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Version history for Soundbase

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Changes for 2010.04.30 - 2010.07.10

  • Fixed all kinds of smaller errors.

Changes for 2010.03.13 - 2010.04.30

  • Fixed all kinds of smaller errors.
  • Fixed resizing of main form redraw;
  • fixed APE and OGG tag saving
  • fixed lyrics display.

Changes for 2010.02.26 - 2010.03.13

  • Changed painting routine and threading on subforms;
  • fixed burning icon missmatch on toolbars;
  • fixed some smaller issues.
  • Fixed resizing of main form redraw;
  • fixed lyrics display.

Changes for 2010.02.05 - 2010.02.26

  • Fixed issues with flickering on changing screens;
  • fixed issues with saving FLAC and OGG formats;
  • fixed issue with play by doubleclicking on album;
  • fixed issues with garbled resizing main window.

Changes for 2010.01.24 - 2010.02.05

  • Fixed issue with unicode coding of all tags
  • Fixed issue with not all captions translated on main screen
  • Fixed issue with loading cd burner more then once per session
  • Changed loading and unloading of VSTi, chained effects are supported
  • Added translation for unicode countries/languages (thai, japanese, etc.).

Changes for 2010.01.20 - 2010.01.24

  • Fixed issue with buffering radio station net buffer
  • Fixed issue with not displaying playing image from tag
  • Fixed issue with not closing after dragging the album splitter
  • Fixed issue with flicker on changing to the folder and playlist view
  • Changed display of loading of CD Burner form and selected tracks

Changes for 2010.01.17 - 2010.01.20

  • Added verification on any saved album for the multiple genre/year/etc. tags
  • Another try at getting the playlist correct, some users have problems with up/down
  • Added settings for the web radio buffer and percentage pre buffer to the options page
  • Added recognition of PIC TAGS (included in v2.2 tags), but with protest!!!, damn old shit!

Changes for 2010.01.10 - 2010.01.17

  • NEW BASS Drivers (2.4.5) included
  • Added drag and drop to playlists
  • Fixed Up/Down buttons in playlist
  • Changed priority on player start
  • Fixed language support editing
  • Fixed Up/Down buttons in playlist
  • Added translation tool in language settings
  • Fixed some smaller issues with language

Changes for 2010.01.01 - 2010.01.10

  • 2010.01.09 Added drag and drop to playlists
  • 2010.01.09 Fixed Up/Down buttons in playlist
  • 2010.01.09 Changed priority on player start

Changes for 2009.12.21 - 2010.01.01

  • NEW BASS Drivers (2.4.5) included

Changes for 2009.12.01 - 2009.12.21

  • 2009.12.20 Compatible with windows 7 64bit

Changes for 2009.11.28 - 2009.12.01

  • 2009.11.29 Synchronized painting of status bar information and ID3 TAG

Changes for 2009.11.15 - 2009.11.17

  • 2009.11.16 Doubleclick error on threadprocessing
  • 2009.11.15 Fixed display of flat checkboxes

Changes for 2009.11.11 - 2009.11.15

  • 2009.11.15 Fixed display of drive information on fileopen dialog
  • 2009.11.14 Fixed coloring of flat buttons when selected by mouse
  • 2009.11.11 Fixed problem with quality of playing album art in banner

Changes for 2009.11.06 - 2009.11.11

  • 2009.11.08 Fixed problems with hanging gnudb tag lookup
  • 2009.11.08 Fixed display of focusrectangle in the rating comboboxes
  • 2009.11.07 Fixed display of accelarator char in some labels

Changes for 2009.10.24 - 2009.10.28

  • 2009.10.26 Fixed issue with burning Cdroms and speed not set correct
  • 2009.10.26 Fixed issue with filter panel not showing the filter for 0-9
  • 2009.10.25 Fixed issue with some icons still displaying in playlist view
  • 2009.10.25 Fixed issue with traybar icon not disappearing after restore

Changes for 2009.10.20 - 2009.10.24

  • 2009.10.24 Fixed issue with filterpanel on # (filter on non alpha chars) and general freeze

Changes for 2009.10.18 - 2009.10.20

  • 2009.10.20 Added scrolldown button capture on lyrics display in the simple view
  • 2009.10.20 Added field selection on filter/search dropdown button on toolbarsearch
  • 2009.10.20 Application.processMessages added to radio procesmessage
  • 2009.10.20 Added bass dll 2.4.4 release

Changes for 2009.10.16 - 2009.10.18

  • Fixed clear and save lyrics on unchanged lyric tags
  • Added lyrics download and selection in the simple player (Note* lyrics tags can be enabled from options, default is disabled)
  • Fixed editing values of VSTi settings if not playing a song
  • Added automatic hide/show track/discs with option to always show
  • Added searching on folder and filename from toolbar searchbox
  • Fixed problem with popup menu in filterview custom filters
  • Fixed problems with reloading songs from current directory

Changes for 2009.10.14 - 2009.10.16

  • 2009.10.16 Fixed windows shutdown when soundbase is running

Changes for 2009.10.13 - 2009.10.14

  • 2009.10.13 Fixed painting of the ID3 Tab control pages

Changes for 2009.10.11 - 2009.10.13

  • 2009.10.12 Added MusicBrainz websearch
  • 2009.10.12 Added lyrics download and selection

Changes for 2009.10.08 - 2009.10.11

  • 2009.10.10 Fixed problems with skinned buttons on VST form
  • 2009.10.09 Added shoutcast browsing to radio player toolbar

Changes for 2009.09.29 - 2009.10.08

  • 2009.10.06 Fixed flat buttons in program message boxes
  • 2009.10.06 Added keyboard hook to monitor mediakeys
  • 2009.10.04 Added plugin for capture of system wide keyboard keys
  • 2009.10.04 Fixed doubleclick error after openening and closing browser window
  • 2009.10.04 Fixed error saving vFlac tags on readonly files
  • 2009.10.03 Fixed display of playing info in miniplayer
  • 2009.10.02 Added switch to always have album artist tag enabled
  • 2009.10.02 Changed translation of volume to replay gain

Changes for 2009.08.27 - 2009.09.29

  • 2009.09.29 Fixed problem with native toolbar buttons
  • 2009.09.27 Changed some text on toolbars
  • 2009.09.23 Fixed quick key press searching
  • 2009.09.23 Fixed alignment of the color 1/2/3 options
  • 2009.09.23 Fixed Various artist message in filtered database mode
  • 2009.09.22 Added toolbar button skinning
  • 2009.09.21 Changed naming and added option for remove all tags, remove comment, use proper case
  • 2009.09.13 Fixed problems with fileopendialog in detailed view
  • 2009.09.11 Fixed flicker in time display when changing position
  • 2009.09.05 Changed behaviour of enqueue button, it will enqueue depending on playmode
  • 2009.09.05 Changed approach for Ctrl+X shortcut, it will always jump to the Xth visible tab
  • 2009.09.05 Added scheduler to schedule radio recordings, playback and popup messages
  • 2009.08.29 Fixed issues with border removal tool on album art images not removing top/bottom
  • 2009.08.29 Fixed issues with displaying flat panel playlist/history/webradio on the player tab

Changes for 2009.08.23 - 2009.08.27

  • 2009.08.26 Added alignment option on contextmenu of columns
  • 2009.08.25 Fixed syncing of focused and selected record indicators
  • 2009.08.24 Added switch to display time without seconds

Changes for 2009.08.12 - 2009.08.23

  • 2009.08.23 Added noun filtering to the thumbnail viewer
  • 2009.08.23 Fixed problem with RemoveComment button swithing off when editing a comment
  • 2009.08.23 Added radio playback history logging
  • 2009.08.23 Implemented scrollwheel for all filter listboxes
  • 2009.08.22 Taskbar controls added as a stayontop window when clicking the taskbar icon

Changes for 2008.10.10 - 2009.08.11

  • Flickering in the playertoolbar playing and total time
  • Fixed dropdown in recorder and recording multiple sessions after each other
  • Added current time display, just so you (and I) remember how long you (and I) have been sitting behind your pc
  • Due to the way win7 works with tray icons I removed the double tray icon, I'll think of something else to use
  • Added scrolling if main album grid is focused and visible to scroll the lower grid/thumbs
  • Changed Loadtaginformation proceudre to better sync loading of image and grid updates
  • Changed doubleclick on album art retrieval to find empty album image assigned
  • Changed ThreadedFileExists with a more general ThreadFileFindFirst/ThreadFindNext
  • Changed loading procedure for skins as it seems to crash on the ThreadedFileExists
  • Changed invalidate process for memo fields as memos seem to invalidate without update
  • Changed procedure for invalidate of client area trying to prefent flikker on colored forms
  • Changed priority thread settings to prefent flikker on colered form changes
  • Deletion of a marked "empty" album image did not work correct, entry was still in art files
  • Changed the "remove default comment" button to remove 1-line comments only
  • Added filters for "same song as" to the album popup menu

Changes for 2008.09.14 - 2008.10.10

  • Fixed problem with editting filtered column value
  • Fixed issues with album art retrieval form
  • Fixed and changed scroll in thumbview

Changes for 2008.09.12 - 2008.09.14

  • Fixed problem with indexes on older database

Changes for 2008.08.08 - 2008.09.12

  • Added album thumb view
  • Fixed label setting in albumview
  • Fixed issue with switching to/from full screen view
  • Fixed skin issues with colored buttons in players
  • Improved album thumb view with sorting and filters
  • Improved browser response during webpage search
  • Fixed problem with editting filtered column values

Changes for 2008.06.16 - 2008.06.20

  • 16- jun Fixed issue with uppercase on custom filters
  • 17- jun Fixed issue with lastaccestime on TAG saving
  • 18- jun Fixed issue with LastFM tripple error message
  • 19- jun Fixed issues with browse and edit in folder view
  • 19- jun Fixed issue with opening empty databases

Changes for 2008.06.01 - 2008.06.09

  • Added lastFM Audioscrobbler plugin support
  • Fixed BASS_APE.Dll plugin error (thanks to Ian from un4seen)
  • Added new play mode dropdown button to replace context menu
  • Fixed error with file open combobox dropdowns
  • Added support for Musepack and Wavepack files
  • Added support for fuzzy search on
  • Added threaded findfirstfile to prevent freeze on networked drives
  • Fixed all kinds of minor bugs

Changes for 2008.04.18 - 2008.06.01

  • Added lastFM Audioscrobbler plugin support
  • Fixed BASS_APE.Dll plugin error (thanks to Ian from un4seen)
  • Added new play mode dropdown button to replace context menu
  • Fixed error with file open combobox dropdowns
  • Added support for Musepack and Wavepack files
  • Added support for fuzzy search on
  • Added threaded findfirstfile to prevent freeze on networked drives
  • Fixed all kinds of minor bugs

Changes for 2008.03.28 - 2008.04.18

  • Added MP4/M4A/Musepack/Wavpack support (except adding cover image)
  • Added volume scrolling when mouse over volume control
  • Added new BASS 2.4 support and plugins
  • Added trayicon player easy controls
  • Updated reload folder functionality

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