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Version history for Xion Audio Player (Portable)

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Changes for v1.5.154 - v1.5.155

  • Modified web streams so that they show the Stream name in the playlist instead of the current song title
  • Fixed remembering song position when changing output device
  • Added support for nofade, nofadein and nofadeout for Indicator objects
  • Added command line arguments to set window positions and main player scale (/SetMainPlayerPos=x,y), (/SetPlaylistPos=x,y), (/SetEqualizerPos=x,y), (/SetLibraryPos=x,y), (/SetVisualisationPos=x,y), (/SetMainPlayerScale=percentage)
  • Added support for animation binding keywords, similar to indicators (anim_pause, anim_stop, anim_play, anim_random, anim_repeat, anim_repeattrack, anim_repeatoff, anim_crossfade, anim_stereo, anim_mono, anim_active, anim_inactive, anim_mute, anim_web, anim_local, anim_cd, anim_equalizer, anim_eqcompressor, anim_albumart)
  • Added AnimTypes for PlaybackFrequency, NetBuffer and all the EQ settings
  • Fixed bug where trans_* objects were still being rendered and calculated after being hidden by layer keywords
  • Fixed the mouse cursor being invisible when refreshing a skin while tweaking a knob, or while switching focus while tweaking
  • Made it so that when dragging knobs and you reach the extents, that further adjustments are ignored. This results in knobs immediately responding when you go back the other way, no matter how far you dragged out of range
  • Optimized the colorize function which was over compensating the size of the area when combined with a tiled object
  • Modified Slider and Button objects to correctly Colorize SliderBits and Over and Down states
  • Added Tooltips for Volume and Balance knobs
  • Enabled Reset to default support for Knobs. (Right click as well as double click)
  • Fixed cursor for border controls changing when other objects are blocking in the UI
  • Fixed the Main player hotkey not working
  • Added support for mass ignoring layers if a layer group has 'ignore' keyword added to it
  • Switched default virtual font mapping from MS Font Dlg to MS Shell Dlg 2
  • Fixed Italic right aligned font being clipped
  • Added additional information to the Message box that occurs when you manually play the next song
  • Changed Visualisation click behaviour from down to up so that moveable can be used in conjunction with the visualisation layer
  • Added Anim types for Spec bands and Spec band Peaks
  • Added support for scrolling the wheelmouse within a slider on a window that has focus, and adjusting the slider, instead of just adjusting the volume
  • Tidied up the GUISlider code to be cleaner
  • Merged the LastFm scrobble plugin into the core
  • Codesigned installer and executables

Changes for v1.5 Build 150 - v1.5.154

  • Added Device information to the Output tab
  • Fixed the Pitch control by moving it to the bass_fx plugin
  • Fixed save_state using transparency as well as visiblity for the visible state, instead of just visibility
  • Added hiding of the cursor while dragging the knob
  • Modified the cursor stay in the same position so that after dragging the knob, your cursor is back to where it started
  • Modified the cursor so that it's not limited to the size of the screen
  • Revised the shutdown and save procedure
  • Fixed message argument type being wrong for XT_GETALBUMARTHBITMAP
  • Fixed Default Skin Playlist menu button hit areas
  • Fixed Default Skin misaligned Pitch slider
  • Added over/down states to Default Skin EQ sliders

Changes for v1.0 build 127 - v1.5 Build 150

  • Added new filetype icons for several formats, including a common format
  • Added support for mono/center vumeter, anim type and trans object, based on max left/right value
  • Improved the way that the vumeters and other level meters cache data so its only done once per update
  • Added support for the 28 spectrum bands, including peaks to the skin system
  • Improved the resizing operation performed on Album art so that the final result is of better quality
  • Added indicator for album art
  • Added support for a skinnable Equalizer window
  • Added support for an EQ Reset button 'eqreset'
  • Added Default program registration for Vista/7
  • Enabled Vista/7 file default registration when associating file types
  • Updated the File association behaviour to work on Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Added a playback frequency slider 'playbackfrequency'
  • Added support for tint slider
  • Merged all Default plugins into the main executable
  • Enabled support for Remote image and Remote url open
  • Many Fixes and Optimizations
  • Added 'default' keyword to tint slider to allow setting of start value
  • Added save_state support to tint slider to remember last setting
  • Added new valuefrom/valfrom keyword for sliders to copy their values from another slider. Use is valuefrom(x) where x is the id of the slider to copy from
  • Made the xfer keyword work with all sliders
  • Added full support for playback frequency range of 0.0x - 2.0x
  • Made the Playback frequency save between loads
  • Fixed rare button _over and _down states activating after a button has already been hidden
  • Made Space pause/play when a skinned window is focused
  • Added the ability to move all snapped windows together, instead of just those attached to the main window
  • Fixed Library writing duplicate entries
  • Added 'Reset to Default' menu item to EQ, Playback speed and Balance sliders
  • Added support for Opus file format
  • Added double click to reset sliders
  • Added support for assigning an id to a group and then having that group assign that id to any direct child layers who don't already have an id themselves
  • Fixed vumeters and specbands from cancelling during mute
  • Fixed crossfading overriding muting when using next/play/prev
  • Added support for grouped save state assignment
  • Made aclaswch save state when flagged with save_state
  • Added new GUIKnob with support for volume and balance

Changes for v1.0 build 126 - v1.0 build 127

  • Added support for skinned equalizer sliders, eq indicators and eq toggles
  • Fixed plugin installation on Windows 7/Vista with UAC enabled. Will now prompt to elevate if you don't have rights to install

Changes for v1.0 build 125 - v1.0 build 126

  • Applied static analysis to the code base and fixed some issues
  • Added extra checks to web metadata in order to correctly parse as utf8 or standard ascii depending on the stream - Thanks BigEd!
  • Fixed Album art not refreshing correctly when used on Playlists
  • Fixed Album art not loading correctly after playing a net stream and then a file on disk
  • Fixed Pause and scrub bug which resulted in pausing resetting to the last scrubbed position
  • Fixed bug with save states that would cause them to incorrectly reload
  • Fixed the animation frames on a playlist not correctly moving and then animating
  • Incremented Interface state and Component version numbers

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