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Version history for Subtitle Workshop

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Changes for v6.0e/11 - v6.0e/12

  • Problem solved:The choices for "set Delay" was not stored well, (see
  • Problem solved: Fontsizes of outputsettings not saved, (See

Changes for v6.0e/10 - v6.0e/11

  • Solved a problem in 'divide lines

Changes for v6.0e/09 - v6.0e/10

  • The default of the 'Spaces after characters' check is changed into '-.,;?!' (see
  • English spelling OCR file added. Thanks Mor Tuadh (see
  • Did some resizing in the 'Errors and Information' screen. Buttontexts should stay better visible now.
  • The errorlist update is done now after a 'Divide lines' action (see
  • Made a lot more windows resizable that were not yet (to cope with high resolution screens).
  • The Notes text is now converted from and back to the correct character set (defined by the Notes Charset).
  • Other texts are now converted from and back to the characterset defined in the language file.

Changes for v6.0e/08 - v6.0e/09

  • Subtitles with a non default codepage (e.g. Cyrillic) are handled correctly now.
  • Impaired hearing fix repaired (see
  • Solved problem with extra space after custom character (see
  • Corrected an error in tag highlighting.
  • Made a number of forgotten errors wisible when hovering the subtitle list.

Changes for v6.0e/07 - v6.0e/08

  • Resolved an error when opening a subtitle file with a specific format choice (unequal to 'All supported Files' or 'All Files').
  • Solved an error with "Fast unbreak Subtitles" and possibly other functions on subtitles with a break in them (see

Changes for v6.0e/06 - v6.0e/07

  • Tools -> Information and Errors -> Information and Errors: Only errors visible in the error/warning list are handled by the 'Fix Errors' button now.
  • The 'no sound' problem reported by Willem52 has been solved (see
  • Solved a problem with change of width between sessions when "Smart resize" was on (see
  • Problem with Cyrillic texts solved (see
  • The test for an "Unnecessary Spaces" error between digits has now been limited to just that.

Changes for v6.0e/03 - v6.0e/05

  • The Outline/Shadow problem has been solved.
  • The undo problem for multi line subtitles has been solved.
  • Removed an error in the SUBSTATIONALPHA read/convert routine.

Changes for v6.0e/02 - v6.0e/03

  • The .ini files holding the video position and the last selected subtitle are removed. The function is still kept in however.
  • If there a no audio tracks the audio track menu is disabled now.
  • The Greek translation is present now. Thanks to Xenos Latinos, see
  • The "SetDelay" has been made more versatile.

Changes for v6.0e/01 - v6.0e/02

  • The (last positions) .ini file is now also created using 'Save As' (thanks Xenos Latinos, see
  • A new format has been added : the Avid DS Caption format (thanks Xenos Latinos, see
  • The problem in Tools --> Informations and errors --> Settings Fix tab line "- " on first line not remembered is solved.

Changes for v6.0d/37 - v6.0e/01

  • Added the Croation translation (thanks Abajo, see
  • Solved the Chinses character problem (thanks GardField, see
  • Adapted the helpfile.
  • Solved a problem with the "Rewind" and "Forward" buttons (2x the required time was stepped).
  • The "project" possibility can also be used in non translator mode now.
  • When opening a subtitle file the video position and the subtitle selection in the list are restored now (this was already the case with "projects").
  • Solved a problem with the 'Save as' screen and big font sizes.

Changes for v6.0d/36 - v6.0d/37

  • Solved a problem with the "Stop" button when using the VLC video renderer.

Changes for v6.0d/35 - v6.0d/36

  • Removed the "double button" error in the main form toolbar (see

Changes for v6.0d/34 - v6.0d/35

  • Removed a crash of the program when checking "Force using regions (may be slow)" in settings --> video preview --> subtitles.

Changes for v6.0d/33 - v6.0d/34

  • Removed a problem with the display of the volume bar with small sizes of the main screen.

Changes for v6.0d/32 - v6.0d/33

  • Removed a problem with the subtitle size in the video preview after using the settings menu.
  • The initial language is "English" now.

Changes for v6.0d/31 - v6.0d/32

  • Added double quotes around the parameters for the external player.
  • Added an automatic "VIDEO_FILE" to the parameters for the external player.

Changes for v6.0c - v6.0d

  • Added the VLC player as extra renderer (only visible if VLC - the 32 bits version- is installed on your PC).
  • The Dutch translation has been completed now.
  • Added translations for the 'Insert Symbol' window ([Main menu/Edit], values 12, 13 and 14).
  • The 'Insert Symbol' window is resizeable now.
  • The window 'tools, information and errors' can be maximized now.

Changes for v6.0b - v6.0c

  • * UTF-8 support (including "insert symbol" & search)
  • * "m4v" file format support
  • * Improved detection multiple audio streams
  • * Improved layout
  • * Improved set delay
  • * Improved stability

Changes for v6.0a - v6.0b

  • Bug fixed: Impossible to edit subtitles containing two-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

Changes for v6.0 - v6.0a

  • Bug fixed: The input language changes automatically in various situations, especially when using a right-to-left language like Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Edit > Timings > Extend Length to previous shortcut changed to SHIFT+ALT+E in order to free the ALT+E combination used in the Polish keyboard.

Changes for v2.51 - v6.0

  • A new Multiple Tags Mode, that allows working with multiple tags in a single subtitle.
  • New Subtitle API version 1.15, which supports the new Multiple Tags Mode, adds a few new formats, and fixes issues with some old formats.
  • Toolbar, Statusbar, Text Style Bars, and Time Control Buttons.
  • Pause system - view and modify the time gap between two subtitles.
  • Characters per Second (CpS) system.
  • Duration and Pause columns in the Subtitles List.
  • New error marking system - features constant automatic error rechecking and unique marking of every error type.
  • New error types - Too short pauses, Too many CpS, Dialogue on one line, and more.
  • New functions, including an Auto Combine Subtitles function.
  • Improved old functions, including breaking on punctuation marks with Smart Line Adjust.
  • New context menus for the Subtitles List and the Text and Translation fields.
  • Easier timing values editing and shifting with the mouse wheel in different ways.
  • Improved In-place edition.
  • Greatly extended Information & Errors window functionality.
  • Custom Info system - search for subtitles in the subtitle file based on custom user-defined rules about the timing or the text.
  • Extended Various Information window information.
  • Subtitle marking can be saved in a .SRF file.
  • Many new settings, including default new subtitle duration and pause values.
  • Volume Control, Audio Stream selection, and Video Renderer selection in the Video Preview.
  • Zooming, Full Screen Mode, Aspect Ratio selection, and a new context menu in the Video Preview.
  • Visual subtitle representation in the Video Preview Seekbar.
  • Many more video and audio formats can be opened (as long as the system has the codecs for them).
  • New Pascal Script functions.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • And much more... (see changelog.txt for the full list of changes)

Changes for v4.0 Beta 3 - v4.0 Beta 4

  • Added: DoStudio image subtitle support!
  • Added: load plain text
  • Fixed: font size in image export
  • Fixed: audio stream switcher engine
  • Fixed: text translation
  • Fixed: FAB Subtitler (SAPI)
  • And other things...

Changes for v4.0 Beta 2 - v4.0 Beta 3

  • Added: text translation with Google technology! (requires Internet connection)
  • Added: SHIFT+ENTER and CTRL+ENTER for going through subtitles
  • Added: duration tag for custom format {swDuration}
  • Added: drag and drop of subtitle files
  • Added: display Translation/Alternative subtitles in video preview
  • Added: search subtitle files in OpenSubtitles (requires Internet connection)
  • Fixed: custom format new line [Enter] issue
  • Fixed: search/Find next now scroll to correct item
  • Fixed: set times in edit
  • Fixed: custom image format timecode issue
  • And other things...

Changes for v2.51 - v4.0 Beta 1

  • Not all features of SW 2.51 are currently implemented, but you can enjoy new features:
  • new gui with customizable toolbars
  • support for altenative translation
  • experimental image export for "Sonic Scenarist HDMV"

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