create some tasks to be executed after each recording. (More to come)
  • • Troubleshooter: If any window is missing (outside of the screen bounds), you can use the troubleshooter to reset its current or startup position.
  • • Added the option to disable hardware acceleration.
  • • Now the app warns when trying to open a project that is already opened in another editor instance. Also, the task that clears the temporary folder will not delete any project that is open.
  • Fixed:
  • ♦ The code that positions the recorders was improved.
  • ♦ Two buttons were being displayed at the KeyStrokes editor, one got removed.
  • ♦ The progress indicator value (for the percentage, without showing the total) was wrong.
  • ♦ If you tried to apply a caption with just spaces, the app would crash. Now a warning appears, explaining that you need to type something.
  • ♦ Improved the "FFMpeg/Gifski is not present" warning.
  • ♦ When clicking to save the project as multiple images, without zipping and pressing 'No' right after a prompt appeared, the Save/Cancel buttons of the panel would be disabled.
  • ♦ The framerate of the encoder 2.0 could be wrong by an offset of 9ms.
  • ♦ When importing a translation, the 'new lines' were not being correctly identified.
  • ♦ When using relative paths such as '.' for the temporary folder, an error would appear.
  • ♦ When trying to crop, the app could crash (because of a high DPI issue).
  • ♦ When selecting a screen region (using the new recorder UI), the app could crash (also a high DPI issue).
  • ♦ The slide transition was getting the amount of frames from a wrong slider (this caused a crash when undoing the transition).
  • ♦ When entering snapshot mode with the recorder UI, without having any region selected and pressing "Record", the app would crash. Now it prompts for a region of the screen to be selected.
  • ♦ Editing the key strokes of the last frame was not possible. The key input was being ignored.
  • ♦ When a screen gets disconnected, all Editor windows will be moved to an available screen.
  • ♦ When cancelling the selection of the compression method used by the system encoder (video export), the app would crash.
  • ♦ When using the 'Remove duplicates' feature, the option to conserve the total delay of the removed frames was not working when selecting the option to remove the first duplicate frame.
  • ♦ When using the 'Remove duplicates' feature, trying to undo the previous action that had no frames to be removed, a crash would happen.
  • ♦ Pressing 'Stop' when a the pre-starter countdown is still active was not really stopping it.
  • Known Bugs:
  • ♠ Using an automated task to add the key strokes will still use the color and font settings from the main settings.

Changes for v2.12.1 - v2.13

  • • Added the option to upload to an Imgur personal account. You can also upload to albums.
  • • Added the option to display an icon on the system tray, with the possibility of launching the recorders and editors from a context menu or from a keyboard shortcut.
  • • Added proxy support.
  • • Added support for selecting the PrintScreen key for the keyboard shortcuts.
  • • The hint text that appears when a panel gets opened will stay visible until you close that panel.
  • • The zoom is restored to the previous value after closing the side panel.
  • • The position of the startup window is now remembered.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The warning that appears when there's not enough space left on disk will only be displayed when there's less than 2GB left.
  • ♦ It was not possible to save board recordings with Gifski as the encoder.

Changes for v2.12 - v2.12.1

  • Only a fix for a bug.

Changes for v2.11 - v2.12

  • • Remove frame duplicates: It's a feature that allows you to remove frames that are similar to its neighbors.
  • • Key Strokes: It's now possible to show the key presses before it actually happened.
  • • Key Strokes: You can avoid displaying modifier keys while they are not part of a keyboard command.
  • • Key Strokes: You can add/remove/edit your keys strokes.
  • • If there's not enough space left on the drive, a warning message will appear on the editor window.
  • • You can now also control the zoom of the image by using a small up/down field at the bottom of the window.
  • • It's now possible to set the maximum age that a project can reach before being deleted automatically. It defaults to 5 days old.
  • • Updated Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish and Danish translations.
  • • Upload of files via Yandex is now supported.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ While discarding the recording, the app would let you start a new recording before finishing erasing the files of the previous one.
  • ♦ Encoding with Gifski (Note: It's now using a DLL instead of the executable).
  • ♦ While adding overlays (Free Text, Free Drawing, Border...) with an image with a DPI not equal to the current DPI of the screen, the overlay content would not appear on the right position of the frame.
  • ♦ The recorder window position was not being restored properly if the window was closed while it was on a secondary monitor.
  • ♦ Encoder: Right-clicking to copy a video file was crashing the app.

Changes for v2.10 - v2.11

  • • APNG support (for saving).
  • • Added the option of copying the output file/filename/folder after the encoding.
  • • Added the option of running post encoding commands.
  • • Added the Obfuscate feature. It's used to pixelate a region of the image.
  • • You can now use FFmpeg or Gifski to save your gif.
  • • Added the option of uploading the gif to Imgur or Gfycat. (Experimental feature)
  • • Added the Spanish (Spain) translations.
  • • Updated the Russian and Chinese (Simplified) translations.
  • • You can now download FFmpeg and Gifski directly using the app. Head over to Options > Extras to download it.
  • • It's now possible to press the enter key to load the selected project from the table of recent projects.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ Images with high dpi (for example, 600dpi) were not displayed correctly.
  • ♦ Clicking on 'Recent Projects' if the temporary folder does not exist would give an error.
  • ♦ After changing the delay of frames, the Statistics tab was not updating.
  • ♦ When opening a project (or any other file) via drag and drop on top of the executable (or link) or via the "Open with..." context menu, the app was opening the startup window instead of the editor.
  • ♦ While using the new recorder, if the record button was pressed without a screen region selected, an error was happening. Now it will enter the selection mode.
  • ♦ While clicking on the link to open the file that already exists for types other than Gif, it was only opening the gif file.

Changes for v2.9 - v2.10

  • • The app and the installer are now digitally signed! You should see my name (Nicke Manarin) on the properties of the files.
  • • Redesigned screen/window/area selection experience on the new recorder.
  • • The app will ask before closing if there's anything being edited.
  • • Added the option to save the project while saving a gif (by using the same filename).
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ For some users, clicking to stop the recording was crashing the recorder.
  • ♦ The "Insert recording" action was ignoring the option of using the new recorder UI.
  • ♦ Added support for images with ".jpeg" extension (same as .jpg that is supported already).
  • ♦ The app now remembers the last used position of the Watermark.
  • ♦ Pressing Esc wasn't closing the panel when the keyboard focus was inside the Free Drawing and Cinemagraph elements.

Changes for v2.7 - v2.9

  • What's new?
  • • New color quantization algorithm for the encoder 2.0.
  • • An installer is available.
  • • Options to automatically adjust the window based on the frame size and to automatically adjust the image zoom based on the window size (after loading a project).
  • • New translation: Dutch.
  • • Updated the German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Russian translations.
  • • A message appears before deleting frames or discarding the project. It's optional, you can disable this later.
  • • The updater detects which type of update it should download (portable or installer).
  • Fixed:
  • ♦ The Insert window was not taking into account the DPI of the image being inserted.
  • ♦ A bug related to the crop feature under a high DPI environment.
  • ♦ The recorder window could stay out of view if it was previously used on a monitor that got disconnected.
  • ♦ After unplugging a monitor, the recorder window was not adjusting its position.
  • ♦ The "Go to frame" feature was not displaying the correct frame.
  • ♦ After deleting frames, the project info was not being saved into the file (project.json). This was causing some false warnings while trying to load the project later via "Recent Projects".
  • ♦ Added the missing "New Board Recording" context menu entry on the editor window.
  • ♦ Several bugs with the new recorder that happened when using screens to the left or above the primary screen.
  • ♦ The recorder feature called "snap to window" wasn't working with windows on screens to the left or above the primary screen.

Changes for v2.6 - v2.7

  • • You can now load recent projects, which have not been discarded.
  • • Automatic clean up of old projects, which have not been discarded yet (optional, check out your options).
  • • More options for keyboard shortcuts of the recorder.
  • • Keyboard shortcut for the discard action (when recording).
  • • Custom timing for the pre-start countdown.
  • • Custom delay for the transitions (now the app also remembers the latest transition length).
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ If you open the app for the first time and try to load something, a crash occurs, caused by a property not properly initialized (TemporaryFolder).
  • ♦ Several bugs related to high DPI scaling (including a known bug related to the crop feature).

Changes for v2.5 - v2.6

  • What's new?
  • • Updated Spanish (Argentina) translation.
  • • With this update, you'll notice that older projects can no longer be loaded. That's because I had to change how the projects "work" and how they can be read for future updates.
  • • Option to enable triple-click selection for text boxes.
  • • More options to encode as Avi video using the system encoder.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The bug that happens when the pc sleeps with the Editor window opened.

Changes for v2.3 - v2.3.1

  • What's new?
  • • Now there is a warning about the lack of .Net Framework 4.6.1 when using >4.0 <4.6.1
  • • Transitions effects have keyboard shortcuts. The panels "Apply/Cancel" buttons now have keyboard shortcuts as well.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ Reworked cursor capture. Now it works better with different cursors (not only the default, but the dark, inverted or I-Beam cursors).
  • ♦ The Ctrl+Z (Undo) action after applying an overlay or overriding the delay.
  • ♦ The Snapshot mode and Fullscreen mode options were switched on the Options window.
  • ♦ It was impossible to apply a Slide transition effect.
  • ♦ It was impossible to import a gif.
  • ♦ It was impossible to export a single frame (right click on the frame list).
  • ♦ Incorrect size values of the recorder when using high dpi displays.
  • ♦ Undoing 2x an action that altered only the delay of frames causes a crash.
  • Known bugs:
  • ♠ OutOfMemory exception when importing giant videos.
  • ♠ The crop feature fails when cropping a board recording (with high DPI);
  • Experimental features
  • • Full screen recording is now possible. Use carefully, it's not polished yet.
  • • There's a new encoder called "ScreenToGif", great for recordings with less than 256 colors, but it's slower

Changes for v2.2 - v2.3

  • What's new?
  • • UI overhaul based on usability tests with users. This reflects to the recorders, the editor and other windows.
  • • True portable mode is now possible. Head over Options > Temporary files and create a local Settings.xaml file to enable the portability.
  • • New ActionStack (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, etc), now it will eat less of your disk space.
  • • Option to change the theme colors of the Recorder UI.
  • • Option to show the total values of the Progress feature.
  • • Added a Transition option to fade to a specific color.
  • • Added a Statistics tab with some info about the current recording.
  • • Ukrainian translation added.
  • Experimental features
  • • Full screen recording is now possible. Use carefully, it's not polished yet.
  • • There's a new encoder called "ScreenToGif", great for recordings with less than 256 colors, but it's slower.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The notorious bug with multi DPI set of screens. Finally.
  • ♦ A lot of bugs related to the ActionStack (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, etc)
  • ♦ A recording bug that was causing an error while saving the file.
  • ♦ Overwriten files had a wrong filesize.
  • ♦ After importing a gif, it was impossible to save as video.

Changes for v2.1 - v2.2

  • What's new?
  • • Requires .Net Framework 4.6.1.
  • • Option to reduce the thickness of the recorder UI. (Thin mode)
  • • Added Korean translation.
  • • Updated the Russian translation.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ ActionStack (Undo/Redo) was causing a loss of frames because of wrong location of the images.
  • ♦ Unchecking "Detect unchanged pixels" resulted in a 32B file (corrupted).
  • ♦ Cancelling the import of media caused a lockdown.
  • ♦ When opening the "SaveAs", it could crash the app if there was a strange Path variable present.
  • ♦ Wrong location of the cache files (board recorder).

Changes for v1.42 - 2015 Preview 10

  • • Cinemagraph feature.
  • • Board recording. (But it's a draft)
  • • Snap to window feature.
  • • Select Tab: Select all, inverse selection, unselect.
  • • Option to change the color of the mouse clicks.
  • • By selecting the option "Save to a default output", the user is prompted to select the folder. (If none previously selected).
  • • Importing project from zip enabled.
  • • Back button added on the Webcam recorder window.
  • • Discard the recording from the recorder. (While paused)
  • • Possible to start taking snapshots and continue with normal recording.
  • ♦ Fixed: Importing media bug. Slow Gif import.
  • ♦ Fixed: Dragging the windows to the side bug with Windows 10.
  • ♦ Fixed: Save to default folder bug.
  • ♦ Fixed: Fit Image button, wrong vertical measurement.
  • ♦ Fixed: Can't apply Yoyo feature twice (or more).
  • ♦ Fixed: Opening the Recorder with the Snap option active and unchecking
  • Snapshot mode still displays the "Snap" button. Actually, changing the Snapshot mode doesn't change the button.
  • ♦ Fixed: Discard bug while trying to record another time.

Changes for v1.1 - v1.2

  • Uncheck all frames after "deleting selected frames" .
  • • Shift+Click to check multiple frames.
  • • Hide the form to the system tray while recording in fullscreen mode.
  • • Custom window to open the gif after encoding.
  • • "Open with"... integration. To open and edit gifs without having to record.
  • • Export all frames.
  • • Show visual effects while mouse clicking.
  • • Caption options, such as Border color, text color and size, outline color, etc.
  • • "Add Text..." now works with multiple frames at once.
  • • Record and Stop buttons are resized when form width < 200px.
  • • Fixed: Preview bug (Now plays with the correct delay).
  • • Flip/Rotate effect.
  • • Fixed: Selecting and deleting all frames.
  • • Copy or reorder selected frame.
  • • Fixed: Color filter.
  • • Free Drawing.

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